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HI 140 – Dr. Julie Kinn – DoD Podcasts, Free Apps on Sleep, Mindset, Fitness & Overall Wellness

Episode: 140

Guest: Dr. Julie Kinn

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Today’s 10th Episode features Gary Pinkerton talking to Dr. Julie Kinn, military psychologist and executive producer of Military Health Podcasts, about her thoughts on healthy ways to manage your life. Gary and Julie focus quite a bit on sleep management and how to optimize your sleep in a way that lets you be the entrepreneur you want to be, as well as how sleep management can help you on those long shifts (or off shifts) that leave you worn down.

Key Takeaways:

[10:41] What kind of sleep time are we looking for

[13:25] Some of Julie’s other podcasts

[17:27] Some time management or stress management tips for those trying to become entrepreneurs

[23:06] Julie’s tips on a resource for getting first responders and military members through long shifts that impact your rhythm