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HI 126 – Learning to Be a Great Leader with Air Force Veteran Ken Pasch

Episode: 126

Guest: Ken Pasch

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Gary Pinkerton is joined today by Air Force veteran B-52 bomber pilot Ken Pasch, author of On Course: Become a Great Leader & Soar!, about Ken’s journey to become a leader and some of the myths that accompany the idea of leadership. When Ken originally was put in a leadership position, he quickly realized that he didn’t really know how to do it effectively. Fortunately, leadership is a skill you can learn and improve, and Ken did just that. Now Ken runs Ki Visions and helps develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Key Takeaways:

[7:59] How Ken joined the Air Force and what he did when he first got in

[12:03] After flying the B-52 in Vietnam Ken changed paths for the rest of his career

[14:09] When Ken realized his leadership style needed to change

[18:11] Everything Ken read was about what a great leader is, not how to become a great leader. Then, one day, he found a way to connect the dots.

[20:50] You need to look at what’s holding you back internally and externally

[24:36] Leadership is a process

[27:07] Leaders aren’t just born, and they don’t have to be the amazingly charismatic type either

[29:55] The myth of thinking you’re a leader just because you’re in a leadership position