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HI 112 – Starting & Running Exceptional Real Estate Businesses with USAF COL Lane Beene of Pilot Properties

Episode: 112

Guest: Lane Beene

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Gary Pinkerton takes today’s show to talk to former F-16 pilot Lane Beene about how he started investing in real estate, and the important steps in his journey. Lane specializes in multifamily housing, but the niche that’s not quite big enough for big hedge fund money to get in to. Winner of the 2017 Tarrant County Property of the Year, Lane tells what his core values are and how he’s surrounded himself with the people he needs to succeed.

Key Takeaways:

[7:49] Rather than becoming an expert at everything, HIRE an expert

[11:00] Doing menial tasks in the name of saving money ends up costing you money

[14:57] You don’t have to be a superstar to get started, but you’ve GOT to get started

[17:56] Lane’s business mantra

[19:50] The market doesn’t reward breadth, it rewards depth

[23:08] Obstacles are the runs for your ladder you climb to success

[26:19] How Lane created the 2017 Property of the Year in Tarrant County

[30:44] Lane’s core values

[35:19] The 2 questions you ALWAYS need to ask


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