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HI 129 – Align Your Investing with the Government & Overcoming Inflation

Episode: 129

Guest: Gary & Jason

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The US is facing a looming financial crisis. In this episode, Jason outlines six business plans the government can use to ease its inflationary pressures. Four of the plans could result in negative outcomes, while the final two plans could achieve debt repayment by way of inflation. Understanding inflation and all of its aspects are not for the light-hearted. Jason explains inflation, how the government reports on inflation and offers up some educational resources for those who want to know more.

Key Takeaways:

[3:10] We need to balance putting more money outside of our retirement plans to use as direct investing

[5:29] Educate yourself about what the government is telling you they will give you breaks for and adjust your planning accordingly

Jason Talk:

[11:50] Jason identifies 6 ways to deal with inflationary pressures

[18:52] Using inflation as a tool to avoid paying debts

[25:14] Understanding the difference between real and nominal and price and value

[31:24] Redistributing wealth through inflation

[37:46] The three ways the government manipulates inflation statistics