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HI 177: Reducing Tenant Turnover Costs, Investor Education, Immersion & Mastermind Power

Episode: 177

Guest: Jason & Gary

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Jason Hartman and Gary Pinkerton discuss Gary’s experiences with tenant turnover, how he reduces costs by using durable replacement materials and some preventative measures he uses to ensure tenants are satisfied in his properties. Gary and Jason also discuss the benefits of two-year leases with built-in rent increases and how immersing yourself in the investor culture (by attending Venture Alliance and JHU’s) can make you the best investor you can be.

Key Takeaways:

– How to reduce “tenant turn” without spending a lot of money with Gary Pinkerton.

– Two-year leases with built in rent increases.

– Management companies commonly keep late fees much like a payday loan business.

– How to minimize the cost of tenant turnover and make your property durable.

– A service like Home Advisor is an inexpensive way to self-manage.

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