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HI 153 – Creating a Profitable Airbnb Portfolio with Nate Secor

Episode: 153

Guest: Nate Secor

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Jason Hartman talks with Nate Secor about his transition from the long-term rental market into the short-term rental universe. Nate opens up and shares profit margins, business planning, home picking, furniture finding and more as these two discuss every aspect of starting up your short-term empire.

Key Takeaways:

[1:36] Nate’s evolution from long term rentals to short-term

[6:04] One of the mistakes Nate’s made along his short-term rental journey, and why you should target cities that charge a tourism tax

[10:32] Nate’s an Airbnb only guy, but what would his second platform be if he were using one?

[11:50] What to look for in a property for a short-term rental

[13:44] How Nate is pricing his properties

[17:43] Does Nate actually visit the properties he has? And how do he and his partner split responsibilities?

[22:40] Where to find furniture and housewares