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How First Responders Can Rescue Their Financial Future with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman Financial Future

First responders are the first to arrive at the scene, whatever the scene may be. Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network knows that people employed in medical, rescue, police, and military fields show up when people need rescuing. But there’s an encroaching issue that first responders themselves might need rescuing from – their financial position.

If you’re a first responder, it might be tempting to put the importance of your work over your financial security. Jason  is here to help. He established Heroic Investing to get first responders on the path to long-term financial stability.

First responders: follow along as we go through the tips provided by Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investors Network that will allow you to keep doing your increasingly pivotal work, without needing to worry about the security of your future.

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network Tip #1: Do Not Rely on Your Pension Plan

As a first responder, you know that it’s never good to rely on certain outcomes due to the instability of the future. The next emergency is always potentially waiting around the corner. The same can be said about the state of one’s financial future, particularly when it comes to pension plans. According to Jason , you should NOT be relying on your pension plan to keep you afloat during retirement.

In this past year alone, pension plans for first responders have been under fire. In May of 2017, New Jersey legislators began fighting over the fate of the Police and Fireman’s Retirement System. Many pension plans for first responders rely entirely on the whims of the local, state, or federal government. Depending on what the legislators choose, many first responders might not even have a pension to rely upon by the time they need it.

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investors Network wants first responders to have a solid income for their retirement. To fulfill that dream, first responders need to know that they can’t hope to rely on their pension plans alone.

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network Tip #2: Think Outside the Box

When you’re a first responder, your job is to expect the unexpected. You’ve excelled at this task for many years at your job… but you might not have thought you’d need to apply the same thinking to your financial state. Jason asks you to think outside the box when it comes to how you hope to fund your retirement.

Unfortunately, far too many first responders shrug and consider taking on another job while retired. Of any of us, first responders deserve to relax and fully enjoy their retirement, without having to worry about money.

Jason has seen, first hand, the suffering that can be caused by underfunded retirement and pension plans. First responders will need to start thinking about new, stress-free ways to easily fund themselves during retirement.

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network Tip #3: Seek Professional Assistance and Pursue Information

To get well-and-truly started on the path to financial security, you’ll need to tap into advice and knowledge from the experts. Thankfully, you’ve got Heroic Investing on your side. The podcast and blog, run by Jason , provide the free info you can tune in to whenever you have time. Listen in to the podcast, or browse through the blog posts to learn more about your financial options.

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investors Network created Heroic Investing to aid those first responders who want to ensure they have financial stability in the present and the future. He highly suggests getting into real estate investment – a simple but stable market for those just starting out.

We’re not talking about Wall Street level investments: real estate investment is relatively simple to break in to. As a first responder, you likely don’t have a lot of free time. Let the info at Heroic Investing be your guide to a bright financial future.

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network Tip #4: Make a Financial Plan for the Future

As was mentioned in the last point, Jason suggests that all first responders consider investing in real estate. This could be as simple as purchasing a property or two for the purpose of renting out to tenants. Once you get a loan to cover the price of the property, the rent from your tenants can begin covering the loan payments, as well as supplying you with enough funds to provide an abundant future.

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network suggests that each person builds a financial plan around their wants, needs, and interests. Would you be interested in only small family homes? Apartment buildings? Real estate investment has a broad range of options – find the path that works for you.

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network Tip #5: Prioritize Your Future Well-being

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investors Network knows how tempting it can be for first responders to ignore their own well-being for the sake of others. It is the nature of these heroes to think of others first. This is exactly why these good folks need to prioritize themselves once in a while… especially when it comes to securing their financial future.

When your job is to continually aid others, you learn to set your own needs as secondary. But if you can’t ensure your own financial well-being, how can you continue to help others? By helping yourself, you’re ensuring that you can continue to protect, serve, and keep others safe.

Jason wants to ensure that our heroes get the treatment and abundance that they deserve. If you are one of these heroes, it’s in your best interest to take the time to prioritize your financial future. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the sake of others who need your help.

Start listening to our free Heroic Investing podcast today, and get started on living a life free of financial difficulty. Because our first responders deserve the best.