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HI 107 – The 3 Dimensions of Real Estate, Inflation’s Impact on Price Discovery

Episode: 107

Guest: Gary Pinkerton & Jason Hartman

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Do you have the sense to wait out the market during lag times? Buy and hold is Jason’s philosophy and he is a self made multi millionaire. The average American will never buy at the markets lowest point nor sell at the highest point. For most it takes time for the media’s influence to inspire action which means always being late to the game. Increasing your knowledge and learning pertinent facts and figures will help you to anticipate upcoming changes in the market.

Key Takeaways:

[8:09] The impact of technology on inflation

[9:07] Rate of change in inflation rates

[11:50] Deflation in 2015 – July being the most deflationary month ever in the U.S.

[14:13] Maintaining yield with the income and expense ratios

[15:42] Staying power through lag time

[16:58] How deflation affects real estate markets

[19:47] Cash flow allows you to weather the downmarket storm

[22:04] Jason’s Commandment #5 – Thou shalt not gamble

[24:11] Naresh questions what happens to the real estate market if we see a rate hike in 2016

[24:49] The 3 dimensions of real estate are buy, rent or homeless

[27:31] Multidimensional asset class and price discovery

[28:57] An example of an exchange to a linear market

[35:49] Gold doesn’t produce income and its not a good asset class