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Active Duty, Passive Income with Tim Kelly



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Gary Pinkerton hosts active duty Chief Petty Officer, Tim Kelly. Beyond the military service he is involved with, Kelly is also the founder of Kelly Housing Group. He actively invests in real estate and discusses how to scale up as a person and further succeed in real estate investing.

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Welcome to the heroic investing show. As first responders we risk our lives every day our financial security is under attack. Our pensions are in a state of emergency. A single on duty incident can alter or erase our earning potential instantly and forever. We are the heroes of society. We are self reliant and we need to take care of our own financial future. The heroic investing show is our toolkit of business and investing tactics on our mission to financial freedom.

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Hello, and welcome to Episode 156 of the heroic investing show. This is a podcast for first responders for members of the military, veterans, and anyone looking to improve their financial future and gain some freedom with their time. My name is Gary Pinkerton and I co host this with Jason Hartman. We teach America’s heroes how to build passive income, build their startup business and safely grow wealth through real estate and other alternative investments. We help current and prior first responders and members of the military put protections and systems in place to enable them to build a life where they can focus on their passion, that service or product that they’re uniquely gifted to share with the world. I think you’re really gonna enjoy this one with Mr. Tim Kelly. So Tim is an active duty Navy Chief, and he’s working in Pensacola, Florida. And he’s teaching officers ethics, which for me is just amazing. To think that the Navy, it just explains the talent and the character. That is Tim Kelly. Right. I mean, I taught ethics to officers at the Naval Academy before they went to Pensacola. And I was a Navy Captain right there were commanders who were doing it. Tim is a senior enlisted leader. He’s teaching this from the perspective of the men that these officers are going to go out and work with. And it’s just really impressive. He’s an impressive guy, clearly, most impressive, the hope is what he’s doing as an active duty member of the military with his real estate. So this comes from his website, Kelly housing group calm. And I want you to just hear this, you know, kind of think in your mind about the timelines. So in 2011, Tim was not on shore duty at the time, did a, you know, found his first single family residence, and they had the intention to you know, do some force appreciation, and then successfully flip that and they did for pretty substantial profit. And so then he started thinking about long term renting, and started to be a buy and hold investor. Right. So that was 2011. That’s when I started. So you know, my wife and I kind of stayed with single family or one to four families, as I focus on, you know, my business and other you know, getting other things up and running. But look what Tim has done in that same period of time. So again, he sold his first one in 2011. And then he got on shore duty in Florida. And here’s what he’s done there. In 2016, he purchased two plots of raw land and developed them 2017 he purchased a four unit building, rehabbed it and you know, put a good long term loan on it still holding that asset. He invested same year in a class a West Coast Single Family Development Project, he partnered with some friends and syndicated a 42 unit apartment building, he syndicated I just want to repeat that in 2017 already learned that process, and he’s bought a triplex this year. And he’s got a few mobile home parks 27 pad Park and he’s got a couple more under contract. So this is really, really humbling for me being someone who’s out there, you know, doing real estate on the side, which essentially is what Tim’s doing as well, I’ve had an opportunity to meet several mutual friends or talk with several mutual friends and Tim is the real deal. So I think any of you who are interested in going bigger and doing syndications and doing multifamily, mobile, home parks, they’re just really, really exciting aspects or different classes in real estate, cash flowing assets, that I think you owe it to yourself to take a really, really hard look at. And somebody who’s teaching ethics officers, I think might be someone that you could depend on a little bit. So Tim Kelly is a great addition to my network. And I think you’re going to feel the same once you have an opportunity to listen to this gentleman and see some of the work that he has up on his website and his other writings and just the work that he’s done out there his I guess I’d say dossier, you know, his his history that I just read you about how much real estate he’s done. So I think you’re gonna enjoy this podcast. And I think you’re also going to have a lifelong friend here when you reach out and connect with Tim. Thanks so much to Tim for joining us on this and everybody. Let’s get with it. Let’s listen in as Tim tells us about how he got where he is, and the lessons that he thinks he could pass along to the rest of us out there looking to do the same thing. And thanks again for joining In this for this episode of heroic investing, and welcome back and as I mentioned in the introduction to this show, we have a great pleasure. I haven’t yet again, another active duty member of the military. We have Navy chief Tim Kelly with us. And first of all, Tim, thanks so much for joining us. And did I get the rank? Right? I forgot if there was a senior or master in front of that one.

Tim Kelly 5:19
Know that probably. Yep. Chief Petty Officer is absolutely correct.

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Awesome. Awesome. Well, Tim, thanks for joining us. Tim’s coming to us from Pensacola right now. He’s still holding in there teaching some pilots some important ethics and systems knowledge while he runs just a tiny little side gig. And, Tim, you ended up where you are. And I mean, not so much Pensacola. I mean, you can certainly add that we’re obviously on this podcast more interested in how in the world you’re an active duty guy just killing it out there with your own business.

Tim Kelly 5:52
Yeah. Thanks again for having me, Gary. Pleasure. heard about the split platform, and I’m so stoked to be asked to be on. So thanks again for having me. So yeah, I’m Tim Kelly. Currently an active duty Navy Chief Petty Officer stationed in Pensacola, Florida. We’ve got about 18 months ago, the last 10 years of my career, I was stationed in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, so NorCal, Virginia, Virginia Beach, and then that region, currently I’m here, I took water survival instructor orders, because I’m a rescue swimmer in the military and are in the Navy. But I’m also now I’m teaching the flight students, just like you said, all the pilots from the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and even some foreign military pilots are coming through here. And I’m teaching them about Indian systems up and my background, as well, ethics and personal development, which is something I love, I really love talking about the mindset. So yeah, I’m doing that. And, and so you know, when I was still in Hampton Roads, actually, on a deployment, you know, I started reading more and more about about personal finance, because I’ve always had an incredible interest in building wealth and personal finance. The more I read, the more I realize how real estate is probably the best vehicle that is open. And that is offered to literally anybody, anybody. And you know, real estate has made more, you know, financial freedom, and created more multimillionaires and millionaires than any other investment vehicle. So I just got more and more interested in the more I read about it, the more I learned all the benefits, and more I got interested. And then, you know, with my real in my interest and passion in personal finance, I also had the pleasure of becoming a command financial specialist at my last two duty stations where I actually went through just a little quick one week school, and I got to mentor and scream at one on one many service members, if they had questions, or if there had some financial issues. And I realized that many people who I was talking to just simply didn’t get it. And I did, I enjoyed it. And you know, I enjoyed learning about this stuff. And then I kind of just realize, okay, well, in our school system, there’s no, there’s no personal financial education. In our country, in our society, in general, there’s no financial education, so I can’t blame these people. So now that’s another business that I’m establishing is, is a financial education and personal financial coaching. And so, you know, that’s how I kind of looked into it. I saw real estate as an incredible asset class, and I just got more and more interested in the more I read about it, the more I learned, and then I kind of just went straight from multifamily, which made the most sense to me, that would help me you know, reach my goals quicker and, and that’s what we do. Now. We, you know, my partners and I invest in and syndicate multifamily deals and the affordable housing space. And so we focus on apartment complexes, and even now more so mobile home communities is what we’re targeting more than ever, for a lot of different reasons. And we’re also offering investors incredible returns. I mean, we’re offering ordinary people have given ordinary people access to extraordinary deals, and you know, with explosive cash flow and outside, so we really love doing that offering investors incredible return on their capital to so it’s got to me, and luckily, I’m on shore duty right now. So I’m not in deployable. And that’s why I’m really taken advantage of all my all time really kind of hitting the ground running and just grind in and building relationships, people on both professional development and kind of on that path and I love them and I’m having a blast.

Gary Pinkerton 9:24
And Sawsan it’s really inspiring to hear you have launched pretty fast you know, your bio, you know, we talked about your your first like many members in healthcare, probably the most common story about Have you ever owned investment rental property? And if you’re in the military, the answer is probably yes. What happened was I lived in it and then I moved on to my next duty station and rented it for a while saw the value and just kept doing that. So a lot of people build a trail of rental properties behind them, you know, in other duty stations. You did that? Once right and then you started purchasing intentionally for, you know, kind of like it have done the last eight years of buying only investment property, something you haven’t lived in, got a little more focused on it. And then in just the last year, you’ve done, multifamily 42 unit building and a mobile home park. And I’ve just continually in the last, I’d say the last two months, I’ve been inundated by people doing mobile, home parks, clients, friends, investors, people that I’ve invested with, everyone is focusing on that I think it’s probably a cycle, what I want to say it’s an indication of where we are in the real estate cycle. If that’s true, then the next thing that will become very viable is condo conversions from apartment buildings. Because as the cost of properties get expensive, and you know, just before 2000, and then again before 2008 seems like you move across the industry to different things. And I agree with you that every signal I see out there coming from multiple different directions that mobile home parks are absolutely rocking over the next few years.

Tim Kelly 10:53
Oh, yeah, man, we love them. For those who kind of understand, you know, the basics of commercial real estate and, and cap rates. You know, apartment complexes are great, but there’s so many people looking at them. So cap rates just significantly dropped in the last two to three years. When a cap rate is simply just your return on your capital take you paid cash for the property that is your potential your return. And allowed deals are in line by cap rates. And we assess through the net operating income and the cap rate. That’s simply how you assess miracle properties. And because we saw that, well, I will What else could we turn to what other asset classes are out there. And we looked at all the other asset classes and we wanted to stay in housing, specifically affordable housing. And we believe that mobile home communities are the solution to the this insane affordable housing crisis that we’re having. When the demand is so high and supply is so low, you know, as well, you know, other benefits money, you know, I think now and like he said, a lot of investors are getting smarter, and kind of looking past that stigma of a trailer park or a mobile home park and being an asset that you never want to own due to, you know, people speculating and the tenant base who occupies these parks are drug dealers, and they are involved in crime and violence. And that’s just not the case. I mean, of course, there are parks out there where the owner is not active or their you know your quote unquote slumlord, but there’s a lot of mom and pops right now who are trying to run their Park and and maybe you are getting to the point where they’re too old, and they don’t want to anymore, or they just don’t know how to run it properly. And there’s so many opportunities out there to provide this affordable, functional, safe housing to people in our society or looking for housing, web job, that Good job, they just don’t, their income is just not high enough to purchase your own home. And we make a very low barrier of entry for them to own their own mobile home. And it’s just a windlyn because we would rather not own the home he would rather on the ground and rent out the plot, you know, on them and just collect lot rent and they can become owner. I mean, homeowners we’re also trying to do we’re trying to provide housing and make them home.

Gary Pinkerton 13:01
Yeah, exactly. I mean, there’s so many benefits to it, you’ve got as housing gets more expensive across America, people just go down in the standard kind of step down and the level and, you know, mobile homes or near the bottom end of that of that lower level, I probably right before moving back in with your parents. And so it provides, you know, flexibility and freedom, but it also gets rid of some of the problems that I have in my multi families, which is high turnover, right? I mean, if the person owns the house, it’s not all that cheap to backup the semi truck and pull your house to some other place. So it keeps vacancies down. And the people are not calling you to fix the toilet because they own it. Right. There’s a lot of advantages to this asset class, I believe. But last, we make it too much in the mobile home parks, you and our previous guest, Stuart grazer, who we talked to from up in the Denver area, you know, he’s active duty Navy, as well. And he’s doing some flips and stuff up in the northern Midwest, you guys are both with a group of armed services cashflow, another service that provides some mentors and stuff. Could you talk more I know you’re a leader in this organization, I think it’d be really valuable to military and also speak to is it open to first responders at all,

Tim Kelly 14:12
Essentially know Is anybody if they’re military affiliated in any way, whether they’re active duty or reserve or a veteran, or if they’re affiliated, you know, anyway, maybe their spouse or something in the military. You know, unfortunately, first responders are really our target niche. But, I mean, I could simply talk to the founder and co founder and see if that’s something that we can kind of transition to, I believe there would be a demand for that. And we can also help the first responders who who had the mindset and who are trying to create a better quality of life for themselves.

Gary Pinkerton 14:44
Well, a lot of people that are first responders have been in the military or vice versa military benefits, Your Honor. So you know, I don’t think it’s too big. But if we do get feedback here on the show, I’ll reach out to you and you know, try to make that happen. And I think with the goal and the abundance mindset that comes with most people On the notes here, I don’t think you know, I think it would be easily overcome. But, you know, talk to us a little bit about what it does and what it offers and why they should be interesting.

Tim Kelly 15:08
Yeah, so it’s an incredible platform. And the platform is called active duty passive income. adpi. And, you know, it is targeted to military personnel, like I said, military affiliated reserve and veterans, there is a platform in education, a step by step education platform on how to leverage your VA loan, which is an incredible benefit that so many people are not taking advantage of. And then we talk heavily about house hacking and how it could just catapult your wealth, there’s, you know, free content, we URL free house hacking guide, you know, on the website, and, and there’s also, you know, an academy that walks you through how to close on your first property and all the different things that you need to know to become a real estate investor while you’re in the military, whether you’re active or you’re a reservist. And not only that, the cool thing is it’s a community, it’s not just Hey, this, you know, you take this curriculum, you have people like me, who is one of the team members that are on board to help coach and mentor you through the process. I mean, tomorrow, we actually have a Facebook Live going on to for the whole community, me and one of the other co founders are going to be on the other end. It’s just a q&a call where anybody in the community can ask a question on Facebook live, and we will be there to walk them through the answers from our experiences and what we’ve learned, and help them get to the next level. And I think there’s one thing when you look at a lot of these platforms that are offering curriculum, but it’s another thing when you have a coaching and a mentorship aspect tied along with it, because I know you can’t agree anymore to this. But the most successful people on our planet got to that, you know, place in their life because of coaches and mentors that they seek help from and advice from. So this is an incredible and incredible platform for education and for knowledge and for support and for mentoring and coaching. So active duty passive income. Yeah, definitely, definitely check it out. And you could definitely reach out to me, I’m sure I’ll give you know, my contact information out, I could send you a VIP link to make sure you get the best benefit out of it. But yeah, definitely check it out if you’re military affiliated with anyway, and I know a lot of responders have prior service orders or veteran, they’ll definitely apply Well, that would be able to take advantage of it.

Gary Pinkerton 17:30
That’s awesome. Thanks for offering that. And we will make sure to kind of add that in at the end. So what advice do you have out there for the active duty members who get inspired by your talk and some of the other heroic investing shows? and say, You know what, that’s it, I’m getting into it, like, what should they look out for? Or what should they kind of lean on as their best resource, obviously, go to this website and go through the education portion? seek a mentor, big picture, though, like some of your better lessons learn?

Tim Kelly 17:59
Yeah, so you know, I can take this in in a few different ways. But I think I’ll point out the most few most important things that I feel will make the most impact. And that is think about your why, right? Like, why do you want to get involved in real estate? Why do you want to generate passive income, think about what it can do for you. And think about your why right? It has to be really strong and solid, and like the foundation to what you’re going to be doing and all the failures that are ahead of you. Right? That you’re just going to keep going and get through, and all the obstacles that you’re going to have to figure it out and seek help you know, from other people. So establishing your why making a decision, you have to commit, you can’t do something like this just for fun on the side and you know, as a hobby because you’re not the rewards are not going to be as well received. And if you actually make a commitment, make a decision to commit, establish your why. And then you have to also focus on your mindset and understand that the scarcity mindset is abundance and abundance mindset is scarce. To the people who are out there, who we are surrounded by us in our society. I have a scarcity mindset, you know, not only do a 95% of us not get a financial education go through school, but we’re programmed to be employees and have a scarcity mindset and just get a good job and get good grades and go to school and work for somebody else. And people think that you know, there’s money out there is limited and people don’t have a mindset that they actually want to have to work for what they want it and push through all the noise and negativity. There’s so many negative people out there and be the person who’s positive. Who that that reinforcement. You know, his mindset is critical. And what did you do today to improve your mindset, you know, what did you do today to add value in some way? And you will receive what you give, there’s a direct link to your income. And there’s a direct link to how much you add value and how much you give to others in our society. I mean, I can keep going from the things that I’ve learned. But, you know, you got to wake up with intent, what am I going to do today? Am I going to let life and others around me control my path and route? where I’m headed? Or am I gonna? The night before? I’m going to say I’m going to accomplish this and this and this? And this? I’m not going to let anything stop me no matter what. And do you have the mindset that you are going to control your day? Or are you gonna let others control your day?

Gary Pinkerton 20:37
That’s awesome stuff. I have to ask you. You mentioned that you love talking mindsets to the students? Do you have the leeway from maybe they will aviation to you know, kind of talk about, you know, Napoleon Hill, and you know, masterminding and surrounding yourself with the right people that kind of level, or is it? Is it a little, little more, I guess, water down?

Tim Kelly 20:57
Now, because I actually have the opportunity to teach a class, the civically called ethics, right? So we talked a little bit about ethics and what ethics is, and how it’s different from morals and kind of what shapes your moral compass, and what should your ethical compass. And then we talked a little bit about leadership, but I also I wrap it up with going deep into your mindset, and how your mindset will control all that. And you, you know, I’m saying, and, yeah, I have the opportunities, I mean, every single class that I talk to, and even when I’m teaching another class, I even talk about mindset. And I say, you know, you indeed, are the average of the five people that you surround yourself with, regardless of whether you think so or not, those five people will, will make or break your career, if you decide to stay in the military for 20 years, and you want to be a pilot, and then you want to be a captain one day of a ship, or Command, the five people you surround yourself with will make or break your career. And, yeah, I mean, I go deep into that stuff. And because I’m passionate about it, and I think it’s so important that I want to give all these individuals, at least my impression of it, and so they can start thinking about it, whether they receive a well or not, even if one person in that whole classroom walks away with value. That’s, I mean, that means I succeeded.

Gary Pinkerton 22:13
Absolutely, you know, and it’s, that would be one of the pieces that I would add, and I talked to the listeners about this, you know, very frequently, it is about that aspect of being careful who you surround yourself with, because you can study yourself as much as you want. But if you continue to be surrounded by people who are thinking differently, that, you know, their scarcity mindset, they’re or kind of traditionally financially thinking about stuff in the money in the 401k. And let somebody else handle it for you. That is going to stop your growth, it’s going to prevent you from taking the leap. So surround yourself with people who think the way that you want to think are at the level you want to get to super important. And how better is it that there’s people in the military in an organization like this that could set up local meetups with you? That I think is really that step has been missing for many years, that you can get together with people that are not only like minded with respect to finance, but they’re also in the middle to understand what you’re going through. And you guys can help support each other and watch each other’s properties while you’re deployed and things that I think is a big aspect that has been missing for a while. wanted to ask Tim, are you familiar with Colonel Joe crane? He ran retired colonel, he’s now a pilot he was on like Episode 144. My show and he runs a program called veteran on the move. Have you guys looked at all into that one?

Tim Kelly 23:28
I have not. I haven’t looked into that particular episode. And No, unfortunately not. But I’m gonna I’m gonna make sure I write that down right now and ensure that I always look into it and reach out to him. So

Gary Pinkerton 23:40
yeah, so what I really, yeah, the reason I bring it up is because he has this book that he publishes, keeps up to date and, and refreshed and kind of hands it out to people. It’s really good. And it’s all these resources for and he’s really looking specifically at that step where people are making the transition from active duty to veteran and about getting a job about starting your business. He’s really into you know, helping people have the resources to become entrepreneurs, not necessarily jump right into a W two contractor job. But his resources work in the Active Duty World, two, very many of them work in the activity world. So I just wanted to remind the listeners of that and, and for you, maybe for the activity passive income website, it could be just another cross link, though, that can help help out everyone. So I have this short story here that I’d finished up command and I was at the Naval Academy working on a staff there and I was starting to kind of listen to Jim Rohn. And starting to kind of just back away from the watercooler conversations, the lunch group out outings and talking about all the separate nobody else does. And I was just working on self improvement. And I was working on you know, building my passive income and my real estate and just studying all the things that I think this activity passive income is all about. And certainly the personal development is about in this one moment. I remember I walk out and my staff is standing out there and they’re having this conversation about this kind of like an argument about whether you should pay down your mortgage twice as fast, you know, by due every two week payments or something, and they turn to me and I’m deep and thought about how can I get more locked in mortgages? And I tell you, it’s just one of these moments where you realize that like Wizard of Oz really like Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore. And I just kind of pause and they’re like, so which do you think commander? You know, is it this or this, you know, pay down faster, go all cash as soon as possible. And then like, what’s wrong? And I’m like, Well, I’m sorry, I was just distracted. I’ve just been spending the last few hours trying to figure out how to get more debt, you know, and it was just crazy. I realized at that moment that like, I am surrounded by the wrong people. And I worked really hard to try to get myself surrounded by people who were on this approach. And I point that out to the listeners, because at the time, I didn’t know, there were military organizations that were around that could have helped do this. So I went to local real estate meetups with people who Lou and I really had very little in common from our past. But we had a future in common. And that was good. That man, if it’s military members who were helping go through the same struggle as you tremendously better, and I push anyone go to these sites, all of them, and connect up here with Tim, your thoughts on any of the we talked about?

Tim Kelly 26:09
Yeah, I mean, I’m glad you brought that up. And, you know, people who are interested in even if they’re super motivated, they’re super hungry, they’re gonna come across a lot of content, a lot of gurus trying to add a little bit of value and sell some content. My biggest piece of advice, when you kind of hit that obstacle, especially if you want to learn about real estate, right, is to learn just enough about all the different niches and all the different ways you can make money in real estate, just enough to decide which one to focus on and go super deep and super vertical in that one niche and become automatic. Because I mean, you’re gonna have people tell you, you have to start wholesaling, because you don’t need money or credit to do that. And then you can build capital, then you can get some single family rentals, buy and hold. And then you know, while you’re doing that, maybe you can learn about lease options and creative financing, then you could maybe do some flipping and you can maybe look into multifamily and commercial, and you get bogged down like a fire hose, you know, spraying in your face. And that’s cool. Just take maybe just enough time to learn about each niche. And if it kind of fit your goal doesn’t suit your goals and what are you trying to get out of it right and learn about each of those niches just enough to hone in on one choose one and go really vertical and it can be the backside it. And I think that’s really what helped me like I learned, I scratched the surface and went horizontal across all the different niches in real estate and then I chose multifamily and I only focused on multifamily only listen to multifamily podcasts, read multifamily books, at the meetups, only talking about multifamily. And I kind of just didn’t let anything else distract me. And I think that helped me kind of scale to where we’re at now. And I mean, it’s 200 units in the last less than two years is you know the result of that.

Gary Pinkerton 27:57
That’s awesome in a time where cap rates are pushed down, and a lot of people are not buying you’re still finding some really good stuff, it still makes sense cash flow wise. So we’ve got the active duty passive income in from, you know, contact information. So, Tim, in the last couple minutes here, just pass out your information. Any, you know alibis for recommendations and how they can contact you and you know, move forward.

Tim Kelly 28:23
You could simply go to the Timothy Kelly calm it’s my personal website. I’m pretty active on LinkedIn, the Timothy Kelly, somewhat active on Instagram, the Timothy Kelly, and then you know, Facebook, come on Tim Kelly. I know there’s probably a lot of us on Facebook, but you should pay imams you know, the senior managing partner of Kelly housing group and also water survival instructor i think is what it says to help you narrow it down which which one I am. And then of course I always you know, respect people who are who are seeking guidance and who are reaching out to help for help and and you can simply shoot me a text or give me a call at 847-910-9161 I will do everything in my power to help you out help you get to the next level. And of course you I highly recommend you check out this amazing platform active duty passive income. If you’re at all military affiliated check it out. It’s incredible. I’m sure you are aware of rod Cleef, Gary.

Gary Pinkerton 29:24
Uh huh. Yeah, absolutely.

Tim Kelly 29:25
Yeah, he’s actually writing the foreword to an E book that we’re about to publish here in the next couple of weeks. We built a relationship with them and he loves what we’re doing and, and he’s about to write the foreword in our book and super excited about that. And it’s just an incredible platform of guys who want to do nothing but help and share content and guide people who are hungry and who just wanted to run want to commit to gold and want to commit to improving the quality of life and achieve financial freedom. So yeah, don’t hesitate to reach out now. I’ll do whatever I can to help. You guys

Gary Pinkerton 30:00
Well, that was hearses tremendous offer and Tim thank you so much for that I’m going to join up on the website I look forward to all of the eligible listeners doing so and hey listen you first responders that have no affiliation. Reach out to me Gary Gary Pinkerton calm and I’ll do what I can with 10s you to get some access or a little side site that offers the same kind of benefits. All of you again that could find value in it head over to veteran on the move as well. And I guess my podcasts, so are my my website. I think it’s a lot of resources. And Tim, thanks so much for adding to tremendous new ones. And for joining us on the show.

Tim Kelly 30:35
Absolutely guy it was an absolute pleasure, man. I look forward to keeping in touch and helping one another and in any way I possibly can.

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