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HI 54 – Using a Mastermind to Get Ahead Faster with Brandon Cook

The Heroic Investing Show

Episode: 54

Guest: Brandon Cook

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Investing can be tricky business, and while it’s possible to navigate it all yourself, getting help from those who’ve done it before can get you ahead faster than anything else.

Gary Pinkerton and Brandon Cook are involved in Jason Hartman’s Venture Alliance Mastermind, and the two discuss what they’ve learned from their time in masterminds, and why everyone should get involved in one.

Key Takeaways:

[3:04] When Brandon decided to get involved with masterminds

[6:02] Brandon’s history at Jason’s Meet the Masters events, and how the event has grown

[10:07] You don’t have to join Jason, Brandon, and Gary’s Venture Alliance Mastermind, but you need to join SOMETHING

[13:40] Getting rid of, or avoiding, negative people in your life