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HI 62 – A First Responder’s Journey to Successful Long Term Real Estate Investing

Episode: 62

Guest: Tony Wright

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Gary Pinkerton talks to retired Air Force officer and current Captain of the Los Angeles County Fire Department Tony Wright about how he got started in the real estate investing world. Tony went from buying a family home that he started renting out when he couldn’t think of selling the place, to now considering buying a 100 unit apartment complex.

The two discuss what drives Tony, where to invest your money for the greatest return, and how others can follow the path.

Key Takeaways:

Gary Intro:

[1:56] Meet the Masters is coming and the speaker list keeps getting better

Tony Wright Interview:

[10:03] Why Tony became a real estate investor

[13:50] Tony initially made money on a very fortunate $2,000 investment that turned into $40,000 while he was deployed

[17:09] The motivation behind Tony’s continued investing and working

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]”If you work hard, you live easy. If you live easy, you work hard”[/tweet_box]

[20:25] The #1 thing you HAVE to invest in

[22:40] What’s next in Tony’s investment plan

[25:59] Managing a property in the 30-50 unit range, and the importance on not buying based on price alone