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Real Estate Entrepreneurship While in Service with Mike Foster



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Gary Pinkerton hosts former Naval Officer Mike Foster. Foster is now an active real estate investor and the co-founder and CEO of www.ActiveDutyPassiveIncome.com. Shortly after leaving the service, he transitioned into real estate. He discusses how the military helped him and how it can help others transition into different career paths and civilian life.

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Welcome to the heroic investing show. As first responders we risk our lives every day our financial security is under attack. Our pensions are in a state of emergency. A single on duty incident can alter or erase our earning potential instantly and forever. We are the heroes of society. We are self reliant and we need to take care of our own financial future. The heroic investing show is our toolkit of business and investing tactics on our mission to financial freedom.

Gary Pinkerton 0:39
This is heroic investing Episode 178. Today, I get the awesome opportunity to interview another member of the leadership team at active duty passive income. And you can find out more about these guys at active duty passive income.com. All members of the US Armed Forces of the all services are represented. It’s like they have their own little joint force here real estate. They’re amazing guys, I’ve already interviewed Tim Kelly, and Marquis on sich so you’ve know most of these guys, we have at least one or two more, and I can’t wait to talk to those gentlemen, Mike foster is a US Naval Academy graduate recently completed his service in the Navy and is a current real estate investor and entrepreneur. He serves as the education chief actually and podcast host for active duty passive income, and he graciously interviewed me for their show. So hopefully, you’ll be hearing that one soon, too. And I, I really recommend that you add the automatic download feed for active duty passive income to your repertoire. I know that if you’re like me, and you’re a podcast junkie, there’s way more on your phone, then you can handle but continue downloading them. And that way they’re sitting there ready to go. If you catch one that you like, you can go back and look at the previous episodes. But I think you’re really going to like what Mike is doing there at active duty passive income. While on active duty, Mike was fortunate enough to have had several remarkable mentors that taught him the importance of credit building, creative financing techniques, and wealth building strategies. His wife, Cheyenne is also involved in their business. She’s also in the Navy. And she’s his partner and his real estate businesses. Mike has acquired multiple real estate investments, he owns several businesses, and has the passion and drive to mentor thousands of veterans around the world. And he’s a really enthusiastic energetic guy, a great person to add to your network of real estate investors, friends, and people that you can look to for your own mentoring. Because obviously, Mike is an individual who really really values mentorship and what it’s done for him. And he’s excited to help do it for you and get your real estate career up and running. Very much like Mark and Mike and Tim, and the others that will come from this group are very helpful, motivated, enthusiastic individuals. Gosh, I can’t play this up too much more. Let’s just get to it. Here is my new great friend and very enthusiastic individual, Mr. Mike Foster. Well, everybody, thanks again. And welcome back to the heroic investing show. I have a treat for you today. I think I might say that every time but I mean, at this time I got Mike, who is here’s the reason that this is a treat, because Mike just finished up active duty, right. So when we’re talking about everybody, or talking to everyone about having the confidence, having the recent experience to do a transition, and maybe even without a retirement to back you might in that position and very inspiring story. And it’s also a treat, because he’s a fellow Naval Academy graduate. And I always love to bring that point out, you know, give a boost for Annapolis. So, so Mike, it’s a it’s a true pleasure. And looking forward to being on your show here coming up soon, which we’ve already got scheduled. And you’ll get a double dose of the two of us bantering back and forth. Mike, thank you so much for joining our audience here on heroic investing.

Mike Foster 4:05
Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate this. This is an honor.

Gary Pinkerton 4:08
Yeah. And so what I also didn’t tell you, and I just kind of alluded to it, is that Mike is also running the podcast and may have more personally created episodes than I do. Because I know I rerun I rerun some of the best from the creating wealth show. But but he’s a professional folks. So here we go. Hey, Mike, what I’d love to do at the beginning is have people tell their story. You can if there’s something important about being an infant, let’s go for it. But most importantly, let’s talk about how you got in the Navy and what you did. And you know, and then we’ll jump into transition

Mike Foster 4:37
came out of the Naval Academy, like you said, graduated in 2013. And then went straight to Japan for my first tour. I was a Surface Warfare Officer out there on in Minesweeper, USS Avenger. I spent a couple tours on month sweeps out there to D calm that one went on to another one. And then I went from there back to Virginia marble Home to Virginia where I was on an amphib. On lpd class ship and interesting tour there, I got to work with Marines, I got to see a different side of the Navy that I hadn’t seen before. And then from there, I rolled to an Expeditionary Unit in little creek. I was with a riverine unit. And we did mobile security out in the Middle East for some high value assets coming out carriers, big deck amphibs, submarines, that kind of stuff. And that was another eye opening experience to another side of the Navy that I absolutely enjoyed, I got to say, so I enjoyed my time in service overall. But I realized that, you know, somewhere down the line, it wasn’t something that I wanted to do as a career, I didn’t want to do the 20. And ironically, I kind of fell into real estate investing. That’s kind of how I ended up getting into this. So but it was cool. It was definitely interesting. And the transition was not smooth, as I know many of you are if you have transitioned, you know, if you haven’t, you’ve heard the stories, I’m sure I came back from deployment last year, and I had three months until I was getting out. So that three months was very hectic, still trying to do a turnover with no other officer that I was turning over with and trying to, you know, get everything in line because they were deploying in another 11 months, however, also going through and doing everything that I had to for my transition. But I have to say it was not a super concern to me, because I knew what it was that I wanted to do. When I got out, I kind of had my ducks in a row, even though I didn’t have a safety cushion of the pension. And my wife, she is also in the Navy. So that was nice. And the health benefits perspective. I wasn’t losing much there. But I took a full faith leap into entrepreneurship. And so far, it’s been pretty successful. So I’m excited about the future months that are to come.

Gary Pinkerton 6:50
That’s awesome. Yeah, so many of you are familiar with my friend Brandon cook. He’s also an academy grad. And he’s a fighter pilot, f 18. pilot. And he just reached out to me and said that he was doing his transition this week. So we’re gonna have to have Brandon back on and see how that goes. How that when we over a year ago. Now, I guess we’re talking about that coming up for him. So like you he’s doing this without invention. And I think that’s just incredibly inspiring. And like you he’s using real estate as a bit of an initial launch and cushion into entrepreneurship. So is your entrepreneurship Mike, specifically real estate? Is it? Is it just real estate? Is it a business unrelated to real estate? Or what? What are you planning to branch to?

Mike Foster 7:31
So it’s actually a little bit of both? Yeah, I fell in love with real estate investing. And I did my own investing on the side. But a buddy of mine from the Academy, actually, we started a company called active duty passive income. And it took our own real estate experience and tailored it towards the military. Because we know that there is a need for that kind of financial education in the service. And we don’t get enough of it. I mean, even as so much as understanding the VA loan, they don’t really teach it. So we took our passion with real estate investing, we took our passions for military and we combined the two. And that’s actually where my podcast was born as well. So

Gary Pinkerton 8:09
that’s awesome. So everyone has already heard Tim Kelly and Mark Ian, who I believe is who you’re referring to. They’re about starting the company. So right. Gosh, I have to say I appreciate the fact that when I’m out there looking for material and guests, the fact that you guys started a podcast that is exactly, you know, on the topic of people that I want to have on my show that was very helpful. So I my podcast set or niresh awesome guy, I think, you know, he’s got a pretty easy life right now because I just keep handing him the people who should be on my show. It’s awesome that all three of you have now been been on the show greatly appreciated. So you have experts in different areas, different types of real estate investing, active duty passive income. So tell me a little bit about that. And what yours is, and kind of how what you do to help people. I mean, you provide a lot of education. What else do you do?

Mike Foster 8:59
No worries. So yeah, so I mean, we got really lucky I love that share the story, because it was completely unplanned. Right. So Mark Yon, and I, we got to talking about this. And Mark yawns Marine, as you know, I’m in the Navy, of course, but somewhere along the line, we had Eric added onto the mix. And Eric church, he is our investment Chief, he kind of works with people when they’re starting to make their first investment outside their VA loan when they’re trying to look at turnkey properties and whatnot. So he helps them out with that, but he’s in the army. And he was a special ops guy flying he Lowe’s. She’s really, really cool. So we got that branch of the service representative. And then somehow along the line, we met Adam at one of the real estate conferences and Adam the bar. He is our multifamily investment chief. He looks specifically at the numbers and he’s really, really awesome at doing that huge analytical guy, but he’s very smart and intelligent to that space. And so he helps people out with that, as well as Tim Tim Gillingham can partner up But Adam is in the Air Force. And so we really have everyone covered. And then of course, Tim Kelly, you had him on the podcast, you know, he’s in the Navy, but we have all the branches of the Department of Defense in our group, which is cool. And then myself, I am the education chief. So I run a lot of the systems on site, not running systems, but I help implant a lot of the training that we go through for our course, the podcast, you know, I research a lot of the new topics that we put out and discuss, I work with people who have experience in a certain field, whether it’s IRAs, whether it’s life insurance, whether it’s whatever, you name it, and we kind of combine and tailor the experience towards the military kind of translate the lingo and get it out in mediums where people can consume it

Gary Pinkerton 10:43
and make sense. It’s fun. So is this a paid course that you guys put on for people who want to get a little deeper? Or is it is it just kind of a sequential free for the taking kind, of course,

Mike Foster 10:53
so most of our courses are free, we do have one paid course, which is our flagship, that’s our academy, it’s 37 lessons, and it’s in the video form and self guided. But we offer a VA long course for free, because we don’t believe that people should pay for that, you know, experience and having to learn what their VA benefits are, you can find it for free now, but we have that whole spot for you. Our podcast is free. And we have a couple other lessons like house hacking, or military house hacking book, which you can get for free on our website. But yeah, most of the education that we have on our platform is free. The only stuff we really pay for is the stuff that requires our time to go out and mentor God people.

Gary Pinkerton 11:33
Yeah, well, listen, I mean, everyone can give everything away for free, and then you go hungry, and you stop doing it right. And so you’re you’re no longer able to provide the service and that value is gone. So I think anyone who refuses to pay for something is really of high value. They’re just kind of kidding themselves. And once you yourself become an entrepreneur, like I have done, and along that same path, right, and I’m running my own business in sales, and in you know, my wife has a real estate business. So you start to value time, right? So time has a cost to it. So if you’re gonna, you can go out and do all this yourself. But is that really your best use of your time, and for some people it is, I was just on this real estate investing group thread, and in a gmail group, and some people were just going down these rabbit holes about how they’ve traveled to work on the properties themselves and save, you know, a couple thousand dollars on, you know, my credit costs, and for them, they’re kind of semi retirement, they’d rather do this than their w two job. And that totally makes sense. But if you’re trying to run another business, if you’re trying to run a business, there’s value to to have so much short hacking time, I guess.

Mike Foster 12:36
Exactly. No, you’re absolutely right. But

Gary Pinkerton 12:39
that’s absolutely, I think you will absolutely, I mean, you’re gonna find people who can’t afford or feel like they’re still I mean, that’s one of the traps I believe we get into in the military. And one of the things I had to learn my way out of is thinking that there is any value associated with time. Right, you know, like, I can do it myself, you know, we’re very much like that in the military. Where will no chance I’m going to pay anybody to mow my lawn? Well, now I do. And because I was mowing one point, and I’m like, man, I just lost this case, because I didn’t do what I was supposed to do didn’t have enough time. And here I am on the lawn.

Mike Foster 13:09
Right? You know,

Gary Pinkerton 13:10
that there’s things that you’ll still do, because you love doing them. And it’s not about money. In that case, that’s different.

Mike Foster 13:15
Yeah, it’s absolutely different. You know, it’s almost like a hobby at that point. And it’s therapeutic. and stuff, you definitely should differentiate, but there’s no reason that you can’t pay someone to take care of something that is otherwise going to take up more of your time that you don’t enjoy doing. I mean, you’re almost providing a service to them, because they enjoy doing it. And they get paid from it. So you help right food on their table, right?

Gary Pinkerton 13:37
It’s absolutely no, I think everyone’s got that unique genius out there. And that’s what I kind of stand on my I was gonna say bully pulpit, but I stand on my my loudspeaker. And that’s kind of part of my vision is to help put in place some passive income so that they can turn and spend time mastering for everyone’s benefit, right. So if you become a master, whatever it is out there that that you’re better at than everybody else, and you can provide it to the rest of us, who would really struggle doing it ourselves. It’s adding value to everyone. So you know, exactly unique genius. Being able to focus on that means that you got to free up your time, and passive income. That’s why I love real estate. Absolutely good stuff there. So, okay, let’s talk about so your properties. So you left the military with some properties, but you just gotten them right. So kind of give them a flavor of what you have right now.

Mike Foster 14:25
So I did have six units. When I left in 2016. I bought my first property that was my VA loan. It was a duplex. I actually got a little creative with that one because I just read Rich Dad, Poor Dad listened to a bunch of podcasts, read some books, and somehow I came up with a strategy of doing a lease option on it. So it was, I guess it was not your traditional duplex, but it was two condos in one building right stacked on top of each other and the lady was very motivated to sell. So I bought the top with my VA loan. I got a lease option to buy the bottom. I put a tenant in there long term, then my wife ended up buying the bottom With her VA loan, so we would live on the top, ran out the bottom, and then we’d run out the top on Airbnb in the summer while I was on deployment.

Gary Pinkerton 15:08
That’s fantastic.

Mike Foster 15:09
Yeah, no, it was super, it was super creative. I don’t even know where I came up with all that. But it was fun. It was definitely it worked out for us. And so from there, we were able to pick up another condo that was close by, we had the property in Florida that I kind of wanted the cost subject to right i mean subject to you to kind of pay off the mortgage is my grandmother’s house, our grandfather’s house, they built it. And she had gone in some financial issues when my grandfather died. But luckily for me, and for all of us, I was able to graduate Naval Academy right at the time where she was going to these issues for financing. And so I directly started sending one of my paycheck just to the mortgage. So I’ve been taking care of this property, actually, for years now, I guess I kind of call that my first accidental real estate investment. But it’s been cool, because now I’m getting in here now. So you were I’m calling from in Florida, and I’m going to put this one on Airbnb as well. And we’ll rent this out, get her stabilized on a nice little retirement income, get her something that’s a little bit more manageable for us. So I had that one. And then I had a property that I closed on in like 30 days out on a TTY in Mississippi before I went on my deployment in 2018, which was really cool. That was a single family house that I bought with a buddy of mine that’s in Virginia. So we went on a joint venture together. And then I had a property that I bought while I was out on deployment in Dubai last year, which was pretty cool. So

Gary Pinkerton 16:41
I love these stories that stretch the mind of the audience. Right. So my back to my buddy Brandon, he talks about closing on a property while on an aircraft carrier

Mike Foster 16:51
nice. it’s awesome

Gary Pinkerton 16:52
It’s important to be able to stretch your mind and you know, I come across so many people that are not in the military that thankfully, I don’t hear this from the military. Because we’ve learned how to, you know, like, deal with not less than perfect, you know, circumstances and all kinds of things in life. But I will constantly hear this from from my clients. They say, well, gosh, you own real estate, like you’ve been you’ve lived in all those places. And I said, No, I put in any of those places. But they just think like, it’s unreasonable to buy a property. There’s nowhere near where you live

Mike Foster 17:21
that they do. And it’s ridiculous. Yeah. Cuz it’s like what people build wealth. This is how they do it.

Gary Pinkerton 17:26
Yeah. And you just have to kind of get past that paradigm. And it’s not easy for somebody who who’s been precluded from having the awesome fun of traveling around and you know, moving your stuff every two years, you know?

Mike Foster 17:37
Sure. Sure

Gary Pinkerton 17:38
And so we as you and I look at buying properties, and everybody else in the military, I mean, yeah, you can buy in your backyard if you want, but it won’t be your backyard for long. So it really doesn’t do a lot of good to do that. My biggest, my biggest recommendation is that people do what you guys did you buy property, put a VA loan on it, and get them you know, much less money down, make your money, do a great job for you, and then move and just keep a trailer houses behind you, at a minimum do that. And then build on that by buying them outright. Right. So you guys did exactly what I’m talking about. You bought your first properties, having lived in them, and then you expand it from that now you’re buying things when you stop someplace in TTY, which is awesome. 

Mike Foster 18:19
Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. No. I mean, it’s it. I think it’s kind of cool to when you learn about the tax law and how you can really build your lifestyle around your investing. I think that also appeals, you know, at least that’s what appealed to me too. So that’s why I’m motivated to buy property in places that I think I’ll travel to again, because yeah, it comes tax write off..

Gary Pinkerton 18:40
Yeah, it does. And so what are some of like, your favorite references for tax, you know, benefits like that, as is there a specific specific writer that you like Pacific CPA or anyone?

Mike Foster 18:50
Oh, so I actually just bridged a gap with a CPA that we hired for active duty passive income. So yeah, that’s kind of cool. But other than that, no, I didn’t have I didn’t have a specific tax attorney helping me out with some of these. I think that was probably my downfall. You know, it’s like one of those things, you just kind of leap into it. Right. Ready, fire aim. And then now he’s trying to figure out okay, well, let me clean up some of the mess that I’ve made. Yeah.

Gary Pinkerton 19:17
Yeah. So a couple quick books on mine. So I really like Tom wheelwrights. book on tax free. Well, yeah.

Mike Foster 19:23
Tax Free. Well, oh, yeah. Well read great book. Yeah, right.

Gary Pinkerton 19:27
Yeah. And another one that I would recommend everyone is from an I might mess up his name, but Frank gallon le, what every real estate investor needs to know about cash flow. It’s just a really heard of that book about tasks. So if you’re just starting out, that’s a great book about cash flow.

Mike Foster 19:43
I’m sorry, I missed that question. Yeah, definitely. Definitely recommend you at least read it. But that’s where I kind of got my ideas for tax benefits and stuff. Yeah,

Gary Pinkerton 19:52
yeah. Perfect. And then there’s some other ones I mean, like it’s just amazing. You can pick up books you know, for like Diane Kennedy has done a ton of books. She used to be a rich dad advisor. And you can eat those things for like two bucks, right? And they’re just, there’s just timeless information in those things. So what about this process of transition, not so much the real estate, but the actual, you know, process of transition, any current events, thoughts that you have that you can pass out to the listeners?

Mike Foster 20:16
Absolutely. So as a matter of fact, this is not something that I took advantage of, because it’s something that I didn’t really know about. But I highly recommend this to anyone who’s listening who is active duty looking to transition. It’s a program called D od skills bridge. And apparently, with this program, they allow you to talk to your commanding officer, right, wherever he or she is, and get a six month no cost ta D, or TTY to a company, right, an outside company, and you get to work under them as a non paid intern. But for the six months that you have until you transition out, and you can kind of learn that trade or that skill, right, and you continue to get your military paycheck, God that entire time. That is incredible.

Gary Pinkerton 21:05
You don’t have to go to work. So you

Mike Foster 21:07
don’t have to go to work. in uniform for six buds, you go straight to this company, whatever that company is, and you go work for them as an unpaid intern. But you get paid by the military. And yeah, and that’s your transition out. Wow. I know, right? I had no idea about this,

Gary Pinkerton 21:27
that open for officers and enlisted

Mike Foster 21:29
officers and enlisted. I heard it from nav oh six. I started like yesterday, it was yesterday or the day before we were talking about it. And I had heard of it. Before he mentioned it to me. But of course after I got out, but he was telling me that he’s planning on doing it after his retirement ceremony in July this year.

Gary Pinkerton 21:45
It’s amazing. So yeah, that’s something that did not come up during that painful transition course that made me go through Oh,

Mike Foster 21:51
my goodness. Yeah, daddy. Yes. Yeah. Apps, right.

Gary Pinkerton 21:56
Wow. Crazy. I got a lot of stories about that. But we won’t go down there.

Mike Foster 22:01
Oh, man.

Gary Pinkerton 22:02
So let’s say that this is the first time even though we’ve done two podcasts already on active duty passive income. This is the first time that anybody has heard about this. It’s the first one they happen to listen to what’s most important about the site? And I think it’s just active duty passive income calm. Yes. Right. So we got that part covered. So what’s most important to go to or to look at when you get to the site?

Mike Foster 22:24
Honestly, there’s, there’s so much but I think the biggest thing is our forum, right? Our start the spark club, it’s free for everyone, they can go in and just connect, connect with other people that are in the military, if you’re in service, or they’re veterans, you know, and just go and ask questions. You know, there are so many people there from all over the country. We have folks from overseas in Italy, and Rhoda in Japan, I mean, we’ve we’ve got a good network. And and I honestly think that that is one of the biggest things that people take for granted their network, because we’re not in on this world alone. And you should never go through a situation by yourself, even when you’re getting educated. You build that network up. So you can build that confidence and taking action, having people around you that have done something similar to what you’re doing or may have some advice on how you might want to go about it or think about something differently. I think that’s the biggest thing that we have.

Gary Pinkerton 23:18
That was great advice. And we’ll probably end with that one. I was just, you know, I’m doing a whole bunch of personal development work. I started it as soon as I maybe before I even transitioned out. Well, it was definitely before I transitioned right after command when I was able to focus a little more. So I’ve done a good five years of all kinds of, you know, learning how to get more focus with meditations, goal setting, all kinds of stuff like that. But I ran across recently, just yesterday, I think when I was doing my work, Henry Ford’s great quote about whether you think you can we think you can’t, you’re right, you’re right. Yeah. Right. So surrounding yourself with people who are doing what you’re looking to do. It’s about programming your brain, like you’re brainwashing yourself that yes, this is possible. But if you get around a bunch of people who aren’t doing what you’re trying to go do, then everything you see everything your body is sensing is that this is Mike Foster. This is abnormal, this is not natural, what I’m doing. So the fact that you’re you’re an active duty passive income and just doing podcasts about it, right, you’re totally immersed in it. Nothing seems unusual, right?

Mike Foster 24:19
Nothing is unusual. You’re absolutely right.

Gary Pinkerton 24:22
You’re absolutely right. Well, when people join your network, then all they see is a bunch of other people doing it. So it’s really, really powerful. The way in which you’re influencing the subconscious, right? So you’ll see all kinds of stuff about, hey, put a lock and key on your mind. Like Be careful what you let inside. Be careful who you stand around.

Mike Foster 24:39
Yes, yes, yes, no, you’re right. 

Gary Pinkerton 24:42
That’s all the same stuff. It’s just simply simply training the subconscious on where you’re headed. Right.

Mike Foster 24:47
Exactly. And you can’t limit your thinking either. I mean, I love speaking about this too, because it’s so powerful. What you can accomplish if you just say, instead of I can’t, how can I help? My gosh, that was the biggest takeaway that I had from Robert Kiyosaki his book Rich Dad Poor Dad but it was so, so transformational because you can do so much. I mean, I am not if I can do it, all of you guys can definitely do it. This was not supposed to be my life, but yet it was and it is and I am going towards it, Max. I absolutely love it.

Gary Pinkerton 25:20
Yeah, I love that one from our K two from from Kiyosaki like, and Tom wheelwright talks about the same kind of thing. He travels with Kiyosaki all the time. And he says, Hey, you know, people will come up to me when we’re in Singapore, or some, you know, South America or something. And they’ll say, you can’t do that here. And you know, he’ll just be like, you’re right, man. You can’t do that here.

Mike Foster 25:40
Right. Exactly.

Gary Pinkerton 25:43
Well, gosh, guys, I can’t I gotta tell you, Mike. I’m had I’ve had a tremendous time, a lot of. 

Mike Foster 25:48
Likewise. Great

Gary Pinkerton 25:50
blown by and so that makes me pretty excited to get on your show. Super.

Mike Foster 25:54
PACs definitely can’t wait for that.

Gary Pinkerton 25:56
Yeah, yeah. So we’ll have to come up with new topics so that we’re not just

Mike Foster 26:01
Alright, sounds good. Yeah. So

Gary Pinkerton 26:02
everybody run over to the website. That website is just amazing. And it’s led by some really energetic, successful individuals that are, you know, half of them are still active duty half or not, and it’s just Mundus actually only I guess one or two are not yet. But

Mike Foster 26:19
yeah, to us. 

Gary Pinkerton 26:20
It’s a tremendous thing, especially when you think about a website that’s ran by people who are deploying all over the place, and just their value, and their goals. Their emphasis is on adding value first, and worrying about compensation later, if it even comes at all. It’s just amazing. They’re about building a network like you just said, Mike. So thanks so much for coming in and talking to us about the company, the website and about yourself.

Mike Foster 26:43
Thank you so much for having me. It’s an absolute honor.

Gary Pinkerton 26:46
Man, I can’t wait to see what you do out there in this world. Thanks, guys. And until next time, we’ll do some broken best.

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