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HI 98 – Alternative Real Estate Investing Options with Mike Zlotnik

Episode: 98

Guest: Mike Zlotnik

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Gary Pinkerton talks with Mike Zlotnik, CEO of Tempo Funding LLC and founder of TF Management Group, about ways someone can invest in real estate without actually purchasing properties of their own.

Gary and Mike discuss the investment opportunities of Mike’s fund, as well as how people can utilize funds and opportunities of a similar nature, even if they aren’t an accredited investor.

Key Takeaways:

[3:55] Mike is a family man who ran from communism to get to America

[10:40] You can make money by owning real estate, or by lending money for real estate

[16:45] How funds like Mike’s pay out, and how much the managers are taking for their fee

[19:52] The question EVERY investor needs to ask when getting involved in a fund


How to Choose a Smart Real Estate Investment Fund
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