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Pitbull of Personal Development by Larry Winget



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On this Flash Back Friday show Jason brings on guest Larry Winget as they talk about taking control of your life. They look at everyday examples of what this means. This discussion centers around the people and the circumstances holding you back from taking care of business and your family. They go into telling the truth as a service to others and the end to experience failure to learn and grow.

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Welcome to this week’s edition of flashback Friday, which also happens to be a 10th episode. Those of you who subscribe regularly to the podcast know that every 10th episode, Jason goes off topic and brings you something outside of the real estate space that actually affects the real estate space in the long run. Of course, flashback Friday is your opportunity to get some good review by listening to episodes from the past that Jason is handpicked to help you today in the present, and propel you into the future. Enjoy.

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Welcome to the creating wealth show with Jason Hartman. You’re about to learn a new slant on investing some exciting techniques and fresh new approaches to the world’s most historically proven asset class that will enable you to create more wealth and freedom than you ever thought possible. Jason is a genuine self made multi millionaire who’s actually been there and done it. He’s a successful investor, lender, developer and entrepreneur. His own properties in 11 states had hundreds of tenants and been involved in thousands of real estate transactions. This program will help you follow in Jason’s footsteps on the road to your financial independence day. You really can do it. And now here’s your host, Jason Hartman with the complete solution for real estate investors.

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Welcome to the creating wealth show. Thank you so much for joining me today. This is your host Jason Hartman and we are in Episode Number 560 560. You know what that means? It is a 10th episode attempt show. And today, I want you all to prepare. I want you to prepare to be offended. No, not really well, maybe I don’t know. Yeah, you know, the guy we have today is a bit controversial. Our guests will be Larry Winget. He’s known as the Pitbull of personal development. He’s the author of grow a pair how to stop being a victim. Come and take back your life. I think you’ll enjoy his interview. He’s, he’s entertaining, and he does have some good advice for living. You know, some you may not like some I think you’ll like. So we’ll dive into that in just a moment. But first, I wanted to say last call for San Diego for Jason Hartman University live, of course, not a real University, because you won’t come out of this one with massive student loan debt. This is cheap. It costs very, very little. It’s in San Diego, and we’ve just got a great event lined up. I’m going to do another site visit on the hotel tomorrow, by the time you’re hearing this, and we’re getting all geared up for that, getting our workbooks printed. We’ve got some just great new content. I mean, the content for this course has been super exciting to work on. Doug has been working on it with me and we’ve just been collaborating on it. We’re going to be doing some gamification. We’re gonna actually gamify this brand new event, and you know, do a little contest and the contest is going to be based around building a real estate portfolio. So I think you’re just going to totally enjoy this. I know a whole bunch of you have signed up already. And we’re looking forward to seeing you on Saturday morning at 9:30am. You know, you can come at 915 or nine, but don’t come before nine, please. I don’t know why you guys feel like you need to get to my event so early. I have a lot of early bird plants. Maybe that’s just because they’re following the old adage, Early to bed early to rise, makes a person Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, but no need to come before 915 or definitely not before nine. Oh, we’re planning to start at 930. And same time on Sunday today event. It’s going to be awesome, super excited. And by the way, many of you have been expressing interest in the venture alliance that continues to build and grow and I’m super excited about that. Our Newport Rhode Island trip is coming up, our side trip to Martha’s Vineyard is getting planned out. And that’s just an optional, you know, one day side trip. So that’s going to be a fantastic weekend of camaraderie, real estate, entrepreneurship, and people from across the country. It’s just going to be super exciting. Of course, we’re going to tour the mansions of Newport, Rhode Island, and oh my gosh, this restaurant that we are doing dinner Well, you know, we always do really over the top stuff for venture Alliance. This restaurant where we are having dinner on Friday night to kick off that weekend is phenomenal. And it’s just I mean, wait, do you see the pictures? We will post the pictures on the website or on our Facebook group after the event but wow, that it’s like a it’s stunning. I mean, I cannot believe the photos of this place. So it’s going to be a great weekend. Go to Jason Hartman, calm the events section and check out the San Diego That last call for that by the time you’re hearing this is probably only a day or two away. And then Newport, Rhode Island for venture Alliance as well. And Gosh, we’ve already got some of next week’s episodes recorded for you. But can you believe what is happening with the stock market? I mean, is this is this the beginning of the meltdown? Everybody’s been predicting, you know, it’s so nice not to have money in that casino. I mean, everybody is freaking out about it. Starbucks even put out an edict to their baristas and employees, saying, Be nice to wary investors. It’s unbelievable. And most people are walking around and they are just freaking out right now. But we’re all smarter because we invest in the most historically proven asset class in the world income property. It’s just so nice not to be attached to that wall street organized crime ring and You know, so anyway,

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let’s dive in. Let’s get to our guest, Larry wing it, Jason hartman.com to check out the events, also some fantastic properties for you there as well. I will just remind you in San Diego By the way, one more thing, you know, I always do this to you, before I get to the guest, you know, it’s kind of a tease, right. That’s what I’m doing. Our speakers, our guest speakers are we’re having an investment property lender. We’re having our land contract expert where you can buy the paper, not just the properties, and he is flying out. We’re having our major Chicago supplier fly out, and our newest local market specialist who you’re going to hear on the podcast soon also, he is going to talk about Jacksonville, Florida, our newest market that we’ve brought on. So some really exciting stuff. They’ll all be there this weekend at j ah you live so we’ll look forward to Hopefully seeing you there and also seeing you at the end of September in Newport, Rhode Island. Let’s jump to our guest Larry Winget on this 10th show. Remember, we’re not talking about real estate with our guests today. We’re talking about general life interest. And I think you’ll really enjoy Larry Winget. I’m sure you’ve heard of him. But here he is. It’s my pleasure to welcome Larry Winget to the show. You’ve probably heard his name. He’s known as the Pitbull of personal development. He is a six time New York Times and Wall Street Journal best selling author. His latest book is entitled grow up hair, how to stop being a victim and take back your life. your business and your sanity. Larry, welcome How you doing?

Larry Winget 7:46
I’m always good. As I said earlier, it’s good to be Larry when good, I love it.

Jason Hartman 7:51
It’s awesome. Well, he you know, one of the things that we talked about a little bit before that I definitely want to dive into is this concept of polarization And kind of how your whole angle on things is, you know, you definitely have a very strong belief system. And I just I love that, you know, we’ve got a whole generation of people it seems like a couple generations maybe walking around complaining about you know why the government won’t do something more for me and you know, feeling entitled to this and that, and that old belief system that that just doesn’t serve them does it?

Larry Winget 8:26
The reason I wrote girl pears because I believe the biggest enemy we have right now society is the whole idea of entitlement. In terms of my opinions, I do have a core belief system that I will never compromise and that’s part of what grow up where the book is really about. It’s about having a set of beliefs that you won’t compromise no matter what you couldn’t hold a gun to my head and talk me out of any of the things I believe. If I ask the typical guy on the street, tell me five things you believe in that you will never compromise no matter what. They couldn’t come up with one most of the time. I have things that absolutely matter so much to me and my willingness to speak up and for those things and about those things. to a lot of people makes me sound pigheaded and opinionated, opinionated I am those things yet I am proud of those things. I believe absolutely that people need stronger opinions. They need to stop straddling the fence they need to pick a side. Find something you believe in, stand up for it. never compromise ever no matter what, and believe in so much that people look at you and say, I can count on that person to always have a position based on those core values.

Jason Hartman 9:45
Remember, you’re listening to flashback Friday. Our new episodes are published every Monday and Wednesday. Definitely if we look throughout history, Larry history records People like you and like what you’re recommending, I mean, it doesn’t record these wimpy wishy washy people, they record leaders, people who are willing to take a risk, put an opinion out there, you know, some will reject it and some will

Larry Winget 10:14
love it. You know, it’s really about being on the edge. And it doesn’t matter what side of the the middle you’re on, as long as you’re on the edge. You know, we remember people in history, who and we don’t remember anybody from the middle, there was nobody in the middle that you can come up with a name. There’s not if they’re not in the history books, but we can look at I mean, from Jesus to Hitler, it doesn’t matter. It’s those people on the edge that took us a very strong stand, and we’re very vocal about both sides. When you look at music, you got Elvis, you got the Beatles. It’s the people who are the edges that make the waves that are most remembered whether they remember the good things or bad things. They’re still the people who are remember, that’s definitely

Jason Hartman 10:55
true. So one of the early chapters in the book is, you know, do you Half a pair. And and how does how does someone know? I mean, yeah, most people don’t I agree. But how does someone knows it just because they have an opinion? I mean, you know, they’re, By the same token, I mean, there’s lots of idiots out there with just silly opinions. I have, for example, entitlement as an opinion, I’m entitled to free stuff without work. That’s an opinion,

Larry Winget 11:21
it’s really easy to know whether you have a pair or not. This is the one that bothers people the most, it seems, especially if you’re old enough to have kids, do your kids talk back to you. You don’t have a pair when I won’t throw them all and I see little kids, little kids even talking back to their Mamas and daddies a mom and daddy take it. That means that’s a parent who’s never had enough of a pair to say you don’t get to talk to me that way. Let’s learn some respect right now. Listen, if your co workers talk back to you, if you take verbal abuse from anybody, you don’t have a pair. It’s very, very simple. If you don’t pay your bills, you don’t have a pet. pair, because in your bills, you’re in control of your life, your family, your finances, I don’t care if you don’t have enough money. But still, you should have a commitment to your commitments. People who pay their bills have enough of a pair to understand that being in control of every area of their life is important. It’s easy to find out whether you have a pair or not just look at your situation, your circumstances. You got people cut in front of you in line, you don’t have a pair Do you eat cold food in the restaurant? Why? You’re not you don’t have balls enough to speak up and say I’m not taking this. I’m paying for this. And so I want the best of what you have to offer instead of the fact you let it sit back there until it got cold. You speak up when you get bad service. Do you ask for a manager? You know, it’s easy to find out whether people have a strong belief system. here’s here’s what I think. I think if you put up with something, you’re condoning it and and people always say, Oh, I don’t think that’s that extreme. We get what we tolerate. Yeah, we absolutely do. Do you Don’t rudeness No, well then why do you put up with rudeness? Do you condone bad customer service? Then why do you put up with? It’s very simple?

Jason Hartman 13:09
No, no, absolutely. I agree with you, interestingly to Larry is by tolerating something, you’re actually not serving the person who is the perpetrator of the bad thing, are you?

Larry Winget 13:22
Well, you know, do a restaurant, a service by not speaking up when your food’s mediocre when they come by and say, so how was it 99.99% of people go into spy It was good when the truth? Yes, it wasn’t. If you want to really do that restaurant, a service, you’ll say, you know, this was really good. It was excellent. However, this over here, it could have been this, this and this, and then they can learn. If you don’t speak up, you’re not helping them stay in business. And here’s my problem. If the guy in front of me doesn’t speak up for bad service, then he’s done me a disservice.

Jason Hartman 13:58
Right? Because you’re gonna get the same question. Happy service. That’s exactly

Larry Winget 14:01
right. So I’m out to help everybody. I want the company to succeed. So I’ll help them be a little better. And some people thinks that’s just criticizing. No, it’s actually not just criticizing. It really is the one that I care enough about my money to make sure that I get the best to, I want people to do well. And the best way to help people do well is to give them the feedback they need in order to do better next time. I read a great quote the other day by Norman Vincent Peale, said most of us would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism. Hmm. Yeah, that’s, that’s good. That’s good. Ruin by praise rare. That’s, that’s kind of like being spoiled. You know, it’s like spoiling your kids, for example, or, you know, spoiling your dog and kind of ruining them. entire generation right now, Jason has been

Jason Hartman 14:49
well, I know, I know it very well talk about it all the time. So Larry, where where is the distinction, though, and you did allude to it but I’d like you to you know, that on the flip side of This, okay, there are those people out there who are just craving attention. And they want to draw attention to themselves by being complainers and being rude. And being pushy, you know, that’s not right. I mean, you’re not condoning that kind of idea. In fact, you’re saying don’t tolerate that. But you know, the like that restaurant example, we all know that person who’s kind of like this ridiculously high maintenance person, usually just an attention seeker. Where’s the balance in that?

Larry Winget 15:30
Well, that’s a person that’s in love with their drama, and they will create drama wherever they go. I don’t play into other people’s drama. What you have to do is say is my opinion grounded in some sort of basis? You know, you want to find out those idiots where they are and where they show up the most look at social media. I mean, that’s what I call Facebook balls, where people are willing to say anything in the world to you on social media, and nice Yeah, most of those people don’t have a picture associated with their profile. And yet the real tough and they’re real strong. You know, you want to find out where the idiots live, you can find out a minute by just going on social media. So I don’t play into any of that I have a basis, I just ask people tell me why you believe what you believe. And if you’re just saying what you say, just to be arrogant, or contrarian, or I’m noxious or rude, or to make the drama about you, then your opinion doesn’t have much credibility with me. If you’re saying what you’re saying, because that’s what you believe. And there’s a reason you believe it. And the reason you’re saying it is so someone along the way, will be helped. Listen, every day when I get up, I say what I do, to provoke, I give speeches to provoke. I write books to provoke. I go on social media every day to provoke people, because I know if I provoke people, just by Having a strong opinion that that will make them think and anytime you think you’re better off you have helped the world if you can make another person think even if it if they want to disagree with me so adamantly that it just makes them feel stronger about what they believe that’s been a good thing.

Jason Hartman 17:19
Yeah, I think that I think is very good point. So, you know, when someone grows a pair, so to speak, you know, and I want to talk about business because it just never ceases to amaze me how many? How many cheaters and scallywags and scoundrels there are in business. You know, it reminds me of the the great old Winston Churchill quote that you’ve probably heard and use, you know, it goes, You have enemies. Good. That means you have stood up for something sometime in your life. You know, I mean, there I remember hearing Denis waitley years ago saying, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Yeah,

Larry Winget 17:56
that one original with Dennis. He stole it from someone else.

Jason Hartman 18:00
Well, that’s a you know, that’s how it works.

Larry Winget 18:02
That’s the opening quote to grow a pair. But you’ve got to be willing to have enemies. I talked to a lot of people who are speakers and want to be speakers and authors because you know, the level that I’ve reached, I was doing a social event. I was at a buddy’s wedding A few years ago, and I had a speaker come up to me and tapped me on the shoulder and interrupt the group of people. I was talking to more speakers who had operated my level. And she said, I’m going to be bigger than you, Larry. I’m going to write more books, I’m going to sell more books will make more money, I’m going to give more speeches, I’m going to be more famous than you are. And I thought, well, first of all, what an obnoxious thing to say to me. But I turned and looked at her and I after she had pushed it a couple of times, I looked at her and said, it’s never gonna happen for you. And she said, why not? Everybody loves me. And I said, and that’s why it’s never gonna happen for you. Your goal every single day is to make everybody love you and you cannot create Eight rabid fans unless you are willing to have rabid enemies. The people who wake up every day and say I’m only going to say things that people will on social media like, or I’m only going to go on stage and have everybody in the audience love me, well, then that’s not taking a stand. Because if you really take a stand, there’s going to be somebody who’s going to hate you for it. Jesus took a stand for loving one another and they killed him for any strong stand you take will make a certain group of people unhappy. I’m comfortable with that. Look at the studies that are done about howard stern. I saw one that said something like a third of the people who listen to Howard Stern, the fans only listen one third of the way through his program, people who hate howard stern will stay tuned for the whole thing.

Jason Hartman 19:55
Yeah, that’s interesting. I know that and same with rush limbaugh, you know that the haters You get a lot of your ratings from the haters. Absolutely.

Larry Winget 20:04
They’re the people who again, and I have people who hate me who buy my stuff. I can count on them every single time I release a book. I know who they are. They review my books every single time. They say, Well, I read this when Larry and you’re stupid as you ever work, and they go on and on and on. But the point is, they bought the book.

Jason Hartman 20:23
Right? Yeah, that’s the point. Well, but why do you think that is like what is behind that dynamic of how people that hate howard stern or rush limbaugh, you know, or Larry Winget that they’re following? They’re following them. I mean, is it just because they want to feel something is that is the world has it become so easy to survive nowadays? That you know, people are looking for the adrenaline rush of getting angry on purpose, you know, maybe or finding a reason to be offended?

Larry Winget 20:50
Well, I like the feel. And we have become numbed in so many ways. And that way, I believe you’re right. Here’s what I believe. I just am absolutely convinced most people don’t pay much attention to you. And most people won’t believe what you have to say or even listen to what you have to say. However, they will always pay attention and listen to see if you believe what you have to say. We are surrounded by politicians, business people, we see him on television, listen to him on the radio, who were not convinced that they believe their position. I believe what attracts people to me even the start even the limbaugh, you can go Rachel Maddow, and Bill O’Reilly Glenn Beck, any of the real polarizing personalities in this world. They absolutely have a following because they have people who want to hear anyone say something they believe in whether they disagree with it or not. They want to hear somebody say something they believe Yeah, right.

Jason Hartman 21:59
Right. They’re just people are just attracted to that. They’re attracted to that leadership, if you will, right.

Larry Winget 22:05
Yeah. They wouldn’t like to call it leadership, but it’s somebody who’s authentic enough. who’s willing to go out on a limb be opinionated enough that they don’t care whether you like it or not. I don’t care whether people like what I have to say you’re not I really don’t care. I can’t pay my bills with other people’s opinions of me.

Jason Hartman 22:23
How do you grow up here in business?

Larry Winget 22:26
I tell you what, when you stop tolerating goes back to what we said when you stop tolerating lousy employees. When you realize that 20% of the people who work for you are thieves. They steal your time they steal from your customers by not giving them their very best they steal from the co workers by doing a half assed job so their co workers can’t count on them. Those thieves in your business you need to fire that’s one way to grow a pair. You need to be smart enough and strong enough and and willing enough to say I often Like stupid employees on the outside, but I’m not going to let them destroy my own credibility as the leader in the manager within my company. I’m not willing to let that happen. I’m not willing to let them poison their co workers with their bad attitude. That’s the first way you grow up there.

Jason Hartman 23:15
How about in you talked about politics and you know, this whole, this whole go along to get along mentality? just it’s just so pervasive in life. But in certainly in Washington, it’s pervasive and, and, you know, you’ll always see people on the opposite side, oh, you know, john bainer, he won’t cooperate. You know, like, in sometimes I think, you know, why do we want the government to get anything done in the first place? Because everything they do seems to just restrict our freedoms or tax us more, you know, it sort of seems like the uncooperative people in Washington might be the best people of all they might be saving our liberties what little we have left?

Larry Winget 23:55
The people who gripe and complain about the government. Yes, Sophie vote. And the things that we expect from our government we don’t expect from ourselves. You know, it’s easy for us to sit back and say, How dare the government have that level of debt. And yet we have 40% of Americans who spend more money than they earn. And then you’re mad at the government for doing just what you do. Your government is a reflection of who you are. If we have a lousy government, it’s because we allow that to happen if we have politicians who steal, and cheat us the taxpayers. When you realize the number of people something like 27% of all people who file IRS claims that IRS tax returns and cheated on those tax returns. The government’s no better, no worse than we are as humanity. The problem is, and it’s something I’ve talked about and grow up here, you got to fix yourself first. Go to the mirror and say I got to get my own house in order. That’s the best way in the world. Anybody can grow a pair, get your house in order. start spending less money than you make. start raising your kids like you may Like you really want them to be responsible adults, when they grow up, give them the skills necessary in order to do that, start paying your own bills on time be the kind of person who demands the best from yourself and others. It’s really pretty simple.

Jason Hartman 25:14
Yeah, right. It definitely is. So a lot of the things you talked about the Larry, I mean, I think someone can see this as a public figure how there be a benefit of growing a pair of having, you know, having an opinion about things, because that would potentially and I think most of the time, at least, if the opinion somewhat sound, increase one’s following and interest. You talked a lot about a lot of the disadvantages of growing a pair. I mean, why would someone want to do it? Isn’t it easier to just go along and get along and, you know, have a lot of friends and have life be easy and, you know, stay out of court and stay out of disputes? And

Larry Winget 25:54
I tell you what, it is easier, always to be in the middle. And I laugh all the time and say It must be really easy to just be stupid and mediocre, not much is required of you. It’s stupid and willing to just get along and bump along in the middle. Really, you don’t have to be very good when you’re good. People want a lot from you. They expect a lot from you. When you’re really lousy, you’re always hoping somebody can’t doesn’t catch you at being lousy, so you lose your job. But when you’re in the middle Boy, that’s a safe place. It’s no fun. No, it’s kind of like riding a merry go round. You just go around in circles all the time. The real fun in life comes from the roller coasters with the big ups and the big down so I’d rather be a roller coaster guy than a merry go round guy. I will say that you’re right there. There are consequences of growing a pair. People will say you’re mean I had somebody I was walking at a party. I was walking past someone and someone says there’s Larry when good he’s really mean I heard them over say that and I turned around So what makes you think I mean, I’m really one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. It’s just I’m intolerant of stupidity, like what you just did right now calling me mean when you don’t know who I am. Yeah,

Jason Hartman 27:13
that’s good. I mean,

Larry Winget 27:15
listen, you you know what

Jason Hartman 27:16
you did just there, Larry, you by calling that person out. You saved them from judging you save someone else from being judged. In that same way, just like you talked about earlier, you gave the example of the restaurant, etc. So you know, you are doing a service, you know, to the the next person in line. It’s definitely true.

Larry Winget 27:37
Well, we’ve reached the place in society where we better and I believe one of the biggest enemies right now that maybe the most castrating effect on society right now is political correctness, that we can’t speak honestly and openly with good communication skills. We have to couch everything and something that in some way that won’t offend someone past Simply hurt their fragile little feelings. So, being honest, open, that’s going to get you called names. People will call you mean people will say horrible things about you. You better be prepared when you grow a pair to take it. However, it’s going to come back to just what we started with core values when your core values are so strong that you won’t compromise them, you won’t catch them in pretty words. You’ll just stand up for them, believe them and live them. You’ll have a lot more true friends, you’ll be admired more, you’ll be respected more. I didn’t come into this world that we live. It is my goal to be respected. I don’t care whether you agree with me or not. I want you to respect the fact that I believe what I have to say that honesty that level of integrity that on authenticity is what I believe makes us admirable people.

Jason Hartman 28:54
Just a reminder, you’re listening to flashback Friday. Our new episodes are published every Monday and every Wednesday.

Jason Hartman 29:05
I get what you’re saying. I mean, I totally hear what you’re saying. But you know, the reason I ask if that ever bugs you is because I’m sure it bugs people listening. Okay? And you know how how does one deal with that

Larry Winget 29:16
I do let it get under my skin from time to time. Sometimes they can push so hard, and just be so blatantly stupid and unwilling to listen. I’m very active on social media. I have one of the most interactive fan pages on Facebook that you’ll ever find. I actually talk to people, and I will do my best to make sure that what I’ve said or stood up for to provoke that day is understood. And I don’t care whether you agree with me or not. I will respect all opinions as long as people are respectful, that when people start being disrespectful, that astounds me. People will say things that they wouldn’t think of saying to myself, face so when that happens that bugs me. I asked to be respected I can think you’re an idiot, but I will respect you I respect you enough to call unity.

Jason Hartman 30:10
Interesting point there by the way, it isn’t interesting.

Larry Winget 30:14
But I, I will attack and I’m good at attacking but I attacked behavior and not an individual. And that’s what bothers me when people start saying horrible things about me I have people who have written a book reviews on Amazon and called my kids names and my wife names and you know, that’s not fair. That’s not right. That stuff bothers me. You can say what you wanted about me, but you better say it with respect.

Jason Hartman 30:42
Yeah, yeah, good point. Good point. Larry. give out your website. tell people where they can find out more about you.

Larry Winget 30:47
A lot of that is fine. Look up Larry Winget wi n GTA Larry Winget comm you can go on youtube I do a weekly series called last Larry anything I’ve got a an online television A series called grow up hair TV. You can look that up, just go to my website on everywhere. Good stuff.

Jason Hartman 31:07
And Larry just in closing here, you know, maybe any just general closing thought you want to share or maybe sure one of those questions that you got in your answer to it on your ask Larry, anything. I bet you get some doozies.

Larry Winget 31:21
I do get a bunch of doozies. Here’s what’s interesting about the questions people always want to know how they can change someone else. My mother does this and I would love for her to do that. My sister spends too much money I’d love my husband. It’s always about someone else’s. The the one of the most beneficial things that I ever came up with for people to understand, in my opinion, at least, is that people change when they want to not when you want them to stop trying to change other people. They’re not going to until it becomes important enough for them to change all on their own to them. The other thing is, is Stop worrying so much about the results of others. People’s results are the consequences of their thoughts, their beliefs, their words and their actions. The most helpful thing any human being can do is just point out that whatever someone is experiencing, that’s their fault. Those what they are experiencing are the results of their actions, thoughts, words and beliefs, if you can show them that, so they can then take responsibility. What I do is hold up a mirror to people so they can track their results back to the perpetrator, and it’s always yourself. Always,

Jason Hartman 32:38
you know, Larry, that is such a good point that you bring up and I just want to share one more thought Have you comment on it before we go, and that is that I remember years ago when I was taking when I was taking sailing lessons, and I lived in Newport Beach at the time we would go out on the water we’d go out at night when it’s dark on the ocean and it is choppy and it’s it’s kind of weird out there. You know, if you’re If you’ve done it, and we would do Man Overboard drills, and you know we’d throw a lifejacket in the water, and the key was you can’t lose sight of that lifejacket. And the first thing the instructor told us is do not jump in after them because they will drown you panicky people in water drown you, okay? You got to fish them out, you can’t jump in. And it’s the same thing with people’s problems, right? Like, you know, everybody wants to jump in the pool with them and, and, you know, fix their problems and, you know, help them out of their struggle, but it’s kind of good for people to have some struggle in their life, isn’t it?

Larry Winget 33:34
Well, the worst thing we did, and we see this a lot in parenting, I wrote a New York Times best selling parenting book, The worst thing we can do is allow our kids to never experience failure to never let them get hurt, fall down, scrape their knees on and on and on. We do them a disservice when we over protect. And we do our friends a disservice when we go to them and say, Oh, poor baby. It’s a cold, cruel world out there. I’m so sorry. A true friend will say, Listen, you deserve better than this. Stop being idiots shake it off and get back to work. So the approach is if you really want to help people, let them feel the pain of their consequences, saving someone that pain cheats them of the lesson. never cheat someone of the lessons. I’ve learned more from my mistakes than I ever did. From my successes. every successful person will tell you that. And if somebody had robbed me of that fail your pain, I wouldn’t have learned how to become successful because when you hurt from your consequences, when you feel the pain of your consequences, that’s when you go. I don’t think I’ll repeat that behavior.

Jason Hartman 34:42
That is an awesome point, Larry. And folks, you heard it there. Larry Winget, the Pitbull of personal development. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Larry Winget 34:51
I had a good time. Thanks for having me on.

Larry Winget 34:55
I’ve never really thought of Jason as subversive, but I just found out That’s what Wall Street considers him to be. Really now How

Larry Winget 35:03
is that possible at all?

Larry Winget 35:05
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Larry Winget 35:16
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Larry Winget 35:27
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Larry Winget 35:38
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Larry Winget 35:48
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