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The Rental Market:  A Smorgasbord for Investors

The Rental Market: A Smorgasbord for Investors

The rental market is hot right now, the headlines say. Home ownership is down, and rents are going up. It’s a good time to cash in on the growing demand for rental housing. But hold on a minute. Not all rental markets are created equal. And while rents are rising and it really is a good time to be...

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Reduce tenant turnover

Reduce Tenant Turnover to Keep Cash Flowing

Rental real estate is booming, and as we know, it’s an enduring asset with the potential to create wealth for a lifetime. But successful investing in income property depends on keeping cash flowing from rents – and that in turn depends on keeping reliable and stable tenants in those properties. Tenant...

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5 Fair Housing Mistakes

5 Things Landlords Must Know About Fair Housing

If you’re investing in income property for the long term, you’re going to be wearing a lot of hats: investor, entrepreneur – and landlord. Getting just the right renters is key to the health of your investment – but the steps you take to find and keep those tenants have to comply with the Fair...

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