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HI 55 – The 30 Ways You’re Keeping Yourself From Success, Part 1

Episode: 55

Guest: Jason Hartman

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Gary Pinkerton warms up the episode for Jason Hartman, introducing the fact that there are 30 fatal mistakes that investors make that kill their profits. Jason lays out the first 18 in this episode, and Gary will wrap up the remaining 12 in the next.

So how are investors hurting themselves?

1. Investors won’t get out of their own way.
2. They get Paralysis of Analysis
3. Over-magnifying bad experiences and under-appreciating Successful Deals
4. They don’t become Educated – like attending Meet the Masters!
5. Being too Greedy
6. Not Listening to their Property Manager
7. Listening to their Property Manager without questioning anything (no thought)
8. Not having an Area Agnostic Investment Counselor
9. Not Communicating with their Investment Counselor
10. Panic Buying
11. Saying NO too often, or too early
12. Over-extending themselves. Prudent use of OPM, but respect the power of leverage
13. Not seeing things in context – focusing on that ‘pebble in the shoe’
14. Letting one problem sink the entire ship
15. Changing their Personal Financial Picture when still have a fledgling portfolio
16. Listening to your Sphere of Influence
17. They Have False Expectations (or unreasonable Expectations)
18. Not Maintaining Control – Be a Direct Investor


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