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HI 54 – Using a Mastermind to Get Ahead Faster with Brandon Cook

Investing can be tricky business, and while it's possible to navigate it all yourself, getting help from those who've done it before can get you ahead faster than anything else. Gary Pinkerton and Brandon Cook are involved in Jason Hartman's Venture Alliance Mastermind, and the two discuss what they've...

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HI 53 - How to Fire Your Property Manager and Steve Dexter's Guide to Buy and Hold Investing

HI 53 – How to Fire Your Property Manager and Steve Dexter’s Guide to Buy and Hold Investing

Gary Pinkerton starts off today's episode talking about self-managing properties, and whether it's the right idea for where you are in your life. After he wraps up, Jason Hartman takes over and goes over firing your property manager, as well as some buy and hold investing strategy. Jason's guest,...

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HI 52 - Myths of VA Loans and Using Other People's Money for Your Down Payment

HI 52 – Myths of VA Loans and Using Other People’s Money for Your Down Payment

The VA loan has a whole lot of myths attached to it. Gary Pinkerton takes a look at the most common ones and examines whether they hold up or not. Then, Gary talks to a veteran, and friend, Clayton about his experience with VA loans, as well as ways he's used OPM (other people's money) to buy his...

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The Heroic Investing Show

HI 51 – Meet the Masters Weekend Is Coming, Educate Yourself Cheaply

Jason Hartman's Meet the Masters event is coming up in January 2018, and it's an event that currently doesn't cost much money but can alter your investment strategy significantly. Real estate experts from around the country get together to give their thoughts, properties are bought and sold, and everyone...

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HI 50 - Achieving vs Wanting Success with T Harv Eker

HI 50 – Achieving vs Wanting Success with T Harv Eker

Gary Pinkerton opens up the show talking about the importance of blocking out the bad and dramatically changing your life by training your thoughts. Then, Jason Hartman talks with T Harv Eker about his work Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, which reveals the missing link between wanting success and...

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Nick Giambruno

HI 49 -First Responders and Pension Crunches with Nick Giambruno

When Gary saw his net worth decline by 50% in the late 2000s, he knew he needed to take a different track if he was going to retire successfully. His pension after 26 years in the military is pretty safe, but many first responders for cities and states aren't nearly as secure. What can first responders...

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HI 48 – Area Agnostic Investing as a Service Member with Brandon Cook

Gary Pinkerton is joined by military real estate investor Brandon Cook. Brandon started buying real estate at a young age, including closing on a home while he was deployed. The two discuss the importance of your mindset, being area agnostic, and how to save for your next property. Key Takeaways: [2:05]...

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HI 47 - The Macro and Micro Markets of Real Estate Investing

HI 47 – The Macro and Micro Markets of Real Estate Investing

Unlike stocks, bonds, mutual funds or commodities such as precious metals like gold and silver – real estate is a multi-dimensional asset class. The multi-dimensional nature of income property makes it extremely profitable in changing ways based on varying market conditions. This is a wonderful thing...

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Aaron Chapman

HI 46 – Triumphing Over Your Obstacles with Aaron Chapman

Aaron Chapman is a mortgage broker in his day job, but he also is a first responder who does search and rescue in Arizona. Before he became a first responder, he had a near death experience that sent him down the path he's on now. Listen in as Gary and Aaron talk about his journey, one of Aaron's...

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Dr Denis Waitley

HI 45 – The Psychology of Winning with Dr. Denis Waitley

Gary Pinkerton starts off the show with a description of the hope he has for America. How we need to look at the history of nations around us and decide how we want our future to look. Are we going to continue down the route to socialism, or are we going to grab the reins and lead ourselves in a new...

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