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HI 134 – Running Successful Businesses After Your Service with World War 1 Marine Veteran Larry Klairmont

Episode: 134

Guest: Larry Klairmont

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Gary Pinkerton has the honor today to speak with World War 1 Marine Veteran Larry Klairmont about his time in the service and how he managed to run several successful business afterward. Larry has some business advice for those leaving the service as they start their journey, as well as how he manages to keep employees around in his company as long as he has (some have been around 30+ years).

Larry also discusses his passion project, which is a car museum in Chicago with over 300 cars, some of them one-of-a-kind.

Key Takeaways:

[3:23] Gary has a suspicion that retirement might actually work against you

Larry Klairmont Interview:

[11:24] Larry’s business advice to those leaving the service

[14:11] Larry has family working in his company, but they understand that if he overrules them then they are overruled

[15:49] Recently Larry opened up a car museum with some very rare cars

[20:23] Larry has a special place in his museum for Marine veterans