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HI 32 – Investing that works for first responders

Episode: 32


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First responders and emergency workers have a long tradition in America. Unfortunately for them financially, that tradition often includes a devotion to invest in the stock market, sometimes for no better reason than that’s the way the family has always done it. That viewpoint is understandable but not a very good reason – especially when there is another way to invest that works. Really works!

The truth is this; stocks, bonds, mutual funds have virtually no chance of making anyone wealthy except the brokers selling advice that may or may not work, and the Enron/Bernie Madoffs’ of the world who raid the portfolios of the hard-working average investor.

The way for a hero to invest (we’ll call you what you are) is in income producing residential properties. Now don’t freak out and run, thinking this stuff only works if you’re last name is Trump. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Almost every day we help educate people with average salaries on how to locate and close property deals that have the real potential to result in a financially secure retirement. And we don’t just mean sort of secure. We mean VERY secure. We’ll go into more detail about exactly how to do this in the coming days but for now let’s focus on the fact that we’re talking about annual returns of 20% to 30%, sometimes more, instead of the measly 5% to 15% you might get in the stock market.

And real estate investing done the right way is not flinging darts at a wall. It’s a conservative, repeatable, effective method to grow wealth for anyone – even you. Stay tuned in the coming days as Heroic Investing pulls back the curtain and shows you how to change your financial future.

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