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HI 169: Buy It, Rent It, Profit! Make Money As A Landlord In ANY Real Estate Market by Bryan Chavis



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As the latest Venture Alliance Mastermind is wrapping up Jason asks the attendees to share their favorite moments and key takeaways from the event. And in the interview, Brian Chavis, author of The Landlord Academy and Creator of the website of the same name,  describes his property management methods and tools. His advice is for income property investors to treat their portfolios as a business and to set expectations from the onset of a landlord-tenant transaction.

Key Takeaways:

[03:38] John Christensen and Mike Zlotnik share key takeaways from the Venture Alliance Mastermind

[09:03] Gary appreciated the biohacking information shared by other Venture Alliance members

Brian Chavis Guest Interview:

[18:50] The fundamentals of attracting tenants.

[21:20] Basics of a solid lease

[24:33] The two main systems landlords need to have in place

[28:12] How to handle move outs & inspections

[31:23] Brian shares his favorite apps and the software he uses to run his business.