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HI 155 – Landlord Coaching with Mark Dolfini

Episode: 155

Guest: Mark Dolfini

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Gary Pinkerton talks with Mark Dolfini, author of The Time-Wealthy Investor and founder of www.LandlordCoach.com, about why Mark is in real estate, what forms of real estate he likes, why you need systems in your life, and more.

Key Takeaways:

[7:25] Why Mark likes single family over multifamily properties

[10:54] Mark got himself into trouble because he wasn’t properly valuing his time

[16:02] You need to have white space in your life so that you can take the time to teach

[19:23] One of the things that sets veterans apart is their work ethic

[24:19] If there are systems in place and the person/employee cares, it’s easy to train them