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HI 195: Fearless Success: Beyond High Performance by John Foley

Episode: 195

Guest: John Foley

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Gary Pinkerton talks with John Foley, retired Navy pilot with the Blue Angels and author of Fearless Success: Beyond High Performance, about his time in the service and why our mindset is absolutely crucial to our life. The way you view the world affects your entire being, from your attitude to your perspective on life.

Key Takeaways:

[3:37] John had the opportunity to fly in the movie Top Gun

[6:43] John’s experience flying planes in Moscow

[10:54] You need a mindset of “glad to be here”

[15:11] It’s all about changing your limiting beliefs into liberating beliefs

[18:48] 2 people can see things completely different just because of their past experiences

[21:49] The question you have to decide is whether the world is coming at you or from you