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HI 116 – How to Start a Business, Protect from Vandalism & Avoid Gang Activity with Timothy Kephart at Graffiti Tracker

Episode: 116

Guest: Timothy Kephart

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Gary Pinkerton takes a look at a subject that most people don’t think of when considering real estate: graffiti. Gary talks with graffiti expert Timothy Kephart about different types of graffiti, what you can learn from graffiti, what graffiti can teach you about the area you’re considering buying in, and some tips on how to start your own business. Timothy’s field wasn’t even in existence when he chose to pursue it as a career, so he provides some valuable insight into what it takes to persevere through to a successful business.

Key Takeaways:

[2:59] Why a graffiti expert is on a real estate podcast

[10:02] How Timothy was first introduced into the study of graffiti

[14:21] The motivation for graffiti is fame and notoriety, and they stay within a small geographical area

[18:04] You can use graffiti to track gang membership as well as rates of violent threats

[21:27] Differences in gang graffiti vs tagging graffiti

[24:08] Many times communities see graffiti as just a cost of doing business, and Timothy thinks that’s a misguided belief that needs to be rectified

[29:06] The history of Timothy’s company and his #1 piece of advice for entrepreneurs

[35:39] What worries Timothy about living in a big city

[39:29] Build something for yourself and bank on the fact that others will benefit as well