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HI 148 – Improve Your Business with Marketing with Casey Stubbs

Episode: 148

Guest: Casey Stubbs

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Gary Pinkerton talks with Casey Stubbs, United States Army Veteran, online marketing expert, and host of Finance & Markets Cashflow Hacking Podcast. Casey and Gary discuss the two sides of every business, his past in the armed forces, lessons learned from creating his startups, and how to go about leveling up your business.

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Key Takeaways:

[9:26] There’s 2 sides to every business

[12:27] The beauty of having a job where you can work virtually is the ability for working vacations, and society has gotten to the point where video conferencing is enough to create trust

[15:02] The biggest thing Casey’s learned since he started his business

[18:24] The “18 Summers” concept to keep you in the now

[23:11] You want to have the option to get out, so if you’re choosing to stick with your job it’s on your terms

[27:26] As Casey tries to level up his business, he needs to change. So how is he doing that?