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HI 81 – The Landlord Chronicles: Making the Investor/Tenant Relationship a Win-Win with Barb Getty

Episode: 81

Guest: Barb Getty

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Gary Pinkerton kicks off the episode discussing the relationship between real estate investors and their tenants. He points out the importance of making sure both sides of the deal are winning, and expectations are set from the beginning. This is true whether you’re with a property management company or you’re self-managing.

Then, Jason Hartman is joined by author and real estate investor, Barb Getty, as she talks about her journey into real estate investing, what it takes to be a good landlord or property manager, how to find and keep great tenants, and explains the eviction process.

Tragedy struck in 1992 when her 17-year-old son was killed in a car accident. Her daughters were 16 and 14 at the time. Sadly, Barb’s 21-year marriage ended eight months after Todd’s death. She bought a small home needing repairs, and following the fix-up, she and her daughters moved in.

Pleased with that first project, Barb purchased her first duplex (with little money, no credit and no experience), hoping she had the wherewithal to be a landlord. Today, she owns 27+ units — a mix of single and multi-family, low and middle income rentals. Barb has also added high-end property management, consulting and speaking engagements to her business.

Although she hasn’t had an easy road, Barb is both financially and emotionally invested in her work. She invites people to watch a video showing scenes she faces as a landlord in the inner city. Barb authored The Landlord Chronicles: Investing in Low and Middle Income Rentals, published in 2010. Armed with a positive attitude and a strong sense of humor, Barb Getty is making a difference in her tenants’ lives, the neighborhood and the city as well.