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HI 102 – America Needs to Change Course in the Battle Against Terrorism & Shootings with Michael Valardi

Episode: 102

Guest: Michael Valvardi

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Gary Pinkerton talks with former IRS enforcement officer Michael Valvardi about the state of security in the US. Recorded shortly after the Parkland shooting, Michael gives his idea for helping first responders and protecting schools in a way that he believes will end school shootings.

The two also discuss how the US responded to 9/11 and what needs to change in our country today to ensure we prevent any more terrorist attacks coming in to our country.

Key Takeaways:

[1:46] Gary’s book launch was a great experience

[8:22] In 1997 the FAA stopped allowing armed federal agents on planes

[9:56] Michael’s solution to school shootings

[15:39] Policies about dealing with suspects changed when Obama took office

[18:44] More money needs to be put into preventing terrorism, not reacting