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HI 136 – The Entrepreneur’s Mind & Finding the Right Niche with Liquor Labs’ Owen Meyer

Episode: 136

Guest: Owen Meyer

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Gary Pinkerton focuses on the entrepreneur’s mindset, as he talks with the founder of Liquor Labs, Owen Meyer. Owen is a graduate from West Point and realized as his time in the service was ending that he wanted to strike out on his own. Along the way Owen discovered he could make money teaching people how to make mixed drinks as a group activity. Hear this entrepreneurial tale and how the world today allows you to test your ideas with very little money.

Key Takeaways:

[3:03] An entrepreneur’s mindset is simple: see a need, solve the need

[6:02] Creating an experience brings people together a lot better than dry content

Owen Meyer Interview:

[10:50] How Owen ended up at West Point

[17:20] What Owen’s learned about building a business

[20:39] How Owen is expanding his company right now

[25:55] There are ways to test ideas without much money these days