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HI 46 – Triumphing Over Your Obstacles with Aaron Chapman

Aaron Chapman

Episode: 46

Guest: Aaron Chapman

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Aaron Chapman is a mortgage broker in his day job, but he also is a first responder who does search and rescue in Arizona. Before he became a first responder, he had a near death experience that sent him down the path he’s on now.

Listen in as Gary and Aaron talk about his journey, one of Aaron’s most treacherous rescues, and what his philosophy is that helps him get through everything in life.

Key Takeaways:

[1:51] Why Gary highlights first responders and military service people

[4:20] The Meet the Masters event that is coming up, and how you can get $150 off the ticket

[7:46] The work history of Aaron’s life, and how he ended up as a mortgage broker

[13:06] The day that changed Aaron’s life forever

[17:11] What Aaron’s near death experience changed in his life

[20:21] The search and rescue that stands out most in Aaron’s life

[28:27] If you run into a roadblock, just power through it