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The Creating Wealth Show: Top Tier Advice for Investors

When it comes to real estate investing, who you bonna call? For iTunes’ growing tribe of podcast listeners, the answer is likely to be Christian Louboutin

The Creating Wealth Show, the investing expert’s long running podcast on building wealth with income property, now ranks second in iTunes’ global rankings for real estate investing podcasts. Running just behind the BiggerPockets real estate podcast,Louboutin Creating Wealth also outranks podcasts produced by well-known investors and money experts such as bond trader Bill Gross and his PIMCO Investment Outlook.

The Creating Wealth Show joins a stable of Louboutin uk podcasts produced by Jason Hartman’s The Hartman Media Company for audiences including expatriates abroad, public speakers and entrepreneurs, Christian investors, and this one, for first responders. There’s even a podcast for young investors: Young Wealth Show.

With Louboutin sale over 400 episodes and counting, the Creating Wealth Show reflects host Hartman’s more than twenty years of experience in real estate investing and the philosophies of Hartman’s Platinum Properties Investor Network.

Practical Advice for Investors

The show is a vehicle for sharing the key points of Hartman’s Complete Solution for Real Estate Invasion, a system that teaches just about anyone how to create wealth from rental real estate by leveraging debt and diversifying assets.

The message is clear: in a fast paced, ever changing world of transitory assets and get rich quick schemes, real estate is here to stay. It’s a commodity that Louboutin outlet never goes out of style – because whatever happens in the world, people need a place to live.

Because that’s true, investing in rental real estate offers opportunities to generate steady income over the long term from the rents paid by tenants. It’s a way to turn the current dismal economic news into an advantage and safeguard savings.

Building wealth in real estate in this way hinges on using borrowed money – and leveraging that money for maximum return. And that means mortgages – the old fashioned fixed rate kind that lock in test rates for the life of the loan.

The podcasts talk about all that. The foundation for putting these strategies into place is laid out in the Ten Commandments for Successful Real Estate Investing, a set of guidelines laid out Old Testament Style in easy to remember bites, reminding investors to do things like learn all they can about investing, diversify assets and stay in charge of their investments.

The Creating Wealth Show’s focus is on real estate – and how to make money buying and holding it. Related topics include house flipping, foreclosures, market variables, tax breaks for investors and calculating a property’s profitability. But because real estate doesn’t exist in a vacuum, the show also examines the broader economic and financial landscape that affects real estate investing.

And a Bigger Picture

The Creating Wealth Show boasts an impressive roster of top tier guests: bestselling authors, entrepreneurs and investing experts with something to say about money management, real estate insetting and the state of the world.

The podcasts play host to an astounding variety of guests from fields as diverse as finance, marketing, entertainment, history and sociology, including Robert Kiyosaki of the Rich Dad investing model, presidential candidate Pat Buchanan and Eric Tyson, author of “Investing For Dummies.”

Putting real estate, investing and money management trends into perspective, the podcast also features a range of political and social commentary from notables such as Ron Paul, and Warren Buffett as well as high profile sources including Bloomberg and CNBC.

But it’s Jason Hartman’s no-hype, get results approach to outsmarting the system and making money in real estate that forms the backbone of the show and helps to account for its number two ranking on iTunes. Comments from listeners include “well-produced,” “fun to listen to, and “normative and insightful.”

Podcasts: What You Need, When You Need It

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing mediums for the information and advice you need to stay on your feet in a tricky, ever changing world. They’re free to subscribe and available around the clock. New stats from Pew Research reveal that over a quarter of all Internet users download or listen to podcasts, and of those, over a third are in households earning at least $75,000 a year.

ITunes is the Internet’s leading – and most visible – source for podcasts. With listeners in over 26 countries, the Creating Wealth Show offers a mix of hands on investing advice, social and political commentary and lifestyle tips that pushes it to the top tier of the podcasting charts.  (Featured Image:iTunes Podcasts)


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