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HI 121 – Creating a System for Remote Self-Management

Episode: 121

Guest: Gary Pinkerton & Jason Hartman

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Jason, Fernando and Oliver make up today’s expert panel. They are discussing self-management options for your income properties. The experts agree, a great property management company is worth their weight in gold but it is also important to be educated about your self-management options. The panel shares information about companies who use technology to save you time and money through automating tedious tasks, best practices to improve home interiors without spending a fortune and what types of tenants are the best types of tenants to have.

Key Takeaways:

[2:50] Gary’s attempting to set up a mini-family office where each part only has one customer to service

Jason Property Management Panel:

[6:33] Is self-management easier than having a property manager?

[9:27] The road to self-management and maintaining a good relationship with your tenants

[14:00] The flat rate fee system makes self-managing properties easier

[18:47] Property managers are reluctant to take legitimate fees out of a tenant’s security deposit

[23:06] Ask your property managers to lower their costs if you are realizing the value

[26:11] Using Cozy makes rent collection and viewing tenant profiles easy

[30:35] Disintermediation is getting rid of the middle man

[35:10] Rently allows tenants to do their own showings with only a credit card.