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HI 128 – Happy 4th & Priming the Pump with Julie Ziglar Norman

Episode: 128

Guest: Julie Ziglar Norman

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Gary Pinkerton has this special 4th of July episode with Julie Ziglar Norman, daughter of legendary motivational speaker Zig Ziglar and current motivational speaker, as the two discuss her experience in real estate, overcoming her husbands issues with credit cards and alcohol, and the empire that her father Zig created and she continues with her family.

But first Gary starts the show discussing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and why a government that changes slowly is still the best one out there.

Key Takeaways:

[3:46] The Declaration of Independence was written for the world stage

[9:04] Always remember what the Founding Fathers were putting at risk when they helped found the USA

[11:53] The methodical government is the one that protects the people’s liberties

Julie Ziglar Norman Interview:

[19:03] Julie’s investment real estate company

[22:38] Ziglar Inc is very supportive of our troops and their families, and puts their money behind them to prove it

[27:43] Julie’s husbands issue with credit cards

[31:21] Julie’s role in Ziglar Inc

[36:11] What method of Zig’s does Julie hear about most often from others?

[38:38] You have to prepare yourself to be ready for the opportunities when they present themselves



Zig Ziglar – Priming the Pump