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Area Specialists Make It Hard For Property Investors To Choose

HeroicInvesting.comThe recent three day live educational event, Meet the Masters of Income Property Investing, brought experts from seven different markets around the country to the Hyatt Regency in Irvine, California, for the purpose of presenting the possibilities for investment in their area. Represented were Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Phoenix, St. Robert (MO), and Dallas (again). How does a property investor go about choosing the right area?

The good news is that there really isn’t a bad choice. Sometimes it comes down to gut feeling. Of course, the best possible scenarios would be to buy what we call a six-pack, which is six different properties in six different locations, but not every property investor can swing that feat financially. As insiders who witnessed the entire event up close and personal can attest, the very real problem faced with investors in the room was that so many of these area specialists are so darn convincing. Oh yeah, Denver seems great until…ooh, I wanna get me some of that Atlanta property…except, prices in Orlando are HOW low?

Even with more attention being paid to income property investing by some media outlets, the field is still wide open, with hundreds of properties available at different price points along the spectrum. What you might not realize is that many of these are Platinum Properties Investor Network specials, which means the general public simply does not have access to them. This raises the question, how much does it cost to join the Platinum Properties network? That’s easy. It’s free! The simple act of choosing to join our recommendation network (visit www.JasonHartman.com) allows you to pick and choose from income property deals that our vendors bring to us. These area specialists want to stay in our good graces because we send them a high volume of business. It’s that simple.

So if you’re knocking around on the outside, trying to find good income properties for your portfolio, check out our selection of pre-screened for positive cash flow properties from around the country. Bet you never thought it would be so easy to become a property investor.

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