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Phoenix is a Great Buy for Your First Long Term Investment

HeroicInvesting.comAt the Heroic Investing office, we sometimes field questions from readers or listeners who are concerned that their home area isn’t on our list of cities a recommended “buy” right now. Does that mean you should wait to make you first long term investment in an income property? The answer to that question is a solid, “No!” As the Heroic Investing Show’s founder and host, Jason Hartman, says, “Don’t wait to buy real estate; buy real estate and then wait.”

But don’t take that to mean you should simply buy any old property that comes up for sale in your city. In this era of real estate investing, it makes no sense to allow your portfolio to be limited to your home geographical area. In fact, no matter where you live, this would certainly qualify as a bad idea. Stock market advisers preach of diversifying your portfolio over a wide range of stocks to protect your investment in the event an individual stock or even entire industry experiences a sharp downturn.

Diversification of investment is one thing we can learn from Wall Street, though when it comes to the kind of long term investment in income property we recommend, that means owning properties in different geographical areas. Regardless of where you call home, today’s opportunity to earn a significant return on your investment in the Phoenix, Arizona, area is obvious. The Valley of the Sun has been hit harder than most by the recent real estate price bubble and simultaneous foreclosure crisis.

Property values are historically low right now. We’ve been out of the Phoenix market since 2005 but now recommend it as a huge buying opportunity, primarily because the rock bottom prices of foreclosed properties offer a magnificent chance to add cash flow to your pocket right now and future appreciation to your portfolio in the future.

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