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Adrenaline Man with Andre Alexsen



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Gary Pinkerton hosts author, Andre Alexsen, to discuss his latest book USA Relentless. Andre Alexsen goes beyond his books and talks about his experiences training special different branches of the US military including Black Hawk Crews and Navy Seals. His weapon expertise also gave him a lot of work beyond training, he is an accomplished Stuntman Actor, Stunt Coordinator, Daredevil TV show host, Action director, wild animal handler trainer, skydiver, scuba diver, adrenaline junkie, weapons expert, auto racer, stunt driver, and much more. This interview is packed with his many adventures.

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Welcome to the heroic investing show. As first responders we risk our lives every day our financial security is under attack. Our pensions are in a state of emergency. A single on duty incident can alter or erase our earning potential instantly and forever. We are the heroes of society. We are self reliant and we need to take care of our own financial future. The heroic investing show is our toolkit of business and investing tactics on our mission to financial freedom. Welcome to the heroic investing show podcast for first responders, members, the military, veterans and anyone looking to improve their financial future and gain some freedom with their time. We teach America’s heroes how to build passive income, build their startup business and safely grow wealth through real estate and other alternative investments. We have current and Pryor first responders put protections systems and a team in place to help them build a life where they can focus on their passion, that service or product that they’re uniquely gifted to share with others, making the world a better place for all of us. My name is Gary Pinkerton and I co host this show with Jason Hartman. This is Episode 213 213. Today’s guest is Andre Alex and you will know him better by his title, adrenalin man. He recently wrote a book called USA relentless. And it’s about his real life journey growing up in Hollywood underneath the Hollywood sign, he says been very, very much influenced by his grandmother who grew up in Nazi Germany, everyone, all of her family members were killed. And you know very much influenced his political beliefs about the ill effects of socialism as well as you know, gun control and things he He has a you know, a great story in our interview here about why he became a stuntman. He worked ironically on the first show with Lee Majors, any of you who are old enough to remember Fall Guy which was you know, that’s why I said ironically because that’s a show about the stunt man and his you know, the unsung hero I think is in this in the storyline or in the in the song. You know, I loved that show. When I was a kid growing up, everyone wanted to be a fall stunt man. So funny that that adrenaline man’s first show is that and he’s in with many others that he talks about during this but then afterwards, after about with drugs, all of which is in his book. He joins and helps out the US military, our border patrol. LAPD goes undercover he does lots of work and continues to do lots of work, helping to train and increase the capabilities of our civilian and military law enforcement and he’s just a tremendous guy who’s a very religious individual nowadays and full of energy. Really a good article are really a good interview. I think you’re gonna enjoy this. Please join me in an awesome show here with Andre Alex in the adrenaline man. Well, hello, rock investors. Welcome back. And thank you so much for joining me today we have a really interesting and pretty awesome guest with us. His name is Andre, Alex and Andre has a had a career as a Hollywood stunt man, stunt coordinator, actor, and he has recently released a book that talks about that career that life and hitting bottom afterwards and how he came back from it, as he says, from the grace of God, and he’s also doing a lot of work with members of the military. And he’s going to cover that as well. First and foremost, Andre, big welcome from heroic investors.

Andre Alexsen 3:58
Well, thank you very much. I just want To say, first and foremost, God bless you, America, all of our military and our first responders. And I want to open up by thanking all of them for our freedoms and this opportunity to speak on many of their behalf as well.

Gary Pinkerton 4:16
I hope that’s amazing. I appreciate that as well. And I’m sure they do. So we talked offline a little bit, and you’re familiar with having listened to a little bit of the show, first responders, public servants, that are that are in their communities, as well as public servants who are in the military, and then the veterans and those of us who have finished that and are moving on to the next thing. And so we’re out there, a lot of us are, you know, experiencing challenges, like like you did and your business and running your own career ups and downs. Right, we see that while we’re actively so in. Can you take us back to how you ended up being a cool stunt man, I mean, every every little kid at some point wanted to be the one to be you. So tell us about how you ended up there.

Andre Alexsen 5:00
budget that sir. I started out as I was really bad at school I had a DD and dyslexia. So I would come home with really bad grades. And every time I looked at numbers and letters forwards and backward, it would give me a headache it would wear my mind out, and I would fail miserably at school. And that wasn’t good. So they couldn’t figure out what it was back in the day. dyslexia and a DD we know what it is now. But they used to just say, you know, you’re stupid or you’re slow, mentally. So but when I went out to the playground or the or the or the yard, I would pick but anything physical in the physical realm in physics, if you look at things forwards and backwards, like martial arts, or any stunts or anything that I could see physically, I would break it down physically in my head forwards and backwards and I would learn it twice as fast as anybody else. And that’s when I realized I had a gift, much like people that are blind can hear really well supernatural hearing. So I was enhanced with those skills. And then raised in the Hollywood Hills after my grandma came from a communist nation that it fell apart, socialism tore apart, a Nazi Germany. And then the Russians came for the Eastern Bloc countries and they suffered greatly. And they fought a war. My grandparents and my grandfather was military. And then it came to America with a dream. And she showed me all of the great Hollywood movies from john wayne to Oh, gosh, Clint Eastwood, you name it. And she said, that was the only thing that was movies, those old movies were the only thing she didn’t drink or do drugs that pacified her after all of the death and, and things that she had seen and of course, some great great Gary Cooper and military movies. Yeah, so actually, I wanted to please my grandma and I wanted to be that and then it was a time when we grew up without padded playground equipment which we were we were watching evil Knievel on Wide World of Sports jumping 30 cars and and he would rack and then he would jump again and so we would go outside and we would emulate that and set up ramps and jump trash cans 35th wood rack and and get back up in and just do it and then I got into started working on fall guy. I started hanging out with a guy named Judo Jean LaBelle, the man who puts Steven Seagal in a chokehold and made him crapping his pants and ended his career. Go in the Armenian assassin, Bob wall, Chuck Norris Benny, the Jenner kitas. These are the guys that I looked up to and grew up with and so I had that support group and I just I want To be that they wanted to be instance and, and I was not too good at school so it was the course to take.

Gary Pinkerton 8:06
So you started this right after. I mean while you were still teenagers sounds

Andre Alexsen 8:11
Well, yes, sir. I mean, we were we were skating empty swimming pools with Dogtown Tony Alva without helmets on when we were 15 years old. And we were crazy radical and then ride motocross and, and jumping jump logs when I was 15. And then of course when into when I got old enough. God immediately in distance. Yeah.

Gary Pinkerton 8:33
Alright, cool. And so those are some pretty amazing movies and shows from my I love fall guy. I love that show. And anyway, so don’t go too far down that path. It was awesome. So So you’ve been doing this many years and it was successful for a long time and then you had some challenges that come out in your book?

Andre Alexsen 8:55
Yes, sir. Being in Hollywood in the 80s and and we lost quite a few Guys, cocaine was real prevalent and if you didn’t carry two grams in your pocket on set, you weren’t anybody. And when the makeup artist in their late 80s said, may have powder your nose they weren’t kidding. So it wasn’t on before we were staying up all night and I even Knight Rider and Michael Knight, and shows like that they had to write more lines for the card kit. Because he was so coked out he couldn’t speak. I witnessed a lot of that we would just drink some tequila and do some more and then get into a car with a roll bar and foam core gas tank and we were punching go for it fueled by that as crazy stunt man. We didn’t have to say much. But it did take a life of a friend of mine named Ron del rondelle safety team when a helicopter crashed in Valencia on Airwolf. And Hollywood started to realize we got a problem lights are falling on people’s heads. So one from the glamorous Playboy Mansion snorting cocaine to somebody who said hey, you Our hearts aren’t blowing up fast enough. Let’s smoke it. And I did. And then get up from the Playboy Mansion to Compton Inglewood hotel rooms to San Pedro and seventh in downtown LA living at a cardboard box of smoke crack.

Gary Pinkerton 10:17
Oh my gosh, you were in that world, you were in the last part of it. They’re living in the cardboard boxes. Wow.

Andre Alexsen 10:23
So and I couldn’t believe how it fell in I knew that I would either end up in prison, dead, like my friends stabbed or suicide or crazy. And, and so I knew that something was going to happen. And that’s when I hit bottom and I said, Lord, I I am out of my own ideas and and tears. And you know, God bless everyone a day but bill didn’t have the answers for me. Only only God did. And only Jesus could deliver me from such a powerful demon of alcohol, suicide and drugs. And so I reached up and God pulled me out of that I’d had enough. Yeah.

Gary Pinkerton 11:03
So in the comeback times, I’m assuming there was a lot of detoxification in there for a while, during the recovery is that did you do formal detoxification or? or How did you, you know, you had your spiritual side that helped you but what what was what was the actual mechanical like, how long did it take? Do you feel like to get out of that?

Andre Alexsen 11:25
Well, it was amazing because God had a plan and it was the beds out here will understand this and they’ll relate to this. And by the way, um, yeah, well, what happened was, I did have the spiritual plan, stand in God’s word. I had to change my phone number all my contacts, stay away from people, but I got up to liver terminal liver cancer, and it was a death sentence for me because they told me that I was going to die. There’s no way around it. I became a test patient for a guy at a cedar Sinai Hospital. And since I couldn’t really work in Hollywood, they wouldn’t pay me And I started, in their opinion acting strange, because I believed in God wouldn’t get high anymore. I ended up in the Arizona desert as a god, a government contractor. I was hired by my brother and others they said once you come out to the desert in Arizona, and help out Border Patrol seal teams Marine Corps, Sikorsky, Blackhawk and Dylan arrow mini gun in my dad’s private military gun range. And I said, Okay, there’s no drugs out there. It’s a good thing. It’s a smart thing for me to do. And so I ended up out there, and I was working with our military some of the best from SEAL Team 236. I’m not going to mention too many other names Marine Corps, and like I said, Dylan arrow, blah, CoC helicopters, and then the Border Patrol would stage their raids. But what happened was the most amazing thing first of all, there was no drugs out there. Hollywood didn’t want me because I was sick and talk about God, but I got completely He’ll have all of that plus the cancer, which my wife just found out online. She looked at it. She’s a nurse. She says this is really strange. So what is it? She said there’s another way to treat cancer, but it’s not advisable. I said, What is it? She said 120 degree heat on a regular basis. Well, sir, I was out there about 120 degree heat with the Sikorsky Blackhawks landing and the military on the on the ranges and in the sand and in the desert, but I will tell you what I found a piece that I could believe.

Gary Pinkerton 13:35
Yeah, one incredible story. Holy cow. You also talked about how you had a lot of your family members were prior military before we came on. Yes, sir. Your father and uncles and everyone I think you said

Andre Alexsen 13:50
Oh, yeah, well, it started with my grandfather’s one of them who he was. He was too young for World War One and then you bide he went in that he was too old for World War Two he like went in again. And you know, that’s when men were men. And you know, it was his amazing star my dad too. And he’s just an amazing example. Air Force and and my brothers will PJ’s and an f 16 f 14 pilots. So I was surrounded by guys in the military and I always had a military mindset. And I regretted that at a younger time, when instead of going into stunts, my friend said, the movie had just come out with Richard Gere Officer and a Gentleman. He said, Let’s get jets man, let’s let’s go to flight school. I was terrible at math. So I knew that I would fail. And I didn’t think to do SEAL team I ended up being a stunt man. But God took me a long way around the mountain. And I did end up with with the people that are most honor and that I most look up to I’m I’m What is the adrenaline man? The real adrenaline man, the real heroes. The real men are first responders, they, there are men who don’t need capes, they don’t need a number on New Jersey, they’re, they’re incredible. I look up to them for what I do it for strength and, and it’s just when you surround yourself with good people and good company like that, and you look at what they do, you can’t help but be inspired.

Gary Pinkerton 15:26
So Oh, my gosh, and you comment? Thank you for that, by the way. really inspiring. You commented? Well, at least my notes here say that, you know, part of what’s in the book is a discussion about all of these special ops and and our first responders that you’ve worked with. One of the discussions is about LAPD and law enforcement. Was that while you were in the desert, or is that separate?

Andre Alexsen 15:52
No, sir. That was an amazing story. I’ve returned from there. And what’s this now God has a great sense of humor. He a friend of mine became started working with a detective agency. DGA His name is Dale, he owns DGA and a Gora detective agency and he was former LAPD for 40 years now they were going to do a sting operation because it girl had been missing. They thought it was a kidnapping and what these what these people we thought it was one man wanted was money for a woman, a young lady was missing. So my good looking friend at the time, she said, I’m going to work the sting operation is the money bag girl. I said it’s real dangerous. Were you going to do this? He said, sunset Western. Well, those are the same crack streets. I used to wander. I said, I know that street and you think you’re gonna do some Fourth of July night? I said it’s gonna be chaotic. So I said, Can I come in and the meeting so I came into the meeting, I told him where to stand how it should go down in the street and they look at me nice. Guys, we’re veterans. I mean, the LAPD and they knew what they were talking about. They were like, man, if so what I did was I use some of my acting skills and some of my street skills. And they had an earpiece in, we’re ready to go put a badge into my shirt. And I lay down under a bus bench after wiping my hands on the greasy concrete, not shaving and smeared it on my face, took an old beer can out of the out of the thing and a cigarette butt and I stumbled over there. They were talking to me, they’re looking at me from the police command, you really, you really look like you’re out. So when the sting went down, it was amazing, because that the guys that were the younger than me that they were going after the it turned out to be a Islamic terrorist ring. That was that came from Saudi Arabia. What they were doing was they were putting casting calls out and getting young girls on the street and told them they were going to be models and they were abducting him and getting them to prepare But they would stop to refuel in Saudi Arabia, take them off the plane sex trafficking ring. And when all hell broke loose and my friend went to go give the money bag, and the chase ensued, I found myself running down the street, as a couple of the officers were in the SUVs and one fell into the street. So I needed a block and off the cars. So you didn’t get run over, but I had to keep running. So I kept running after the suspects. And they ran into this building with barbed wire razor ribbon fencing. And I knew from those buildings where I bought crack to run around to the back and there was another fence that I left over, and then open the gate for all the law enforcement ended up busting them and for other suspects, and it was a huge sex trafficking ring. So if that was that was one time in another time where they put me in the jail where I’ve gotten in trouble. And they wanted to know who murdered their daughter in Santa Ana, and I said, I know Meet they they talk. They talk a lot of smack after they kill somebody and they like to brag. And I said, Do you want it and I said, I’ll take it. And it endanger my life. I was in trouble looking at 16 months, but I helped the sheriff’s and found out who the murderer was in Santa Ana what gang he came from, and they ended up busting him. Well, they put out a green light for me. They wanted to kill me murder me the police had the place bugged. And I had done so much for God at that time and so many people and for the law enforcement that they ended up releasing me after four months, because they found out that I was going to get murdered that night. So the guys that I used to look down on when I used to get in trouble and and call bad names. I ended up being my sheriffs and my buddies that would that I would step in front of a bullet for today. Any office or any law enforcement or military. I would do that for they save My life time so yeah, it’s just there’s more stories but well, that’s that’s all in the book. Oh, by the way, I do want to say that those four guys that that sex trafficking ring that were abducting girls, the Saudi Arabian government said don’t put them in jail we said we were upset. They said no, no, just fly them Saudi Arabia and you stay on the plane to watch. And so that that’s what happened as soon as they got off the plane on the tarmac. They put on their knees and beheaded. Wow. So do you want to talk about jet? Yeah, that was that was a

Gary Pinkerton 20:34
Well, yeah, that’s an efficient judgment and judicial system. Yep.

Andre Alexsen 20:40
Wow. Wow. So So most of these stories are in your book.

Gary Pinkerton 20:44
Yes, sir. That that you’ll find them USA relentless. And it’s in my book. And there’s there’s many more of working in jumping at the drop zone, with our military and with other militaries, because I’m a sport jumpers. So I have One more jump. So most military guys and we’re a lot freer to do what we need to do in the air. with lighter parachutes and smaller gear and being a stunt man, I just go out of the plane doing a couple flips. So when the guys the Marines and the newer guys had big packs and had to do hoppin pops at 5000 feet, then they only have baby 10 jumps and their eyes are wide open. And they know they got to do a low altitude jump, which is really dangerous. I just kind of be on the plane bump fist with them and just look at him and and just tell them breathe, exhale and I go just go out the door calm as can be in and so jump with the Canadian sky hawks and with seal teams and Marine Corps. So God used me again later and add it to nine palms, doing aggressed to roleplayer using my stump and acting skills with lots of explosives to play terrorist roles, to shoot at our military who are on the other side of a wall with live fire and explore Rosen’s going on, and that came from my stunt career in the powder. So it all comes in.

Andre Alexsen 22:06
That’s fascinating. So USA relentless focus USA relentless is the name of his book. It’s out now

Gary Pinkerton 22:15
getting ready to go in. If you if you go on www. USA relentless.com is 20% off for all Americans and patriots, you can get on Amazon but go on USA relentless.com and you get the full synopsis in the story and the picture features are all there. I’m one of these guys that is not offended and I’m offended that people that are offended by the flag. How about that and I want to house I want to take some of this money and I want to help wounded warriors. I want to help our veterans and I want to do this by by USA relentless and then filming a TV show called adrenaline man. For God family and country good entertainment over the top, a live action stunts, no brainer. screen or wire work. And that’s for my old stump and friends that used to do the stunts for real back in the day, the real fault. So it’s, it’s the, it’s what I want to do. That’s my dream. And that’s my goal. That’s my objective and my mission.

Andre Alexsen 23:15
And so awesome. You’re an inspiring man. I really appreciate your time with her own investors here today. Thank you so

Gary Pinkerton 23:21
much. I mentioned one more thing, please do.

Andre Alexsen 23:24
There’s a place called LPG Emergency Operations Proving Grounds. And it’s officer banning swetland of the United States Marine Corps and 16 years of law enforcement out of Dallas in Houston. And he created Emergency Operations Proving Grounds. So it’ll be seal teams, Texas Rangers, SWAT, Border Patrol, EMTs firemen, all training together for emergencies. The situation civil unrest. That way we can watch the fireman’s back we have burned buildings that seal teams will be doing room claimants’ teaching law enforcement how to do that. And also burn buildings where we will be going into protect our firemen and training high speed pursuit tracks, and courses a sniper ranges. So we’re all going to be on the same page at a Texas working together hiring vets as well. And doing all of that for God family and country. And in God’s just put this on my heart because I’ve had this there’s somebody out there if not a couple or a few who are contemplating suicide and, and what to do with their lives. And I just got to tell you to reach out to somebody and to share that make that phone call, do that. And God will get you out of your PTSD and he can help you please help me and and i know it. So if you’re sitting there alone and you think you’re alone, I’m telling you, you’re not alone. We’re with you. We love all of you and your family to us, law enforcement and our military. You are our family and God bless you all and thank you

Gary Pinkerton 25:00
That’s tremendous. How can I find out more about yo PJEO

Andre Alexsen 25:03
pG can actually up Emergency Operations proving ground. And by the way, we’re having a huge we’re having a huge dedication to law enforcement and follow military on October 5, at the OPG Emergency Operations proving ground, and you can go and look it up EP g.org and look up banding swetland but it’s e OPG. And you’ll be able to see the event coming up on October 5, where we’ll we’ll be awarding metals and and having a big celebration and launching e o p g, and that will be on October 5 2019. Coming up here now, and I can’t say enough about what a big center this is going to be and all law enforcement from different now. cities will be invited down here to train while also training teachers in NRA. I had guns to defend our kids in school and to concealed carry. And it’s something that we have to do. I just came back from a country that lost all of their guns and all of their gun rights, and they lost all of their freedoms, and it’s called New Zealand. And they just did the gun grabs. So it’s a lesson for America. First, they took God out. Then the police and their military were disrespected. And then they went and put in a socialist government. Then they went and got the gun, grab, and they’re in a world of hurt, but it’s not too late. Too late for us. It’s not too late for America. And we’ve got a we’ve got another chance we all have to unite united we stand divided we fall, but we’re going to stand united and we have to stand behind our law enforcement and our military and all of our our EMTs. It’s urgent, it’s important. It’s primary. It’s It’s the number one thing thing to do or we won’t have a country,

Gary Pinkerton 27:02
man, I thought that was very well said and thank you again. I forgot to say it about or I didn’t get to it yet about PTSD and suicide, certainly very, very important messages very heartwarming and inspiring. Thank you very much, Mr. Allen. Man, we look forward to reading that book.

Andre Alexsen 27:18
Well, God bless you, sir. Thank you for your time. God bless you all out there in America. And stay safe. Stay rich. Thank you.

Gary Pinkerton 27:30
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