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How To Spot a Real Estate Scam (Or A Really Nice Person)

HeroicInvesting.comWe at Heroic Investing would never stoop so low as to suggest you should study this blog post in order to learn the ins and outs of real estate scams for the purpose of improving your own schemes. Con men are right there in the gutter with the worst examples of humanity – politicians and carnival barkers come to mind as brethren – but we are sad to say that the real estate industry is not without its share of bad eggs mixed in with the good ones. Some would say to defeat the enemy you must first understand him and so it is we offer the following attributes of a good real estate scam con man.

He’s a patient listener: The fast-talking con man might think he can bamboozle people into doing things but it’s the ones who figure out how to listen who make the regular scores. A corollary to patient listening is that a good con man never looks bored and you’ll never catch him staring into space.

Religion, sex, and politics: A good con man never broaches any of these subjects during the conversation but if the mark brings it up, he’s prepared to agree with whatever opinion is expressed. Con men are agnostic in opinion and ready to be anything to anyone if it gets them what they want.

Don’t get personal: A con man realizes he doesn’t have to pry to learn all about a person’s personal circumstances. Stay tuned into the conversation long enough and they will tell you everything anyway. People can’t wait to spill the most intimate details of their lives to a complete stranger.

Don’t boast, look sloppy, or get drunk: A true con man approaches each scam like it’s his job, and you don’t show up drunk and disorderly for work. At least, you shouldn’t if you want to stay gainfully employed for long.

There you go. Enough actionable information to be able to spot a real estate scam con man if he happens to be residing in the next real estate office you walk into. However, if you prefer to avoid the whole “used car salesman” act when it comes to buying income property, visit our affiliate, Platinum Properties Investor Network. We’re straight shooters who love to see clients succeed and are pretty sure no one has ever accused us of anything nefarious.

By the way, don’t forget that ALL the attributes we just discussed can be found in a person who is not a con man also.

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