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Speaking of GREAT Small Business Ideas…

Maybe you weren’t thinking of your next great small business idea the exact moment you read the headline, but you probably are now. And though we usually devote Heroic Investing pixel space to a discussion of how first responders can maximize their retirement portfolio through income property investments, we’re going to veer slightly off course here to an up and coming entrepreneurship niche, one particularly suited to your specialized knowledge set.

Is the suspense killing you? We’re talking about the podcasting revolution.

If the space around you is filled with a deafening silence or perhaps a few stray cricket chirps, you haven’t yet grasped the possibilities. More than simply uploading audio or video files to the Internet, the heart of podcasting lies in a bit of software technology called RSS (Really Simple Syndication). To understand syndication, let’s look at the real world of newspapers.

Say your name is Carl Hiaasen and you write a column for the Miami Herald, which it just so happens he does. To expand his audience reach and income possibilities, Mr. Hiaasen could license his content to other newspapers around the country, offering the rights to print his weekly column in return for a small fee. With Internet distribution making the whole process ever so easy, newspapers that syndicate Hiaasen’s column simply wait for it to show up in their inbox at the appointed time. They format it, stick it in the paper and, voila, a world renowned novelist is in their podunk hometown paper.

Back to podcasting. RSS technology allows you to post audio or video content and have it automatically delivered to subscribers. Believe it or not, the seeds of what could be a great business reside in RSS, ready to spring into full bloom for those with the wherewithal to understand the potential. Here’s the idea in a nutshell. Say you’re an EMT with 20 years of experience. For practically no outlay of cash, you could begin posting a weekly ten minute audio podcast built around your knowledge of first aid to iTunes, or any other directory you favor. A simple process automatically delivers new content to subscribers.

The whole thing works very similar to e-newsletter subscriptions except the medium of podcasting takes advantage of our collective affinity for the human voice. What topic should you podcast? Here’s the really cool part. Whatever you want! Niches rule in podcasting. How’s that for a small business idea. How do you make money from podcasting? Stay tuned. We’ll talk about monetization soon.

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