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HI 28 - Rich Man Poor Man with Bill Whittle

HI 28 – Rich Man Poor Man with Bill Whittle

Jason Hartman talks with Bill Whittle, host of Afterburner, regarding poverty levels in the United States and the strategies that undermine democracy and free markets.  Bill’s opinion is that America has the richest poor people in the world, versus countries like Africa, where millions of people live...

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HI 27 - High Occupancy Rates with Military Tenants

HI 27 – High Occupancy Rates with Military Tenants

Jason Hartman hosts a two-part show where we start with some reflections on the recent "Meet The Masters of Income Property Investing" event at The Hyatt Regency in Irvine, California. Investment Counselors, Ari and Sara join Jason as they discuss the following: 1)   Establish 5 year plan for where...

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HI 26 - Issues and Conflicts Facing Our Nation's Border Patrol Agents with Andy Ramirez

HI 26 – Issues and Conflicts Facing Our Nation’s Border Patrol Agents with Andy Ramirez

Join Jason Hartman as he interviews Andy Ramirez, founder and president of the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, regarding the legal struggles that border patrol law enforcement officers face with illegal immigration and drug smugglers. As insane as it sounds, border patrol has been told it’s...

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HI 25 - Pensions, 9/11, and Real Estate Investing

HI 25 – Pensions, 9/11, and Real Estate Investing

In this episode, Jason talks with a former police officer of 24 years.

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HI 24 – Dr. Sky – Law Enforcement and Fighting Crime with Steve Kates

Jason Hartman talks with Steve Kates (aka "Dr. Sky") who, with his brother Joe, are active with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office in the Special Forces Unit and help to fight crime in the sixth largest metro area in the nation. Visit http://heroicinvesting.com/category/podcast/. He has been engaged...

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HI 23 – Firefighter and Quick House Buyer – Terry Wygal & Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman talks with Terry Wygal from Houston, Texas. As a volunteer firefighter right who was also voted as Fire Officer of The Year 2009! – FOOTY ’09. Terry became a firefighter shortly after 9-11 as the bravery of those Hero’s mesmerized him and he wondered if he had that in him... could...

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HI 22 – Cop Buys Over 100 Income Properties Starting With Just $1,000 While Working Full-Time

Jason Hartman welcomes Mike Butler to The Heroic Investing Show. While working his full time job as an undercover police detective in Louisville, Ky, Mike began his real estate investing career by buying fixer uppers and renting them to make extra money vs. working “off duty” jobs like most of his...

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HI 21 – The Ten Commandments of Heroic Investing

Listen in as Jason Hartman talks about the 10 Commandments of successful investing. http://heroicinvesting.com/category/podcast.

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Still making mistakes when you’re dead?

Retroactive estate taxes from beyond the grave? Sounds like a bad Sci Fi movie. But we can always rely on our lovable politicians in Washington D.C. to toss the certainty of anything, even death and taxes, up into the air. At the end of 2009, a federal estate tax that has been around since 1916 elapsed....

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