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Active Duty, Passive Income with Markian Sich



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Gary Pinkerton hosts Markian Sich, founder and CEO of Active Duty, Passive Income. He outlines his life starting from his time in Ukraine before joining the US Naval Academy. During his time in service, he became a real estate investor. The conversation centers around Markian’s entrepreneurial spirit and how Robert Kiyosaki and Tim Ferris influenced his success. Later he explains how he started house hacking.

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Welcome to the heroic investing show. As first responders we risk our lives every day our financial security is under attack. Our pensions are in a state of emergency. A single on duty incident can alter or erase our earning potential instantly and forever. We are the heroes of society. We are self reliant and we need to take care of our own financial future. The heroic investing show is our toolkit of business and investing tactics on our mission to financial freedom.

Gary Pinkerton 0:39
Welcome to the heroic investing show, a podcast for first responders, members, the military, veterans, and anyone looking to improve their financial future and gain some freedom with their time. We teach America’s heroes how to build passive income, build their startup business and safely grow wealth through real estate and other alternative investments. We have current and prior first responders put protections systems and a team in place to help them build a life where they can focus on their passion, that service or product that they’re uniquely gifted to share with others, making the world a better place for all of us. My name is Gary Pinkerton and I co host this show with Jason Hartman. This is Episode 171. Today we have with us marking on sich mark down is CEO and founder of active duty passive income. He’s a third generation Ukrainian immigrant, and he’s an active duty Marine Corps ch 53 Super stallion pilot. At an early age he learned about the opportunities our great country provides its citizens from the good examples set by his parents and grandparents, also Ukrainian and American citizens. Because of markins incessant thirst for travel, he met his wife, Katia in Milan, Italy, while on leave after graduating from the US Naval Academy. This is also when he started to get an itch for business, in addition to serving in the military Marquis on started to pursue real estate investing as a method of securing his financial future. In 2017, he bought a turnkey single family property. After that, he purchased a 50 unit apartment complex and has many many more great things in store as you will hear on this episode. This is my second attempt at this. I ended up corrupting the first file and Mark Yon was an awesome gentleman and agreed to come back on for yet another session and I’m glad he did because this one’s much better. stationed at MCA s Miramar, San Diego his success and inherent feeling to teach it Barney style as he puts it inspired him to help members in the military. Learn about the benefits of real estate investing. This is when the military real estate investing Academy and community active duty passive income or adpi was born. Everyone welcome Marquis on sich Hey, rook investing listeners. Thanks so much. Welcome back. As I mentioned in the introduction, we have the distinct pleasure of having a marine officer with us here at a Naval Academy graduate can’t get much better than that. Mark. Yon thank you so much for joining us here on the rook investing show.

Markian Sich 3:22
Oh my gosh, it is a absolute pleasure. I am super pumped to get into some real estate talk.

Gary Pinkerton 3:27
Yeah, so I guarantee you I did not do your background justice at the in the introduction. Please tell everyone kind of how you ended up the Naval Academy what you’ve done since you left there, and how you ended up at active duty passive income.

Markian Sich 3:43
Oh, yeah. So let me just dive in a little bit of background to before even the naval Naval Academy I yeah, yeah. What I attribute my whole real estate stuff to is the fact that I had an interesting background and I saw a whole other part of the world. I’m a third generation printing immigrant that actually was born and grew up in Ukraine, just kind of serendipitously because my parents, they grew up in the States, but they moved there. From my dad’s job. He was a nuclear engineer at MIT and worked at Chernobyl and stuff like that. So for me, I grew up in a world where I saw a completely different lifestyle. I saw a completely different way of life and people there I remember my best friend, his mom would make $100 a month and so when I finally moved back to the States, I repatriated, so to speak. I was 15 and a half I went to high school and I think what was planted inside me is I wanted to figure out what made America tick right? How come America so amazing, because for me, visiting my grandparents every summer in the States was like, all I could think about is Nickelodeon rollercoasters big buildings, awesome houses, and that which wasn’t a thing in Ukraine. And so, I kind of accidentally stumbled into the Naval Academy because my dad challenged me He’s like, Oh, yeah, you can apply there, you probably won’t get in but whatever. And I was like, Alright, well, I’m gonna do it. Now. You He knew me very well. And he knew if he just needed to like, kind of give me a little challenge there that I would end up doing it. I ended up going to the Naval Academy was the hardest thing at first I ever did. Because I didn’t even know the difference between officer and enlisted. I had no idea what the military was because I only popped into the United States most 15 and a half. And it just wasn’t on my radar. But it ended up being the best decision I ever made. I made the best friends had the best experiences, and ended up commissioning as a Marine Corps officer with a pilot contract, went down to Pensacola. At this time, I was dating my now wife while she was she’s also Ukrainian while she was studying wine making in France. And what ended up happening was I wanted to visit her at every opportunity, which wasn’t often because I was at flight school. And I realized, like, you know, as a second lieutenant, I’m still not making that much money, especially if I want to travel and have a good time in Europe. Like, it’s not exactly a cheap thing to do. And so I started thinking of all these ways to save money and like, nickel here, $1 there. And then she was like, Can I just make more money? So I started like getting into this, this entrepreneurial bug. And I was like, I want to figure out what makes America tick. How do people become wealthy in this country? I don’t want to worry about finances ever again in my life. And I got into some crazy stuff, trying to build some apps. And I realized, well, that’s not sustainable in the military. You know, some of my friends are trying to do it was they were going on deployments, I was starting advanced training, all this kind of stuff. And I at that point, I started I think I was just googling passive income or something. And I stumbled across two individuals, Robert Kiyosaki and Tim Ferriss. They just completely changed my life. You know, like Robert Kiyosaki read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I couldn’t even think straight. I was like sitting in the car. And I think I was like driving up to North Carolina for the replenishment Squadron. And I was just like, Oh, my gosh, my life has changed forever. And then I listened to Tim Ferriss, and I was like, this just confirms everything, I should be building streams of income, and not just saving money away. I was like, fight all of a sudden had an extra $500 every month, that could pay for like plane tickets to go see my wife, you know, every couple of months. Like I was like, that’s all I need. You know, I was I was thinking and it started making sense. I was like, I just substitute expenses with another stream of income, or I just build tons of streams of income and have them snowball each other and just grow and I was like, holy cow. Real estate is the solution for military. Real Estate Investing is the way you can without killing yourself while still focusing on your duty to your country and being a good officer enlisted person and just you know, doing your job? Well. When you’re going from duty station to duty station, you can invest in real estate kind of on the side have maybe your spouse or some friends help you out partner with a couple of other guys, you can become very, very successful and probably a lot more, a lot more comfortable have a pension retirement than you would be able to generate with the standard pension of 20 years if you did it. Right. So that’s kind of the synopsis of how my mindset and a little bit of my story there.

Gary Pinkerton 8:03
I really appreciate your explaining your naivety even when you went to the Naval Academy or brought back a couple of great stories, you just great memories, I guess really I I was, you know, as pleased as you remember, right. You and many other people out there are trying to paint a picture you have these plebe rates. So you got to learn these things as a plebe. And it’s really just about seeing what you’re made of and seeing how hard you can work and you know, mental stress and things like that. And but some of it as usefulness, like learning the ships in the Navy. And I can remember, at one point, just doing tons of push ups because I wasn’t getting these right, like day after day after day, I wasn’t getting these shipped classes, right. And my main problem was that in my mind, I had crossed up the Iowa class and the Ohio class and I will class was not around when you were there marking on but they had brought them back out of mothballs. It was a battleship and the massive Iowa class battleship, right and the Ohio class is a submarine. Like Kevin mixing these two up, because I came from the Midwest, and I was like, what’s the difference? They’re close enough like I will Ohio whatever. You know, they must be similar. They’re like states right next to each other. And so this guy I remember this guy, like just stop and he’s like, all right now I’m just dripping with sweat. Right? And he’s like, I listen. What rock Did you come out from under man? It’s like, like you I knew nothing. And then I also remember I’m getting ready to stand watch the first time and so I can remember asking this prior enlisted guy who had come from Naval Academy prep school, who understood everything like he’s helping me get my uniform ready to go on watch and and I remember just going alright, he’s giving me all these pointers. I’m like, Yeah, but I still don’t understand. He’s like, well, what don’t you understand? I’m like, what are we watching? Like what I have to watch like, what am I staring? And so for those of you that are not in the military, it’s like the gate guard right like that’s standing watch. That’s what we call it. I just like I was caught on that word. You know. So how crazy naive we come to that place or any you know, any other place. I’m sure that the firefighters out there the police academy I’m sure you guys can relate to some silliness. Oh, That was a lot of fun. I appreciated you doing that and that you thought Nickelodeon was the epitome of American.

Markian Sich 10:05
Well, yeah, when I was 10 years old, we just binge dumb cartoons when we got here. It’s funny, there were certain cartoons that they would translate in Ukraine. I would wake up early just to get a one or one or two of those a week or something. But I mean, like, it’s funny, because that that seems like a small thing. But America is a phenomenal country. And if you live here, you might not realize the little thing sometimes. And me living in Ukraine, those little things were huge. Like, I mean, not even kidding, our grandparents would would send us like, boxes full of a care package is really, it was like, it’s like, popcorn, peanut butter, Gatorade mix, you know, we were just Oh, and syrup. You know, we would freak out. And we were like, this is the best thing ever. But anyway, yeah, yeah. So I didn’t, I had an interesting kind of background, so to speak. And I actually grew up speaking both languages, like very, very closely tied still with my heritage. And that that aspect of When was the last time you’ve been back there? So I actually went back there in September of 2018. Yeah, I go there at least once a year to visit family, friends and stuff like that, especially now that my wife is you know, she’s from Ukraine as well. Her family’s still there. She’s actually there with my one year old son right now visiting grandparents. So

Gary Pinkerton 11:20
yeah, nice. Awesome. So you’re a rock star helicopter pilot for the Marine Corps. So you h2 is that? Is that? Right?

Markian Sich 11:26
So? A ch 53? a co pilot?

Gary Pinkerton 11:28
Oh, you’re 53? Okay. Yeah, big boy. Yeah. And if you if you ever wonder how you move, you know, tanks around the military, mark down comes and picks it up.

Markian Sich 11:39
is like a to be picked things up, put them back down.

Gary Pinkerton 11:43
really large. Yeah,

Markian Sich 11:44
yeah. That being said, I’m actually in the middle of a big transition. So I actually, after a year and a half being in the fleet, I decided I wanted to do something else. And I’m either going to be it looks like the odds or intelligence or something like that. I don’t know, there’s a couple of options out there. You know, I still have at least three years in the military, maybe more. I don’t know, it’s one of those awkward things. Like sometimes you set out on a certain MLS, and you realize it’s not your thing, and it’s just kind of the this part of the military, I guess, I mean,

Gary Pinkerton 12:11
it’s part of life. I mean, everyone out there in the real world is doing that, too. So

Markian Sich 12:15
yeah, so But yeah,

Gary Pinkerton 12:15
part of finding yourself as you mature. And I think even if you find it at one age, it’ll change when you get older. So it’s part of life. So it’s, that’s awesome. And so I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy it. along the way. Obviously, you got real excited about real estate and you started an incredible company with or website education source mentoring site, lots of things. And we talked, we heard a little bit about this with Tim Kelly. And we have probably two or three more of your partners coming on here soon. We’ve got Mike foster coming up real shortly. tell everybody about adpi

Markian Sich 12:48
active duty passive income is what adpi stands for. And it was initially just to play on words that I thought was really cool as like I could teach people some of the crazy finance things that I do. And anything from like, saving credit card points to getting into this real estate stuff to, you know, maybe marketing because I was getting into that too with the whole online world. But eventually it just honed in on real estate specifically, it also was just a way that I that I figured I could document what it is that I was doing in real estate. And I made a lot of mistakes. I brought my parents in to the mix, I after a bunch of failed attempts, I finally got a rental property in Georgia. And then after like many failed multifamily attempts me and my family finally closed on a on a 56 unit apartment building in Indiana that we’re partnering on now than about a primary residence. Now I’m looking at, we actually just submitted an Li on 129 units. So I’m trying to get another 200 units, at least this year, and then just scale from there. So as I was going through the military, and I read those books, and I started doing this stuff, I was like I want to teach other people. It’s not a place that I felt like I could call home and then also learn about some of the key veteran benefits, right? And just blending the two together. Like where does the VA loan come into play? It seems like an amazing tool. But how can I use that to to grow my wealth and then leverage that wealth that I create into cash flowing rental properties? Is there a perfect way to do that? Is there a strategy that I can Is there a community that does this and there wasn’t at least at the time, so I just started writing about it. I wrote an ebook called military house hacking a year and a half ago. And it was basically a manifesto to all the things I wish I would have done because I I started learning about all these you know, the VA loan, FHA loan, some of the other military benefits and then rental properties and out of state rental properties. And I was like, You know what, there there’s a way to do this, and I saw what my friends with some of my friends were doing and how they were house hacking basically, that the art of buying a primary residence and minimizing are completely wiping out the cost of living in it by doing certain creative things like maybe renting out one room for Airbnb or your flight school buddies renting out two of the other bedrooms and your three bedroom To bath in Pensacola, and then doing that every duty station and if you’re married and you don’t want to have people in the house maybe get a duplex triplex four Plex, you know, that’s all available with our VA loan, basically, then you have other tenants that are probably going to cover your entire mortgage, if you do it smart if you do the analysis, right. And then you can do that every year. And then or just that every duty station, and it’s like, this insane snowball can start happening. And after 20 years, I mean, yeah, we’re gonna have some market corrections, but just hold on to them, they’re gonna appreciate if you bought them in good markets, you were smart you bought right, they’re probably going to be making you cash flow. And then you can eventually refinance some of the equity, buy rental properties that are in better markets, maybe than you were even stationed in that or cash flow and even better, and it just becomes this amazing, beautiful generational wealth machine. So that’s where house hacking kind of was, the Genesis was like, hey, I want to write about what I wish I would have done from day one, what I’ve seen other people do, and eventually now it’s a full blown published book on Amazon, where I’ve collected some of the best stories and we’ve really refined the strategy. And it’s kind of like position to start go to epiphany book like, just like Rich Dad Poor Dad positive real estate epiphany for me, this is kind of geared on a simpler level, focusing mostly on the VA loan and house hacking, and military. You know, that’s that’s the idea.

Gary Pinkerton 16:28
Yeah. And it’s absolutely my number one recommendation, not just for military members, for anyone who’s young, before they’re married, or even if they are married, you know, is does your community support, duplexes? triplexes, multi families in an area where you would like to live. I mean, some some cities don’t, right. But if your area does, and you can put a primary residence loan on the thing and have everybody else pay your rent, you can save faster, you can learn how what being a landlord’s like, you know, you can take baby steps and learn all of those aspects. And you’ll be better owner when you go and pick up managers to handle bigger properties, right. But then on the military, it’s just raised to an entirely higher level, when you can get VA loan access, you can get those benefits as well. So go get Martin’s book and he’s got it. I’ll let you tell him specifically how to do that. along the way. While you’re waiting on that, go back and look at some previous episodes. I had Brandon on good friend of mine, f 18. pilot and then Clayton, and they both talked quite a bit about he’s also an F 18 pilot. They both talked about the benefits of VA loans. And so we dug way deep into those A while back last year, probably not as deep as your book, but man house hacking really, really important.

Markian Sich 17:37
Absolutely. Yeah. So anybody, if you’re listening to this podcast, you just want to get the book for absolutely free. Just no spaces, the two words house hacking with no space in between text at 2345345 you’ll get the book for free, and read up on it, share it all you want. It’s really just a learning tool for for everybody.

Gary Pinkerton 17:57
So tell me then now what does ad adpi look like? Like you guys are doing incredible stuff.

Markian Sich 18:03
We were like Alright, so this is this is the cornerstone, right? The the VA loan and real estate investing. So how can we expand that. And so we started growing our community, we have a very, very active Facebook group, just called active duty passive income Facebook group, you can look it up, you can actually like just go to military real estate investing calm, it’ll take you to that Facebook group. And we started building a social network too. Because eventually we want to have our own Facebook, so to speak, and we’re just growing. It’s like, it’s awesome. And you see people coming in and they’re having like these, it’s almost like you can see within the posts where they start learning something. And then the next poster like, aha, makes sense. Now, this is what I can do for me and for my family. And then we’re like, and now we have real estate investments that we’re working on with certain key partners that we trust. So we work with a couple of turnkey providers, you know, specifically right now, storehouse 310 and bridge properties. They’re awesome. And we have such amazing relationships with Nathan Brooks and Steve grazer, and we kind of help mentor our members to get these turnkey properties because right now I’ll tell you I am there’s so many different ways to do real estate and no way is the best way for everybody. Like everybody has their own thing that probably fits their life best. But we really think that a lot of times for military just getting a turnkey solution, something that’s a little bit more passive, where it’s literally an expert took a property in some of the best cash flowing markets in the country, gutted it, renovated it and then put in a tenant has property management ready to go and you just buy this packaged up deal. Yeah, you’re paying a little bit of a premium, but you’re doing it you know, especially if you do it with us, you have an entire support system. We know that company, the whole process, we kind of have all the steps taken care of. We have guys closing on these from bog groom from Italy from Japan, when the whole thing is dialed in and you have a community surrounding That you can be going jumping from duty station duty station if you have an extra, you know downpayment in your savings account or stock market. Hey, why not throw it into one of these? It’s better than doing nothing and waiting for that perfect rehab project. You know what I mean? Like, yeah, I get it, like getting your own rehab property, probably a better deal. But, I mean, it’s a lot of work. And it’s not always possible, especially if you’re on deployment, we really believe that this is a pretty unique solution. For military specifically, they’re kind of wary about getting in without knowing what they’re doing. They want to have a community surrounding that process of, if they want it to be a little bit more passive. So that’s one of the things we’re doing right now is just helping people out with that. And then it’s just all the mentorship and the coaching and community around them. We have like a whole course to forgot to mention that we literally, I spent like six months with Mike Foster, which is building out this course, where it’s just like the military real estate investing Academy is what it’s called, it’s just a roadmap, like, from understanding the facts about real estate and getting excited to how to find properties to how to finance properties, how what are the legal and insurance aspects behind it, I’m not a legal adviser, but we kind of go over our experiences. We’re just trying to literally create the military real estate community, that’s what we want to be.

Gary Pinkerton 21:15
Well, so I bought all my wife, Sue, and I have bought all of our properties as turnkey properties. And some of them been brand new. Some of them were rehab, I completely am a big time believer in what you’re talking about, and people on bigger pockets that say, Oh, I can make so much money, you’re leaving so much on the table. They don’t value time. And what they have is a job. And that might be what people actually want. But that’s not where I felt my highest and best use was and it’s not what inspired me. So yeah, I bought all mine turnkey, like that. And we have 30 doors, 20 properties, we bought them over eight years. So I mean, if we didn’t go in and buy them all at once we you know, you can if you want, if you have enough cash flow to do that, you know, and I’ve funded them with down payments against life insurance, which we just talked about, and that, you know, just optimized it a little bit. But the bottom line was that it enabled me to get into the game, I didn’t have the time to do it. And so let’s say that you decided that you’re going to make more money, you’re gonna make $30,000 a piece on your rental properties, which is tough to do, by the way, when you’re going to rehab a property and make 30 grand after paying hard money, you know, loans over additional expenses and stuff. But let’s say you do it and you do for those a year, well, you’ve got a job. That’s, that’s your probably the only thing in life you’re doing. If you’re pulling that off, and you’re making 120,000 that’s your job. And that’s not a bad income. But that is your full time job. You know, if you get offered leaving the military or leaving your your firefighting job, if you get offered 150,000 somewhere else, then turkey makes a whole lot of sense. Would you agree, Mark, and

Markian Sich 22:43
I couldn’t have said it better about the whole time aspect. I think I’ve heard a leave it was Mike mccalla wits, the guy who wrote profit first and clockwork, he was talking about how you really, really have to dial into what is your time worth to you? And we have a whole other aspect because we have our military service. And so like, how do you balance that and sometimes just the most optimal solution is just slow, steady and passive growth with these turnkey properties and having professional property management handle all of the day to day for you to where, you know, once a month you manage the managers you manage the bookkeeping, or you have your spouse helped you out with that, and you keep rolling. Yeah, it’s phenomenal. And not to mention, like, I think, here’s another aspect of real estate that I think is often overlooked is the tax benefits, which is really what kind of like, clued me into getting really excited about it. Yeah. And we just had Tom wheelwright on our podcast, it’s like, he absolutely just blew our minds with some of the new bonus depreciation. So awesome.

Gary Pinkerton 23:42
Yeah, amazing.

Markian Sich 23:43
One of the things you can do, and this is this is ideal, right? For a military, I think, I think we can all agree that it’s often difficult for the spouse to hold a nine to five job sometimes unless you’re a traveling nurse, or you work from home, and you’re one of those lucky few that has a stable job that allows you to work from home. It’s not always easy to maintain a job, especially if your partner is moving around all over the country or the world. And so if if you become a real estate professional, if the spouse becomes a real estate professional, which is not it’s not a license, it’s not a designation, all it means is you hit a couple of IRS wickets, you you spent 750 hours a year on real estate, like you know, you’re managing your managers like what is that two hours a day or something on workdays, you’re researching properties, you’re doing some light bookkeeping here and there and you’re maybe educating yourself, you tally all that up. And that’s it. You can then I mean, there’s a couple of more nuances I’m not going to get into but it’s really not that hard to claim that my mom does it for my dad and her. What happens is, if if one of the members in the family like the husband and wife can claim that it then claims for both of them and then their their household filing jointly income becomes the passive deductions become unlimited. I’m not attached. advisor not I might not be saying this perfectly, but right now with real estate, if it’s turnkey, and it’s cash flow that you’re banking on, it’s called passive income, right? active income is of like, if you do a flip, you had to work to get that real estate income at $30,000, a flip, like you were talking about, that’s great. And now you’ll be deducting, like active deductions against that active income. But if you’re making cash flow, it’s a different pot of money. And so you can you can do passive deductions against it. So when your house is depreciating, it deducts against that cash flow, but you’re capped at 25,000. So when you’re like you has you know, 20 properties, 20 doors, or whatever it was, you’re saying, right, like, or you’re saying 30? doors 20 properties, right? Yeah, yeah, so you’re probably making more than 25,000 with those, if you or your spouse or a real estate professional, then that 25,000 limit goes away. And now you can depreciate, you can deduct an unlimited amount, those properties will probably wipe away with their depreciation, all the income they brought into you. So you’re effectively not paying any taxes. And that actually will then be able to deduct against active income as well. So again, I’m not I’m not a tax professional, but this is an amazing strategy for a military family, you know, to really accelerate their wealth.

Gary Pinkerton 26:17
Yeah, so one of the things I would say is that it’s real, there are some certainly some, you’d want to study it right. There’s definitely some, it’s this is the most audited thing for individual tax returns out there. Because it is so powerful. Yeah. And so yeah, becoming a real estate professional means that you can offset your earned income with depreciation, Phantom paper deductions, from your properties, right, super, super powerful. It’s probably not something you can do by doing a turnkey and frankly, and having managers take care of everything for you. Maybe that’s when you really do want to buy a property or you know, rent out half your house and and actually spend time painting and dealing with tenants and that kind of stuff. You don’t have to, but if you’re specifically just you know, doing the turnkey model, it might be tough to do unless you have as many you know, as we do, but if you have apartment buildings very, it’s very, very easy, I think to do that. And Mark Janya, it was perfect, you don’t have to have a license, you want to be a real estate professional, anything like that. I mean, excuse me a realtor or actually be in the industry you can qualify for this. In fact, they need you to have at least 500 hours on your own property. So it’s about yours not about you know somebody else’s properties. That’s pretty awesome. We’re kind of coming to the end has been 30 minutes I don’t know if you’ve been watching that but amazing time can you give the listeners how to reach out to you mark down reach out to the team and just a brief thing about your courses 

Markian Sich 27:40
real quick The best way to reach out to us just looking us up on Facebook just type in the search bar active duty passive income our website active duty passive income.com all of our team’s contact info is on our website. We have a little chat box if you want to ask us about you know our courses and our programs like literally we just love jumping on calls, doing zoom video conferences with all of our guys and gals and how helping them really just get their first investment closed honestly because because that first investment is what will really want to get you going yeah and so so it just our website as all of our links and socials you heard how to get the house hacking book. And in our courses are geared towards that like passive income mindset buy and hold strategy of buying rental properties in the do stations you’re at and turnkey properties. It surrounds mostly that if anybody has any questions, literally, they could just reach out to me on the website, I’ll probably be the one responding in the chat box. Because we just we love doing all this stuff in talking to people. So 

Gary Pinkerton 28:39
that’s awesome. I will confirm that these guys are awesome. And on their feedback, and they are they’re full of gratitude when it comes to helping other people out. And I just signed up for the book. I got it. I’m getting. So it works, folks. Don’t forget 345345 house hacking. All right. So thanks so much mark on. I can’t wait to get the rest of team on. I’m halfway there.

Markian Sich 28:58
Awesome. I can’t wait to take care.

Jason Hartman 29:03
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