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HI 131 – Using Coaches to Find Your Unique Genius & Turning Inflation Into Wealth

Episode: 131

Guest: Daniel Amerman

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Gary Pinkerton starts off the show today discussing the search for our unique genius, how his coach has helped him, and what he has found his is.

Jason welcomes return guest, Daniel Amerman back to the program. Daniel and Jason have been discussing the US economy for over 10 years and Jason continues to use one of Daniel’s charts in his seminars. Daniel is a Charter Financial Analyst with the ability to dissect economic statistics and other financial information then create practical, relatable charts we can all understand. During today’s conversation, Daniel speaks about the unfunded liabilities of the  Social Security Administration, hidden inflation and why the mortgage is one of the few wealth creating vehicles left.

Key Takeaways:

[1:55] Part of Gary’s process as he pursues his “unique genius” has involved hiring a coach, which has helped him tremendously

[5:23] Gary is inspired to help as many people as possible buy back their time with passive income so they can go pursue and master their trade

Daniel Amerman Guest Interview:

[8:55] The first real estate President has a vested interest in the economy beyond what is good for the people

[13:06] Congressional Budget Office says ‘trust us’

[15:30] The Social Security Administration’s unfunded liabilities

[21:57] Dan’s Personal Challenges Created by the National Debt matrix

[29:58] Built in inflation often goes unnoticed.