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HI 132 – Real Estate Investing While Active Duty with DealCheck’s Anton Ivanov

Episode: 132

Guest: Anton Ivanov

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Today’s episode features Gary Pinkerton talking with Anton Ivanov, creator of DealCheck, about his journey as an active duty serviceman with income property, and how it’s led to the portfolio he and his wife have today. Anton created his app DealCheck for real estate investors to analyze properties, and has a good sized portfolio, but still holds down a W-2 job in order to get further along in his journey.

Key Takeaways:

[3:01] No W-2 job is a perfect fit, we all have things we dread doing

[6:02] Discount code for DealCheck: HERO25OFF

Anton Ivanov Interview:

[11:36] Anton’s journey into an “accidental landlord”

[17:22] Anton never expected real estate to become his full time endeavor

[18:59] Some people quit their job as soon as they reach their financial freedom number but then can’t expand their portfolio because they’re using all their cash flow for living expenses

[24:43] What is DealCheck?

[31:14] There are some things about military members that puts them in position to be successful real estate investors


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Anton Ivanov on Bigger Pockets