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HI 48 – Area Agnostic Investing as a Service Member with Brandon Cook

The Heroic Investing Show

Episode: 48

Guest: Brandon Cook

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Gary Pinkerton is joined by military real estate investor Brandon Cook. Brandon started buying real estate at a young age, including closing on a home while he was deployed. The two discuss the importance of your mindset, being area agnostic, and how to save for your next property.

Key Takeaways:

[2:05] Gary’s gratitude journal routine that’s improved his life

Brandon Cook Interview:

[8:24] Brandon’s history in the military and investing

[12:03] Members of the military who buy investment properties are used to not buying in their own neighborhood thanks to their constant moving

[15:08] Careful buying a home with the intention on renting out later, it’s easy to get personally attached.

[16:00] The story of Brandon’s first investment home purchase

[20:10] Choice of words matter. Learn to ask how you CAN do something and improve your life

[24:40] The Infinite Banking concept

[28:51] Leveraging your whole life insurance


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