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HI 244: Client Case Study, Self-Management Tips, Passive Income or Not?



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Jason Hartman, Co-Host Gary Pinkerton, and Sue talk about mortgage sequencing. What are the challenges early on, and how to take on multiple markets? Gary and Sue share some sharp self-management tips that they learned in their first five years as property investors. As well, they discuss benefits over the challenges of Section-8 housing as an investment. Jason explains, what is the fragmented nature of single-family real estate investing. Heed the lessons; there is no such thing as a passive investment. 

Make sure you are on the right path and remain focused. 

Key Takeaways:

[5:00] Self-management tips. How can you make it easy, although it’s not passive?

[8:00] Transparency allows for a clear vision of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Why would one be excited about property investment and self-management, when one could just put all of their ‘eggs’ in the stock market?

[9:30] Property investing is a fragmented industry, but one can take advantage of it. 

[13:00] There’s no such thing as a passive investment—even the bank.

[18:00] Be persistent and work your way through it.