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HI 118 – Venture Alliance Takeaways and the Student Loan Debt Bubble

Episode: 118

Guest: Gary Pinkerton

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Today’s episode is all Gary Pinkerton, as he reflects on some of the lessons he learned in the most recent Venture Alliance Mastermind meeting in New York. Gary talks about the new national bird (the crane) and what that’s telling us about where money is finding its home these days. Then he goes into an all important topic for our society today, and that is the massive financial burden of student loan debt.

Key Takeaways:

[4:22] Cranes are all over New York

[6:12] There’s a lot of money in the US economy looking for a home, and one of those homes has been new construction

[10:58] One of the reasons people stay in school (and continue amassing debt) is so they can put off paying their debt back

[16:09] More than 1/3 of the borrowers from the governments grad school lending programs have gone into loan forgiveness

[18:50] A case study of student loan debt hell