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HI 127 – Inflation Induced Debt Destruction

Episode: 127

Guest: Gary Pinkerton & Jason Hartman

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Today’s episode highlights one of Jason’s important notes about the benefits of investing in real estate. We all know inflation is right around the corner as it is the only way the government can get out of the current economic climate. Inflation will erode our purchasing power, our stocks, our savings and the rich will get richer. Investing in Income Property is your best weapon against the forthcoming inflationary increase.

Key Takeaways:

[9:04] Using a movie or Broadway play can get the attention of the political left

[12:39] Investors should align their interests with the government and the powers that be

Creating Wealth Live Clip

[16:52] The 6 ways the government is likely to inflate themselves out of a mess

[19:04] Understanding inflation in all of its forms

[22:03] The political left uses the guise of compassion and the right uses the guise of fiscal responsibility

[24:07] The government imports a deflationary force

[28:03] All the bills Americans need to pay are increasing while the price of ‘wants’ is going down

[31:49] How does income property counteract inflation?