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HI 159 – Overcoming Life Ambushes with Navy Seal Lieutenant Jason Redman

Episode: 159

Guest: Jason Redman

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Gary Pinkerton talks with Jason Redman, former Navy Seal and author of The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy Seal Leader, about his experiences overcoming obstacles in his life. The two explore what it takes to conquer your ambushes, Jason’s “Pentagon of Performance”, the impact a lack of purpose is having on some disabled veterans, and why you need to get off the X.

Key Takeaways:

[6:36] What the Pentagon of Performance is

[9:28] Money is the #1 thing that creates stress in individuals

[15:05] Jason sees a lack of purpose from many medically retired veterans, with them choosing to get by on the money they’re bringing in retirement, leading to higher levels of depression

[18:10] Being ambushed wasn’t the worst thing that’s happened to Jason

[20:13] What a life ambush can be

[24:49] The only way to survive a real world ambush is to get off the X, and it’s no different with life ambushes

[26:49] You need to step outside of the “me” so you can gain perspective