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HI 143 – Real Estate Predictions, 3 Corners Of The Real Estate Triangle, Americans Are Saying Goodbye To Cities By The Atlantic

Episode: 143

Guest: Gary Pinkerton & Jason Hartman

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This episode is chock full of trends, predictions and current affairs. Jason (The Predictive Genius) Hartman is a purveyor of rational recklessness. He shares an article from The Atlantic which asserts that Americans are moving out of the city and into suburbia. Once again proving his theory of the resurgence of the suburbs to be correct. Jason also reminds us to take time to remember the good things in life by way of the ‘Winning is Giving’ poem by one of his early mentors, Denis Waitley.

Key Takeaways:

[7:56] Humans make emotionally-charged decisions and then rationalize them with logic.

[11:40] Why the best real estate deals never close.

[14:09] Price, Terms and Time (PTT) are the 3 corners of the real estate deal triangle.

[16:06] ‘Winning is Giving’ by Denis Waitley

[18:53]  Are the 3 value drivers of real estate still location, location and location?

[24:04] An article from The Atlantic “Why are so many Americans saying goodbye to cities?”

[32:57] Thou shalt only invest where there is universal need.

[36:56] A portfolio review and rebalance is necessary every 6-months or so.


Jason Hartman

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Atlantic Article – Why So Many Americans Saying Goodbye to Cities by Derek Thompson