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HI 181: Create Freedom & Legacy in Your Life with Dr Forrest Bryant

Dr Forrest Bryant, High Speed Alliance

Episode: 181

Guest: Dr Forrest Bryant

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Gary Pinkerton talks with Dr. Forrest Bryant, former dentist and founder and CEO of High Speed Alliance, about Forrest’s path to financial planning via some physical ailments and how he was able to transition between the two careers. The two also discuss the importance of entrepreneurialism and why it’s important to 1) do it correctly and 2) have multiple streams of income.

Key Takeaways:

[4:29] What changed Forrest’s path while he was in his 30s

[8:46] If your business relies 100% on you, that’s not a real business

[13:11] A different take on retirement

[17:27] Why you need multiple streams of income

[20:19] Forrest is a big believer in self-directed retirement accounts