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Veterans in Defense of Liberty with Dr. Scott Magill



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Gary Pinkerton hosts Marine Corps and the United States Army Medical Corps veteran Dr. Scott Magill, executive director of Veterans in Defense of Liberty. They have a discussion on American culture and our Found Fathers. He reminds us that this is the first time in history, a republic has succeeded. He also explains why if you’re only concern and worry is money, you aren’t likely to succeed.

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Welcome to the heroic investing show. As first responders we risk our lives every day our financial security is under attack. Our pensions are in a state of emergency. A single on duty incident can alter or erase our earning potential instantly and forever. We are the heroes of society. We are self reliant and we need to take care of our own financial future. The heroic investing show is our toolkit of business and investing tactics on our mission to financial freedom.

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Hello, and welcome to Episode 146 of the heroic investing show. This is a podcast for first responders, members of the military veterans, and anyone looking to improve their financial future and gain some freedom with their time. We teach America’s heroes how to build passive income, build their startup business, and safely grow wealth through real estate and other alternative investments. We help current and prior first responders put protections and systems in place to enable them to build a life where they can focus on their passion, that service or product that they are uniquely gifted to share with the world, improving the world around them and their own personal economy by getting compensated for it. Give them back time to be with family. Focus on those hobbies they enjoy and just enjoying life at a higher level. My name is Gary Pinkerton and I co host this show with Jason Hartman. Today we’re going to talk with probably the most patriotic man that I’ve met in a really long time, Dr. Scott McGill. Dr. McGill is a initially a marine enlisted individual seen combat in a few different scenarios. He then transitioned to being a doctor in the Army Medical Corps and served a full career as a doctor then transitioned into civilian life and spent several decades doing the same thing as an OB GYN specialist. So Dr. McGill has expertise across the board. But one thing that he has, I think a fire that was lit early in his life and has never squelched is his passion for liberty, his passion for preserving what our founding fathers put in place in our Constitution. I share his passion there probably most Americans share his passion. Hopefully we do one of the things on his website and give you that link. Now. It’s the title of it is veterans in defense of liberty. And the actual website is the acronym for that, which is vi d o L. And then it follows with america.org. So vital america.org. And you just go to kind of the About Us page. But there’s there’s a tremendous number of just video, you know, YouTube type videos from Dr. McGill, talking about the issues trying to get interested and concerned individuals to follow in different challenges and fights that are going on out there to preserve our Constitution, preserve the ideals of the founding fathers. On his site. He says that we come together as veterans and defensive liberty, in one accord as one body as one voice and with one purpose. bearing the authority trusted to us, entrusted to us by our founding fathers and recognizing that liberty is endowed by our Creator, and protected by our Constitution, we pledged to protect ourselves, each other our posterity, our state’s and our country by defending our constitution as a contract, not a living document, from all abuses of power violations, and tyrannical acts from within or from without our nation and our government. So you probably recognize some of those words, but he follows it with recognizing that we pledge as did our founders, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor, that liberty and those passionate principles, which are America shall not perish from the earth. And then he puts in big words not on my watch, not on our watch, meaning we the veterans, the active veterans, are the living veterans who are actively in pursuit of preserving liberties. So he takes a controversial approach. In some cases, he pokes a stick at the bear on some topics. And you know, I think that is all very healthy and what makes America great. So I think you’re really gonna appreciate Dr. McGill. I think just hearing his voice here and some of the current issues that he’s challenged with and and why he’s doing this will cause you to go to his website and just gain a lot of value from the tremendous leadership that comes from our veterans out there today. of all ages, and it’s just it’s really impressive to see that happening at the Naval Academy. Our mission statement talks about, you know, being a leader in command, citizenship and gun You know, so continuing to be leaders after we’ve retired. So I think Dr. McGill just does a great job of demonstrating that for us. I think that specific topics that we’re in on this conversation are interesting. Some of them are contemporary. But again, it’s just intended to introduce you to the great man. And to kind of nudge you to his website to see what topics are of interest to you that you can help support and maybe help pick up the torch and carry it for a little bit. We’re gonna join in right in the middle of this conversation, I had a recording issue at the beginning, he’s talking about why veterans should be interested in his website or his missions, and then gives an example of really what, what kind of current topics are talking about. And then we’ll get into a little bit more of an introduction in the middle as I get the recording all figured out. But now you can hear just fine on this one. It just starts out a bit odd. So we’re gonna jump right into the middle of Dr. McGill talking about why he did this site for veterans and why veterans should be interested in these issues.

Dr. Scott Magill 6:07
It’s interesting how 56% of the signers of the Constitution were veterans before 18 curtains in the blue. Like 800 veterans served in the judicial, legislative or executive branches of our government. They form the bridge of your prayer, the desire for freedom and the first truly recognize constitutional republic which allowed men to be free. And our heritage is noble. And if we are true to that we found we are the foundation we veterans are the foundation of freedom in the world. You know, I mentioned in just a little while ago, it doesn’t really matter. If it’s the issues, we’re fighting our international affairs, national affairs, Second Amendment rights. Those are all veterans issues. Because it’s a society in the culture that we’re trying to defend. That makes sense for me right now, you might be interested in knowing that one of the things that we’re really fighting for right now is the priests cross or the Bladensburg cross. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that.

Gary Pinkerton 7:28
No. Please go ahead and go into it a little bit.

Dr. Scott Magill 7:31
Yeah. Bladensburg cross is a 40 foot Cross of wood built by the American Legion for the Gold Star families in 1920. Remembering or commemorating the man and women and they county blade, Maryland, just about 20 miles other DC that did not come home from over one, and their names are described on it. It was subsequently taken over by through eminent domain by the state of Maryland. And he’s now in the middle of a large intersection. The American Humanist Association, then filed suit, the cross violated the non existent separation of church and state law reports set it so it can stand the court one two, the Fourth Circuit appellate court, which ruled that it had to come down, Kelly shackleford, with first Liberty Institute is defending the cross we’re writing the amicus brief in at this time for the Supreme Court, because and then once we write it, we’re gonna have peace and several papers, and then a rally and a press conference at the cross. So trying to get the point across to the Supreme Court that this is not a can of worms they want to open because the problem is, you know, what else is within the purview of the Fourth Circuit, is Arlington Cemetery. Yeah. And they have already targeted I think three or four crosses in Arlington, that will have to come down. I think this this is just that, you know, it goes like, Hello, very hallowed ground. And then for links and goes every reference Cemetery in the country or maybe in the world. Yeah, I questioned or something ever brought up. But I think my question is, do veterans who gave their last ounce of courage if you would do our brothers not to have freedom of speech from perfect to us? Because this was the family of those who gave all the put up that cross. Right. And and that’s, that’s a freedom of speech issue. And are you telling me that America no longer allows veterans to die for for freedom to have freedom of speech from perfect shoot? And then Russian concept I’ve never heard before?

Gary Pinkerton 9:55
Yeah, yeah, I’ve never I’ve never heard that when that was contemplated. But that is that is both interesting and a bit sobering, that we can erase the history and the sacrifices of individuals, members who have served. Dr. McGill and everyone out there. We’re speaking with Dr. Scott McGill. Dr. McGill, as I said in the introduction that I will add to this is a served us Marine, proud Marine, a proud member of the US Army as a doctor and serve a full career in civilian life as an OB GYN and delivered 9000 babies. He said at the beginning, runs an organization that tries to serve 22 to 25 million veterans in America. And that organization is called veterans in defense of liberty that I get all that right, Doc,

Dr. Scott Magill 10:44
you go right on the money hearing.

Gary Pinkerton 10:46
Awesome. Awesome. So I brought everybody up to speed, because I really don’t know how much of this was recorded. But we’re good now. And so you were talking about the purpose of your organization. And I’ve certainly read and watched videos, and I invite all of the members who are listening to this to go to your website, it’s really an inspiring place, you take the time to record many, many videos on right to bear arms and many other civil liberties, just amazing efforts that you put forth there. And you’re driven by a desire to give back I think still right, and to defend a republic that you have always believed in.

Dr. Scott Magill 11:22
Wow, absolutely. You know, if this wasn’t back on the 500, yearly concept, you know, from the time they walked out of the convention, constitutional convention, that lady asked Benjamin Franklin, what kind of a government have you given us? A Republic, Madam, if you can hold on to it. Right when that time, we went from writing, you know, transportation by horseback riding houses with with flame, and heating with fireplaces, and 200 years, we went to the moon, that’s because man was finally for the first time in the history of the world, able to be free, right? And that freedom has allowed us, you both you and I and everybody that’s listening, the ability to do whatever they want to do. But when you take that extra step, and you say, there is a greater cause, and so, and there’s a greater being that we have to answer to and you step into a uniform, I think that it’s a very special character that is willing to do that not a character with the character of the person. There’s some very special characters in the military. But that’s not what I meant. But and then it is, it is, it is a desire to give back the desire to do what’s right. And to, you know, I get really tired of people that they’ll say, Well, you know, they died for our freedom, they died for our liberty. You know, Gary, I say, nobody ever died from my freedom, or died from my liberty. But they die sort of freedom and liberty would extend to the very end of time. And we’re just the were the caretakers of it right now. And we know what that means to be the caretaker if you’ve been willing to lay your life on the line. And that doesn’t go away, just because we hang up the uniform for the last time. And I think most of the veterans understand that. I don’t often quote JFK, but he had a great comment. He said, in the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted or defending freedom, and there’s our maximum danger. And I think we’re there or Thomas Jefferson, that a lot of people disagree with. But I love the line. He said when he said, Love your neighbors yourself. love your country more than yourself. Right. And I think we understand that.

Gary Pinkerton 13:56
Yeah, I agree. One of my mentors name is Patrick Donahoe at paradigm life. And he and I work, you know, financial services and trying to help people get back to kind of the basics. And the reason I’m quoting him or talking about him is he just put out a book today. So this is very timely. And it goes back to one of the comments you said he quotes in there, john Locke’s his treatise, if you will, in England during the social evolutions of the 19th century. His comment is that everyone is entitled to the rights of life, liberty, property, and humanity’s undeniable prosperity. And that really is what created the same phrase in our Constitution, although we changed it to pursuit of happiness because I think pursuit of property was probably going to be misunderstood. But this is Patrick, he comments. You know, we’re not reading and writing by candlelight, traveling on horseback, being warmed solely by a fireplace fending off life threatening diseases are questioning where our food will come from tonight and kind of the same comments you made. The advances of our world are all traced to these three simple words that They create the ideal environment for human genius to be exercised to conquer the inefficiencies of the world. And so, you know, the reason I brought that up is because it’s really what you’re saying. And so it’s what your organization is about. And you commented, I think, before the recording was going that, when we take the oath to defend the constitution, we’re not defending a piece of paper, we’re defending the ideals and the society that it’s created. And it is your organization’s goal, if I understand it, and certainly my personal mission and Patrick’s mission in writing this book, that we continue to enable a society with all of its warts, that defend the ideas of a republic, right, and the freedoms for people to prosper. Right. And that’s how we got to the moon, I think it’s what you’re saying is that people were allowed to dream to put in place things that they had the freedom, and they were able to protect their property, meaning that if they created something, they would get compensated for it, and their life would be enriched.

Dr. Scott Magill 15:50
Sure, we forget that this is the first time in history actually exists.

Gary Pinkerton 15:56
Right, America is the first time that a Republic has actually been tested in succeeded. No, and and i think those who serve in foreign wars are attempting to help spread that across the globe, you know, to all peoples,

Dr. Scott Magill 16:12
I think you’re absolutely right. And, you know, you know, as well as most everybody that is sort of American exceptionalism is real, it’s a whole lot different than a lot of the third world countries. Right. And God bless everyone that wore the uniform, because that’s why we are still,

Gary Pinkerton 16:32
right, some of that’s, that’s rule of law, confidence that you can express yourself. But the other is just the environment, the society that enables people to dream, you know, and kind of circling that back to what this audience, you know, what I try to bring to this audience is the concept of having the confidence to go out and chase your dreams, you know, you you have done something that most people in America have not done, which is, you know, set yourself aside and serve the greater good community, the protection of our liberties. But now maybe it’s your turn to pursue your dreams if they go beyond, you know, service in the military. So how about, you know, you did that I’m starting to that I’m only two years into my, you know, my personal company in business, but any other like thoughts and recommendations for? I don’t remember now, I don’t think I caught much of your first recommendation, which was to go into the real world with confidence that your ability to overcome adversity and persevere, are incredible strengths that that cause members of the military to continue to succeed. And you mentioned that many members have signed the constitution and we’re in the Continental Congress, large percentage were military veterans just kind of reinforcing that we persevere. We reach heights of importance, and positions where we can make a difference. But But what else is out there? What else did you learn when you started to run your own business or your career as a doctor?

Dr. Scott Magill 18:04
It seems that, I guess, I guess a lot of it flows back to the reality. And I forget who said that life live for others is live well live? Yeah, yeah, no. And we have spent two years to 30 years, living a life rather and others in the military. And that is very special. And I remember thinking one time, when I finally got out of residency, did my residency tripler Army Medical Center, and then it was the chief of what we afford Riley. And I remember thinking, you know, this is really good, because I don’t have to really worry about money. For the most part, all I have to do is worry about taking care of my patients. And I think that extends across all professions, across all jobs. If you worry just about the money, you know, you’re not ever going to end my case by just worried about finances. Surely, yeah. But if you worry about doing the job and doing the pros and doing it for the reasons you are driven to do it, then everything else will fall in place. Actually, I was in a little restaurant, Mexican restaurant in northern Missouri, and it was really small, and they were very, there wasn’t a lot of customer concern. Obviously, in the restaurant, I finally said to this guy, you know, if you worry about your customers, your monies are when there were very few people and I said if you worry about your customers, and you make sure they’re happy, and they enjoy their stay here, you don’t have to worry about your finances because that will come. But if you worry about your finances, then your customers won’t. And I think that’s true in any walk of life. We get tied up What do what what you love to do, as I said earlier, Somebody wants to know that you do what you love to do. You don’t have to work today. Yeah, do what’s your patience. And most veterans have got to courage to step up, do what’s necessary, do what you want to do, and everything else will fall in line.

Gary Pinkerton 20:16
Yeah, and most veterans have the staying power to keep at it right. And to keep going until until it succeeds. As awesome advice, I follow Zig Ziglar. His work I just I’m a huge fan of him. And you know, one of his primary sayings is very similar to what you were you said before about focusing on service to others. You can have everything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what they want. And I just I’ve repeated that to myself for two months, straight morning and night, and brainwashed myself with good brainwashing, I guess. But you know, like you said, with that restaurant owner, if they’ve, if you focus on others, you’ll be amazed the doors that open and you don’t have time, nor a need to focus on on yourself and on the finances. There just isn’t time for it. You have people breaking down your doors trying to do things for you, or work with you or be around you because they recognize that it’s genuine, and that you’re focusing on them, which is is very refreshing today.

Dr. Scott Magill 21:12
Really, it truly is so well. Yeah. So what we have I think I think what’s the important takeaway is I really do believe after doesn’t matter. Two years and uniform, or you, sir, you retired in uniform, you have acquired the ability and the inner strength to step out into the civilian world and serve others and accomplish anything you want to accomplish. Because it comes from inside and it comes from what we have learned that we have learned while and

Gary Pinkerton 21:55
yeah, I think that cannot be that that is a nice bow. On this discussion. I think I think it would be hard to top that. And Doc, I Gosh, I truly appreciate and I want to push the audience again, go and check out Dr. Miguel’s website. It’s called veterans in defense of liberty and it’s just absolutely amazing. There’s some incredible videos. Thank you so much. Bless you for what you do.

Dr. Scott Magill 22:18
God bless you. Thank you much.

Jason Hartman 22:22
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