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Grant Cardone on The 10X Rule



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Gary Pinkerton discusses Grant Cardone and The 10X Rule. They go through the book that outlines how to get what you want out of life. The best protection and way to be financially safe as you get older is to become rich when you are much younger. Take your current goals and multiply them by 10 and then be willing to put the effort into what you want. Break free from the middle-class thinking.

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Welcome to the heroic investing show. As first responders we risk our lives every day our financial security is under attack. Our pensions are in a state of emergency. A single on duty incident can alter or erase our earning potential instantly and forever. We are the heroes of society. We are self reliant and we need to take care of our own financial future. The heroic investing show is our toolkit of business and investing tactics on our mission to financial freedom.

Gary Pinkerton 0:36
Welcome to the heroic investing show, a podcast for first responders, members, the military, veterans, and anyone looking to improve their financial future and gain some freedom with their time. We teach America’s heroes how to build passive income, build their startup business and safely grow wealth through real estate and other alternative investments. We have current and prior for free founders put protections systems and a team in place to help them build a life where they can focus on their passion, that service or product that they’re uniquely gifted to share with others, making the world a better place for all of us. My name is Gary Pinkerton and I co host this show with Jason Hartman. This is Episode 200. Yeah, we hit the big 200. And like all 10th episodes, we go off topic here for a little bit of self improvement. Today’s episode is Jason interviewing Grant Cardone, and this is a couple years old. I think Iran is like 800 on the creating wealth show and he’s over 1200 now so it was a little bit back. It’s about his book, The 10 acts rule. And listen, I love revisiting and listening to people being around people that are extremely high energy and Grant Cardone definitely falls in that I would also put Tony Robbins Garrett Gunderson these guys are just really really great to be around. They get your blood pumping, they get your your vitality up, and they make you think that you know you can achieve greatness which is really the point of self improvement right? and motivational events motivational weekend’s etc. They don’t always last, but they definitely get you going in the moment. And you know, another guy he talks a lot about 10 acts is Dan Solomon, that’s it’s a different approach. But he has a group called the 10 x elite group of Strategic Coach and I was a member of Strategic Coach for a while and got great value out of it. But in the 10 x thing, Dan Sullivan talks about, it’s easier to grow your company by 10 times than it is by three times. And the real concept there is that grown by three times your approach is going to be I mean, it’s, it’s a sight you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And so you can just make adjustments to what you’re currently doing. And so you have some good habits and some bad habits and those bad habits or bad practices in your business. You’re just gonna try to polish those improve those a little bit. Maybe you’re gonna work long extra hours, hire one more person, but you’re not going to completely reinvent and that’s Going to prevent you from getting really, really big problem is you’ve squeezed everything out of the sponge that you can to get that first three x and then you go the next year and try to do three x again, there’s just no room for it anymore, right? Because you’re trying to squeeze stuff out of that old model. Well, if you change your business by 10 times, that requires a complete reevaluation, in most cases, reinventing what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. And so it causes you to think bigger causes you to think differently. And it causes you to really identify those things, which are kind of the anchors that are in your plan that you need to throw away, you need to get rid of them, because they are weighing you down. And when you’re only thinking about a small incremental improvement, you’re not doing the hard decisions, which is let’s get rid of this thing. reinvent take a completely different approach. Anyway, so it’s pretty exciting stuff. That’s the kind of stuff that Grant Cardone talks about in this one. And as a special 10th episode here for number 200 I thought you’d really enjoy getting a little bit jazzed up here talking with Mr. Grant Cardone

Jason Hartman 4:04
Hey, it’s my pleasure to welcome Grant Cardone to the show. You’ve probably heard his name. He’s a New York Times best selling author, executive producer, the reality show turnaround King and the host of the cardones zone, and he’s author of several books. One of them I just finished which is entitled The 10 x rule. And he’s coming to us today from Miami Beach grant, welcome. How you doing?

Grant Cardone 4:24
Hey, Jason, thanks for having me. I’m doing great.

Jason Hartman 4:26
Well, good. Good. It’s good to have you on tell us what you’re up to nowadays. what’s what’s keeping you most busy? You got some great books, you got a new book out seller be sold. And, you know, maybe we’ll talk mostly about the TEDx rule, because I just finished it but tell us what, what’s going on?

Grant Cardone 4:40
Yeah. Jason, what am I up to? I’m not I’m up to hustle. I’m a hustler. And I like to work. I told my wife this weekend. I you know, I said, I’m sorry. I was angry with you this weekend. I just didn’t have enough. Weekends for too long. I like producing I like doing things I like, you know, I’m not I’m not a big vacation guy or so many parties are the long way Kill me. So I like to produce I like to work. I like to hustle. I like to make my family proud of me extremely scared of the economic conditions, not just here in the US but worldwide. And, you know, I want to make sure I can provide for them. So I’m always always got this hustle thing going, I’m getting ready to do a project with Steve Harvey. When we go around the country and big Steve, and talk to people about act like success.

Jason Hartman 5:23
Well, what does it mean to act like success?

Grant Cardone 5:25
Tell us about that. Well, I think you know, you and I were having to come a little bit of a conversation before I got on and it was like commit first figure the rest out later. I mean, that’s been really the theme. I love my career. I was 25 years old, I was broke. I had no money I had an education that nobody valued, is that I was in an economic condition where they weren’t hiring you the wrong time to be broke is when they’re not hiring anybody. Right And here I came up broke financially. I was broke spiritually. I didn’t like myself. I was like giving up on myself and my family given up on me and Like one day, I’m like, dude, you need to start acting like you’re successful because this this, this thing, waiting for the right brake waiting to figure it out waiting for something to happen just wasn’t working for me. And one day I was selling cars actually I was 25 years old. I’m like, okay, I hate this job. I hate selling cars. I hate the way people look at me. I got to start acting like I’m successful right here right now because nobody else was gonna give me a job. And I was young, immature, you know, I thought, you know, acting more confident probably than I was. I still probably do that today. And, and, you know, one day I just said, Okay, I got every dollar I make I’m gonna reinvest in myself. And I started learning and listening and met getting mentors and surrounding myself with success. And I started acting successful. Next thing my money changed a little bit. And when it changed a little bit, it gave me hope that it could change a lot. And then I started liking my job. Mm hmm. And I’m like, wow, maybe I can learn this thing.

Jason Hartman 6:52
Yeah, that’s like the self reinforcing circle. You got into the circle that started reinforcing itself.

Grant Cardone 6:57
Yeah, and that’s why you like that commit. First. figure the rest out later because everybody’s trying to figure it out. It’s like people talk to me. They’re like, man, how do you write four books in four years? I wrote my first book was written in three hours. And they’re like, how do you write a book in three hours? you sit down and you start, right? Right? That’s what you do. How do you finish a book? Most people start books. Actually, most people don’t buy books today, because they didn’t finish the last one they bought. And why? Because like, like, because you never make a decision, when to finish the book, you made a decision to start the book, you didn’t make a decision to finish it. So now when I buy a book, and I read a lot of books, in the front of it, I’ll put my finish date on it, because I already know my start date it was when I opened it, and commit first, and then you figure the rest out later. You know what it’s going to cost you how you’re going to do it. Most of us don’t know what we’re doing or how we’re going to do it. We just made a decision to do it.

Jason Hartman 7:47
Yeah, fantastic. That’s good advice. Well, Grant, talk about this commit first and figure it out later. Let’s drill down on that one, because I think that’s so meaningful. You know, so many people. They want to figure it all out beforehand. It’s like okay, let’s write a business plan, let’s write a business plan for, you know, this business idea or for our whole lives. And the fact is, nobody can figure it out because you don’t know what’s going to happen along the way. You just got to dive in and do it. Right.

Grant Cardone 8:12
You’re so right, we just finished I’m creating a digital TV internet website. Okay, basically, so digital station, it’s something that hasn’t been done very much yet. I mean, this is this whole space of digital is like, consuming TV and radio and, and so we’re in the office right now. And they’re telling us, hey, when’s the site gonna be up? And they’re like, not two months. I’m like, have you figured on all the stuff that’s gonna go wrong? Yeah, they’re like, What do you mean? I said, we don’t know what we’re doing. Okay, we just know we’re gonna do it. And look, if you I own four businesses, all of them do in excess of $10 million a year in sale, sales in revenue. They were all started from scratch. I have never ever written a business plan. Because I know whatever you write down, I mean, it might make you feel warm and fuzzy. Look, you’re not you don’t even know enough to write the stuff that’s going to have monsters indeed. And the things you need to worry about you don’t even know yet. Okay? So spending time on a business plan, or I’m going to go to these people, I’m gonna talk to these people look at the three months from now you want to be worried about those things, it’s gonna be so many things happen, you know, because I even told my internet department if you’re planning on, you know, what was the thing like malaria or meningitis or the next day cuz something’s gonna happen and nobody plans on all that stuff. And so I’m with you, man, I’ve never spent any time on a on a business plan. And look, I’ve done things that were as simple as me just going up going out and kind of making it up as I go to doing huge, huge real estate deals where there’s hundreds of millions of dollars involved and still not had a business plan knowing I had to construct that content as I went, but I had to commit first. And then I could start figuring things out after the commitment as esoteric as that might sound

Jason Hartman 9:51
Everything starts with a commitment and then from there, we iterate and iterate and iterate to to get to where we want to go. Yeah, that Good. Well tell us about the 10 x rule in General Grant, if you would, that’s one of the keys to the 10 x rule. But there are so many of them. I mean, that book is awesome. It’s just got you have so many entries in the table of contents. There’s there’s just a lot to it. A lot of meat there. Oh, thank

Grant Cardone 10:14
thank you. Yeah. You listened to the the audio,

Jason Hartman 10:17
the audio? Yeah,

Grant Cardone 10:18
well, the audio was done about six months after the book was finished. And that’s when I’m getting a lot of feedback from readers. I mean, any anybody that writes a book, if you have a, if you’ve sold books before, not just written books, because a lot of people write them, very few people can sell books. And once you start selling books, that means people are reading them, okay, then you start getting feedback. So I waited six months and recorded this to include the questions people are asking us like, Hey, man, I got it. Okay, the 10 x rule, I’m supposed to do 10 times more what I think I’m gonna do. Yeah, but do you know what that means? And the guy’s like, What do you mean? I said, Well, do you know when you’re doing 10 x times what’s normal? And he’s like, No, I don’t I said, because you’ll immediately have new problems. So it’s So like you want new problems the 10 x rule is based on based on a concept that that the goals and targets and actions that people are setting are so beneath them. They’re so low basically based on their potential is that people become unexcited over time about that target. And so you don’t you find yourself not having the juice to complete things or you don’t wake up excited on you know, day 27 because I believe the target was too low. Now while your parents are going to tell you that you need to set realistic goals when they tell you that you need to ask them hey, how’d that work out for ya? Right You know, because really highly successful people okay. The Carlos Slim’s and Bill Gates, the Steve Jobs. I mean, the people that are really super successful. If you tell them you want to be worth a billion dollars and you’re 17 years old, they’re not gonna look at you like you’re weird. They’re not gonna say oh, that’s ridiculous. You know, if you tell these guys you want to, you know basically cure disease. They’re not going to say ridiculous because Their thinking is so giant. And unfortunately most people Jason are getting advice and feedback from people that don’t dream anymore Don’t have goals. So 10 x rule rule, as you know, basically re inspires the individual think way bigger about their goals, their targets, interactions.

Jason Hartman 12:17
Okay, so give us an example of like, how big should it be? You know, you say that people don’t set their goals high enough grant. And and so then they’re kind of moderately excited about it. They’re not really really juiced. Right. So, I mean, can a goal be too high? Can it be ridiculous? Can it be, you know,

Grant Cardone 12:35
I don’t think it they’re all ridiculous, man. Look, I mean, beggars on the street corner of LA, you know, he’s at Fairfax and, and Hollywood. And he’s like, he’s begging for $1 completely ridiculous. Yeah. I mean, why would I give anybody this? Why would I stop my car, pull over and give a guy I don’t know. $1. Okay. And it’s not because I don’t have the dollars not because I’m not generous. It’s because I don’t have the time dude. I’m rolling through the light. That’s a ridiculous target. Another guy says, Well, now I want to make a million dollars. All I’m telling people is this whatever your target is, let’s say a financial target. Let’s say the targets a million dollars. I’m like, dude, multiplied times 1010. Is that power number? No, nobody, no, no, wherever you go, okay, numbers don’t lie. 10 is a power number. It multiplies things in enormous numbers. And so I’m like, Look, rather than writing a business plan for 1 million, what’s the right one for 10 million? Why would I do that? Cuz they’re both ridiculous, dude. It’s all freaking crazy. Okay, you’re gonna be broke, no matter which one of these you achieve. He’s like, What do you mean, you get a million dollars, you’re gonna feel like a broke man, you get to $10 million. You’re going to feel like a broke man. Because your ideas, okay, possibilities, your potential changes as you go up the food chain. You know, when you were 10 years old, you had a different kind of swag than you’re going to hopefully have when you’re 20 and a different one at 30 and 40 and 50 and 60. You know, the deal is to stay excited. The people that are most excited are going to win the game. And so the 10 x rule Just says multiply, you want to make 100 million multiplied times 10 come up with a plan for a billion dollars instead. Because it’s all work.

Jason Hartman 14:07
So there’s this middle class thinking. And he talked about that in the 10. x book, you know, breaking out of the middle class and the incomes of the middle class. Tell us about that?

Grant Cardone 14:16
Well, I’m talking about the I’m starting to allude to another book that I’m working on right now. It’s called the middle class, basically get out that that what your parents and part of why people think is so small, is because your parents basically were going, they were trying to build a lifetime of what’s called the middle class to get into the middle class, particularly the last 40 or 50 years in America has been a construction of this idea that if I can just get into this club, the middle class, I’m going to be safe. We might have got good schools for the kids. We got two cars, we got a house we live in for our whole life. And you know, we retire and we check into our account, everything’s gonna be good and our Chios good and then we’re gonna vacations who will live happily ever after? And did this a fantasy man this is no different than Cinderella and then the three little bears the Three Bears okay for instance Goldilocks I think was involved in that transaction right? You know the Goldilocks and the Three Bears is the mythology of the middle class. The real the real middle classes like this Okay, three bears come home find Goldilocks polar freakin apart, label her for being a thief killer right there and have her after the porridge as dessert. And they all laugh about it. I had we killed a white girl, didn’t we? So So what I’m saying is the middle class is a myth. It’s a mythology. It’s based on average, it’s based on average, education, average income, average savings, everything’s got to go right. If everything’s perfect. If we don’t live too long, everything’s gonna be fine. It’s a myth that has been perpetuated by by politics right and left Republicans and Democrats to let the masses of people know 200 and 50 million Everything’s all right. You’re better off than the people in Egypt. Yeah, right. You know, there’s stability here. It’s just a big propaganda machine. The only place you want to be now is in the upper crust to the middle class rich, are very, very wealthy, because everybody else is paying a price. They just can’t tell you that.

Jason Hartman 16:15
Well, you know, Grant, especially nowadays, because the middle class has been shrinking in America for quite a few years. Now. If you look at the stats, working Americans that are working regular Jo B’s just over broke, they really are just over broke j ob job, right? They haven’t really had an increase in real dollar pay in a couple of decades. I mean, this is not the middle classes just shrinking. It’s under attack. Lou Dobbs wrote a great book called war on the middle class. And you know, I’ve said that in my seminars for years, it’s like, you better make a very conscious decision to be above the middle class because the middle class is leaving you that whole concept of you know, I know this girl I used to date. I’ll give you an example. You know, she lives in Newport. Her parents live in Newport Beach grew up their nice life, you know, and I’d call that upper middle class even. And she thinks by being a school teacher and just sort of being mediocre and walking through life, that she’s going to have that same lifestyle her parents had, you know, that built a bunch of real estate equity over the years, and we’re tired of playing golf and traveling. And I mean, it’s like, she’s just fooling herself. There’s no way that’s gonna exist for her now, you know, when she when she gets to that age,

Grant Cardone 17:26
these are the things people need to believe in. I mean, that, you know, I want to believe it. It’s like telling a kid, you know, she’s a little girl, she could believe in Santa Claus. Yeah, but sooner or later, you know, the difference between kids and adults is sooner or later the kid finds out there’s no Santa cos adults actually don’t know this white chick that you’re talking about you in Orange County. I know she’s white, and I know she’s most Republican,

Jason Hartman 17:47
blond hair and blue eyes.

Grant Cardone 17:48
totally right. And she’s like, oh, everything’s gonna be alright. It’s just it was just it felt Obama when Obama gets out everything’s gonna be alright. No, it’s not baby. Both both sides are crushing the middle class. Oh, of course. They are. The middle class doesn’t work. It never worked. After the Industrial Revolution, there was there’s no expansion in America. We don’t have anything to sell in this country except servicing people. And so, you know, the middle class basically is getting shipped overseas. You got to get rich now. I mean, I don’t know how to tell people this other than I was with Steve Harvey in Atlanta. I’m like, he’s like, what’s your message to people get rich? Okay. Are you going to spend a life just crying? And oh my god, what happened? You got to get rich now. It’s the only safe haven and anybody, anybody can get rich. If you know how to live poor. Or just get by. I’ve done both. You can learn how to get rich. Mm hmm.

Jason Hartman 18:40
Yeah, great point. I just I just totally love it. So habitually commit. You know what? I like grant and you you probably gonna like this one, too. Is that movie with Jim Carrey? Yes, man. Yeah, yeah. When you just say yes to more stuff in life. Good things seem to somehow happen.

Grant Cardone 18:57
Yeah, totally. You know, my mom before my mom died. I everything. I would knew she’d always say no first You know, when you get older you start getting even more and more negative. And I think that’s going I think that’s getting younger and younger for people today but maybe it’s just say yes man say yes and figure it out later there’s everybody listening has had the experience of saying yes to your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your family showing up for some event that you didn’t want to leave in three or four hours later bitching about it the whole way over there. And on the way home saying, you know, I’m really glad you talked me into this. Yeah, right. I’m glad I got out of the house. Yeah, exactly. Or whatever. Yeah,

Jason Hartman 19:28
absolutely. So habitually commit. Does that mean don’t be cautious. It means just jump in no matter what I mean. No,

Grant Cardone 19:35
I would definitely not be cautious. I’d be the most dangerous person in mind. I think people need to be dangerous. I have two little girls. I got a five year old and a three year old. And in the nanny comes in the nanny says, Be careful, Sabrina and Sabrina says Papa nanny just said to be careful. Isn’t she dumb? And I’m like that’s right babe. We dangerous around here. You got to be dangerous. You want to be the be the most dangerous person in your environment. cautious is actually costing people everything. And this again goes back to this middle class you know, don’t fly too high. Stay low. Don’t get too much attention. Don’t take too many risk taking not taking risk today is actually the riskiest thing you can do. And so it’s all these ideas that we were taught like don’t talk to strangers. Why? Hmm, well, you know, cuz it’s dangerous. Why? Because it won’t because that psycho chick on HLN every night talks about somebody that took their wife out and killed them, you know? What’s your name? Nancy Grace. Okay, Nancy Grace, and she’s made hundreds of millions of dollars off a terrifying the public. Most people are not pedophiles. Okay? So, so like my kids. I don’t, I don’t I’m not on top my kids. every second of every day I had I had a nightmare last night that one of them walked in. I tried the three year old walked into traffic. And I never found out whether she got hit by the car. She made it to the other side and I but I woke up you know, terrified. I’m like, Oh my god, I’m teaching to be dangerous. And I’m like, but I’m not gonna teach him this. To stand on the sidewalk, I’m not going to teach him that every time they walk across the street, they could get it right. It’s just ridiculous. I’m not going to teach my kids that every stranger should be a threat to you. Because the truth is every stranger on this planet, the strangers have everything you want your dreams, the ideas you have, if you’re gonna make the impossible, it’s because of somebody you don’t yet know. And so don’t be cautious. Throw that caution, caution to the wind and go meet the people you need to meet.

Jason Hartman 21:25
Oh, isn’t that a great point? You’re making grant because I remember hearing the old saying strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet? And if you think about it, it goes way back to like, you know, good old Jim Rohn. Right, the late the late great, Jim Rohn, which I’m, I’m sure you’re a fan of Jim’s. And you know, he said your income will be the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So how could we possibly improve our situation? If we don’t go meet some new people unless we’re hanging out with billionaires already? Then we got to go out and meet some strangers and hang out with strangers.

Grant Cardone 21:53
Yeah. And notice the billionaires the billionaires are always traveling or somewhere to meet somebody new because they’re trying to do hookups man. They’re trying to do deals. si t they say knowledge is power, knowledge is not power. Okay, the power, because I know too many people with no knowledge. They got power, the power is in the hookup and hookups on at your house. Okay, I’m not talking about utilities, electrical water, I’m talking about the hookups. The only reason to go to college today is to meet the players, there’s only three or four or five colleges maybe worth going to. Because that’s where the blue blood goes. That’s where that old money goes. That’s where the hookups are. And the difference between a contact and a contract today is a relationship that are it’s the people man who, in the people you know, today cannot help you. It’s the people I don’t know. And every day I make a list, who can I meet today? Who can I meet today? Today? I get to meet Jason Hartman. Okay, who do I meet today? They can change my life tomorrow. And I guarantee you my friends, my my buddies, the people I know the people I had wine with or dinner with this weekend will not change my life tomorrow. It’s gonna be somebody. I don’t

Jason Hartman 23:00
Yeah, you know, that’s an awesome philosophy. Okay, so just a follow up to that grant, what advice do you have with someone who’s sitting here listening to this? And they’re thinking, you know what, that’s true. The light bulb went on for them. They go, I gotta meet some new people. That’s the way I’m going to improve my situation. How do they decide who they need to meet? How do they approach them?

Grant Cardone 23:18
What I would do is make a list. I’d make a list every day who can help me who can help my career? Look, I’m a selfish greedy person. Okay, I’ll say it before anybody else says, I am selfish and I am greedy. And you should be no problem you should make you should make a list. But you see how we were taught not to be that Yeah, I know. You know, don’t get too much attention either. Jason right. Yeah, but you know what look at the Kardashians are gonna make she’s gonna make 200 million off her little freakin apps game. They just came on. Because she gets attention because she’s like, Look, this is my life. Dude. It ain’t your life and I’m gonna make it into something big and quit

Jason Hartman 23:50
apologizing to her about it. You know? Just go for it. Yeah,

Grant Cardone 23:53
exactly. Hate me. You hate me. Everybody hates her got less than her. So So I would just tell people look Make a list every day. Who do you need to meet? That would change your life. Hopefully my names on your list now. Okay, hit me up at Twitter at Grant Cardone I’ll respond to you. So make a list every day. Who could I meet today in my community? Maybe they’re a church, maybe they’re in government, they who can you meet? Who can you send a letter to an email to a text to? Who could you tweet today? That would change your life tomorrow? And then and then maybe while you’re out in the marketplace, maybe you know, meet five strangers that you’re going to find out they didn’t find Oh, yeah, you know, Wow, man, that person. That person

Jason Hartman 24:35
I didn’t get molested when I met a new stranger.

Grant Cardone 24:37
And some of the ladies Listen, I’m gonna be like, Ah, I’m hurt and rejected. But But you know, you’re gonna find out that like people aren’t people are scared to death. Just if you walk up they think you’re freakin psycho. Because that’s how that’s how I’m introverted and small thinking. Our culture has become where everybody’s just kind of paying attention to their own little thing and then wonder why they Don’t get anything because everything you want is outside your comfort zone.

Jason Hartman 25:03
Yeah, everything. Yeah, that’s awesome. That is totally awesome. Grant. Okay, we pick another favorite concept of yours whether it be from tenex or it be from your brand new book. second book.

Grant Cardone 25:19
Could they all right? No, just whatever you want just

Grant Cardone 25:24
to kind of condoms and that’d be good. That’d be good.

Jason Hartman 25:28
To see a new product launch here.

Grant Cardone 25:31
Oh my god. 10 x condoms by Grant Cardone. Video and audio. There you go. Yeah. I hope your audience can handle.

Jason Hartman 25:42
It’s alright. It’s alright. It’s good. But we, you know, like, wrap us up with one other great concept from any of your work any of your books doesn’t matter. You know, we’re, you know, maybe it’s not even published yet.

Grant Cardone 25:51
Yeah, I would tell you, I would tell people like, Look, you got to get alive now. Okay. I mean, you got to get alive right now. You got to get likes. So engaged in the deal, you got to get so jacked up, you got to be like, you got to have this. I would just call it the three words, whatever it takes, whatever it takes, okay? I mean, whatever it takes. Now, the first thing when I say that, you know, Jason, what’s the first thing you think of when I say whatever it takes

Jason Hartman 26:19
a little part of me says, Oh, this is ridiculous. Come on. I don’t want to work that hard. Or, you know, I don’t want to sacrifice other areas of my life. Yeah, it’s like all the bad conversation that’s going on.

Grant Cardone 26:29
Yeah, yeah. Are people that people will say, Oh, yeah, but I’m not gonna be unethical. Well, I’m not talking about being right. That’s another point. And most people have already, you know, don’t have the life they want. So So I mean, people always tell me that, oh, man, if I go all out on this, I’m not going to get what about this part of my life. You’re already unhappy in that part of your life. Why are you kidding yourself? Okay. Look, there’s 7 billion people in the lineup and lie to you Don’t, don’t be in your own line. Okay, get honest, that nobody is doing whatever it takes to get the life they want, and it’s worth it. Whatever it takes. By the way, I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna have part of life. I want everything to be 10 X, I want my finances to be 10 X, I want my wife, my marriage to be sent at 10 X, I want to be as a parent, I want to I want to have it great in every area, not one or two. And I’m going to do whatever it takes nine out of 10 things I do on a daily basis. I don’t want to do. Okay, most of the things that I do every day, I do not want to do. I was telling Steve Harvey this the other day, Steve, Steve’s got three hours of radio every day. He does four hours, four or five hours every day, a family feud. He hadn’t been home in like three years hadn’t eaten breakfast in his home. I’m like, Hey, man, how many how many things you do a day that you don’t want to do? And he looked at me He’s like, Oh my god, I’m glad I finally met somebody that understands every day, no matter where you’re at, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes. And that includes the stuff you don’t want to do. And I know you know this, that you just, you know, these ideas that And just do what you love. And then successful show up. Look, you got to be willing to do a lot of stuff you don’t love, you don’t want to do and you hate to do if you really want success. And that’s what I would tell people to do whatever, it takes a

Jason Hartman 28:11
great thing. And it’s funny how you’ll learn to be okay with and actually sometimes love, or at least delegate the things you don’t like to do. They’re really just not that hard. Once you dive in and do them,

Grant Cardone 28:22
you’ll be in a position now you’re first of all the marketplace is going to see you as a unique individual, they’re going to start value, they’re going to start paying you more than you think you’re worth. And you’re going to start getting breaks that other people don’t get breaks and because people just this commodity, this idea that you would do whatever it takes show up early, stay late, make the extra call, go out and do the things you’re uncomfortable. It is a rare breed of people that are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Jason Hartman 28:49
Hey grant, give out your different websites. I know you’ve even got a great iPhone app that I downloaded and you know, just any of your stuff so people can find you and you know, find out all about Yeah,

Grant Cardone 28:59
you could go Look if you google Grant Cardone My name Grant Cardone then you can find out everything about me there’s a great site right now with a free video download called tired of missing sales, tired of missing sales, calm for organizations, and salespeople. And there’s also a university called Cardone university.com. For anybody that wants help, branding, marketing, sales negotiating, if you want help getting more money, it’s called Cardone university.com we got 1100 videos on YouTube, go to YouTube, throw my name in there Twitter, I beat it up all day long. I mean, they’re about to ban me on Twitter. I think

Jason Hartman 29:34
you know, not hard to find that stuff. All right, awesome. Grant Cardone, thank you so much, much success to you and really inspiring stuff. Keep up the great work.

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