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HI 79 – HELOC Confusion & Changes to Depreciation Rules with Ryan Schellhous, Part 2

Episode: 79

Guest: Ryan Schellhous

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Gary Pinkerton kicks off the show discussing some of the parts of the new tax plan that will have the most impact on real estate investors. He specifically targets changes to depreciation and what’s changed when it comes to HELOCs (home equity lines of credit).

In this second half of the show, Jason Hartman finishes his interview with Ryan Schellhous, as the two continue their look at the new GOP Tax Reform. Ryan points out a few more big changes, as well as several minor ones. Some of them are HUGE for real estate investors, like the accelerated bonus depreciation, while some are mostly targeted at smaller groups (like hedge fund managers).

Key Takeaways:

Gary Intro:

[4:31] Depreciation of your property doesn’t cover your income after about 5 years

[9:43] Change in rules for HELOCs (Home Equity Lines Of Credit)

[13:43] A mischaracterization of HELOCs you shouldn’t fall for

Ryan Schellhous Interview:

[20:15] The accelerated bonus depreciation is enormous for real estate investors

[23:46] Changes to the 1031 Exchange rule

[27:50] The carried interest rules have changed as well, impacting the hedge fund managers trading techniques

[29:39] 529 plans (education plans for children) can now be used to pay for private schools

[30:12] Some tax changes that were EXPECTED but didn’t end up happening